Brother Chris Answers SPONTANEOUS Questions!

Brother Chris Answers SPONTANEOUS Questions!

Brother Chris answers questions spontaneously on subjects such as maturity in marriage, managing family responsibilities, knowing your calling, lessons from Prophet T.B. Joshua, distinguishing God's voice, using your gift, advice to younger self, managing temptations of lust - and many more!

You can watch the full footage from the Cuba Youth Conference where this Question and Answer session was held here -

00:00 - Short preview of answer on marriage
00:24 - When we have many gifts, how can we know our specific purpose?
03:58 - What lessons did you learn about a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit from Prophet T.B. Joshua?
09:17 - What advice would you give to your younger self?
11:40 - How can I remain in the love and fear of God?
16:28 - How can you know it's the right person when it comes to marriage?
23:07 - Many have idolised family above God. What should we be prepared to sacrifice when it comes to managing family responsibilities?
29:07 - How do you know if you are called to serve God full-time?
31:49 - What can we do for the fire of God not to be quenched?
36:42 - How can you know if you are called into ministry of deliverance?

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