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Guy Kawasaki: Endure Like The Grateful Dead

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    The next step is to make something endure
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    A great example of a band that is endured
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    is the Grateful Dead. There are on the third and fourth generation fun.
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    One of the things that the Grateful Dead does to ensure that it is enduring,
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    is it has completely contrary policy, towards ripping off its music.
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    The Grateful Dead supports what is called Tapers, although nobody use tape anymore.
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    Tapers have a special section at every Grateful Dead concert. The Grateful Dead create a special area with great acoustics,...
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    for amateurs to tape the concert, and as long you don't use that music for commercial purposes, it lets you spread it as far as wide as possible.
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    Have you ever heard of any other group that would encourage you to tape the music at a concert and spread it around?
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    This is one of the reasons why the Grateful Dead is enduring.
Guy Kawasaki: Endure Like The Grateful Dead

Author and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki shares how The Grateful Dead has continued to endure as a popular musical act. The legendary band encourages access for fans to record the group's music at concerts and to then share the music with others. This seemingly counter-intuitive idea, according to Kawasaki, is an important key to the group's enduring popularity.

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