How To: Beginner Programming: Part 1 - Hello World

How To: Beginner Programming: Part 1 - Hello World

In the following series, I aim to demonstrate the basic principles of programming from creating your first "Hello World" application, to developing your own objects.

Visual Studio Express:


Hello, and welcome to How To: Beginner Programming, a multi part guide to
your first steps into the world of programming.

In each of the following episodes, I will be demonstrating each of the
basic principles of programming from creating your first application, to
developing your own objects.

Now, don't worry yet if you have no idea what an application, or an object
is. We will get to that.

In this first episode I will demonstrate how to set up your programming
environment, or workbench, and run a simple Hello World command. Commenting
on each step throughout.

First things first though, we need an environment to work in, as well as a
language to use. Now this is entirely up to preference, but I will be using
Visual Studio Express, which is available for free from the website linked
in the description. In this environment I will be programming in C#.
I suggest those of you watching use C# as well, just for ease of following.

Once you have your environment downloaded and installed Visual Studio, we
are going to start a new project.

From here we can select one of three pre-packaged languages, C++, which I
would not recommend for beginner programmers, Visual Basic, which to be
honest isn't the prettiest of languages, and C#. Select C# and then
Console Application. A Console Application is a simple window which you
can output text to. Name the application in the text box below and then
select OK.

This has created a new C# project as well as a main method. of which we
will be working in.

Now, the Main method of a program is the first thing that the application
will run when it is started. All applications have one.

For the purposes of this first video, we are simply outputting a message to
the Console window. To do this, we type Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");
or whatever message you wish to display. Console, being the thing we wish
to access, and writeline, what we wish to do with it.
We also need another command, Console.ReadLine();, to prevent the window from
instantly closing once it has ran the Console.WriteLine() command.

Console.ReadLine() simply awaits for the user to input anything to the
Console. Should you press enter, whatever you have typed into the window
will be read by the Console and the window will close.

So! That is part one of How To: Beginner Programming. Further parts will be
released shortly, but I will leave a gap in between to allow you to ask
any questions you may have, and I will answer them at the start of the
following part.

Thank you very much for watching. Again, please leave all questions in the
comment section below. See you next time.

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