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  1. Picture a child sitting next to a projector
  2. learning from your films
  3. to become a much better director
  4. now picture a 3 billion dollar
  5. dream machine
  6. who can block bust all over
  7. your crop duster scene
  8. try to Duel with me Alfred
  9. you must be Psycho
  10. I'll bring back JAWS
  11. and take a bite of your LIfeboat
  12. I'm Always so on top of my game
  13. I get the Vertigo
  14. my jet's in the Terminal
  15. waiting for me to Murder! ya
  16. I rock the Academy and the DGA
  17. you rock as many Oscars
  18. as that schlep Michael Bay
  19. next time you're filling up those jowls
  20. with three steaks and soufflé
  21. check the trades
  22. see me Amblin to my next big play
  23. I produce cartoons
  24. and make games for all ages
  25. you produce Jimmy Stewart
  26. making one of two faces
  27. maybe next time I visit
  28. you'll be a bit more gracious
  29. now kiss my full moon
  30. and just bask in my greatness
  31. that was a close encounter
  32. of the turd kind
  33. but there won't be
  34. a pretty ending this time
  35. half your billions
  36. should go to John Williams
  37. now brace yourself
  38. as I reveal my brilliance
  39. I'm the master
  40. of suspense
  41. so intense
  42. no defense against Hitchcock
  43. once he presents
  44. my skill is enormous
  45. orchestrate brilliant performance
  46. you're more horrible than
  47. Megan Fox's acting in Transformers
  48. c'mon
  49. fish puppets and Muppets
  50. to stir the fears up
  51. I squeeze screams out of chocolate syrup
  52. I'm the best mamma-jamma
  53. ever stood behind the camera
  54. damage panderers
  55. and haunt you like the last Indiana
  56. Cut gimmie a Tylenol
  57. stop rhyming y'all
  58. Alfred you got no style dog
  59. I'm the king of dialogue
  60. there's only one movie I know you from
  61. and I've seen more blood in the shower
  62. when I stubbed my toe in one
  63. you tried to fight in World War I
  64. but couldn't do that
  65. the British army wouldn't let you join
  66. cause you were too fat
  67. look it up it's a true fact
  68. Wikipedia that
  69. now allow me to attack
  70. Steven the hack
  71. due to War of the Worlds
  72. a failure's what I label you
  73. it looked like some sellout bullshit
  74. Michael Bay would do
  75. ask anybody
  76. what's your favorite Sam Jackson part?
  77. no one's gonna say
  78. what's his name from Jurassic Park
  79. the scripts that I write ain't the
  80. cleanest
  81. but when I grip mics I'm the
  82. meanest
  83. Quentin Tarantino is a
  84. genius
  85. a bad mother fucker
  86. from the wallet to the penis
  87. Genius is a powerful word
  88. but there's no reason to use it
  89. less you're talking about the Kubrick
  90. then there's really nothing to it
  91. everything I do is visionary
  92. every single frame a painting
  93. made exactly how I wanna make it
  94. do another take and get it right
  95. 127 times
  96. I'll make you learn to love me
  97. I'm the bomb
  98. drop ultraviolent rhymes
  99. like Clockwork
  100. make you all hurt
  101. beat Spielberg The Color Purple
  102. A.I. is the worst waste of potential
  103. since the Ninja Turtles
  104. That's enough
  105. I've heard enough crap from all of you
  106. why don't I come down there
  107. and show you what a real star can do
  108. I swoop low with the telephoto
  109. no Bruckheimer I work solo
  110. if there's one thing I've learned bitch
  111. this game is about
  112. mother fucking money
  113. I make that dollar y'all
  114. mother fucking money
  115. even make Mark Wahlberg
  116. make some mother fucking money
  117. I set up shop and got a few drops
  118. of that Got Milk money
  119. rose to The Rock
  120. now I got that socks made of silk money
  121. I ain't got that guilt money
  122. I don't give a fuck
  123. I take my checks to the bank
  124. and I sign'em with my nuts
  125. I give the people what they love
  126. while the critics say I'm evil
  127. got no time to read reviews
  128. while I'm working on the sequel
  129. got a gift from above
  130. and the eyes of an eagle
  131. when it comes to blowing up
  132. no director is my equal
  133. Who won?
  134. Who's next?
  135. You decide