Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Welcome to the BSWA video subtitling team! We're hoping that Amara will enable us to work much more efficiently than previously, letting more people help subtitle and/or translate the great videos that have been recorded at Dhammaloka. This will be of benefit to those with hearing difficulties and who know other languages better than English. The subtitles & translations will also be used as the basis for books and articles. Please see and comment on this Google Doc for specific Getting Started instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S_pUf_tjDFmMkL_G7N5n8eDKP5zB5yKJBE1gj7L3fr0/edit?usp=sharing We're just starting out with this system - please forgive us for any delays or inconveniences! You can use the BSWA forums for questions, discussion, to suggest more videos to add, etc. Please use the sub-forum for this project: https://bswa.org/forum/social-groups/dhammaloka-groups/youtube-video-captioning-project