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Star Wars with Blockly - Hour of Code: Closing

  • 0:01 - 0:06
    Hi, my name is Alice and I run the product
    and engineering teams here at Code.org and
  • 0:06 - 0:10
    I worked on this tutorial that you're playing
    through right now. You just made it to the
  • 0:10 - 0:14
    last level. Congratulations! You just learned
    everything you need to know to make your own
  • 0:14 - 0:20
    Star Wars game. Now there are no more instructions,
    no puzzles to solve. You can make your own
  • 0:20 - 0:26
    game and you choose how it works. One more
    thing, you've unlocked new sounds and new
  • 0:26 - 0:30
    commands to do even more.
    [students speaking] So we made a game basically
  • 0:30 - 0:34
    where you get points when you get puffer pigs.
    The twist is everytime you get a puffer pig
  • 0:34 - 0:38
    a storm trooper appears. Eventually the whole
    screen is full of puffer pigs and then when
  • 0:38 - 0:45
    you touch 10,000 of them, you win.
    [students speaking] We made a game where you
  • 0:45 - 0:47
    can't lose and everything you kill gives you
    points. For my program, I reversed the keys
  • 0:47 - 0:51
    so that whenever you click up, your character
    goes down and when you click right, your character
  • 0:51 - 0:58
    goes left. It's really hard! Sometimes you
    just get an advantage, an inherent advantage
  • 0:58 - 1:04
    if you're the developer of the game. Did I
    get it? Yay!
  • 1:09 - 1:13
    When you're done making your game, choose
    share to get a link you can share with friends
  • 1:13 - 1:15
    or play your game on your phone. Have fun!
Star Wars with Blockly - Hour of Code: Closing

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