Christine Ebersole-- "Around The World" from GREY GARDENS

Christine Ebersole-- "Around The World" from GREY GARDENS

If you want to know what true musical theatre genius is, listen to this Christine Ebersole singing "Around The World" from the musical Grey Gardens accompanied by composer Scott Frankel (lyrics by Michael Korie). I love this version even better than the orchestrated one. If you know the character of Edie from the "Grey Gardens" documentary, you can see that this is a picture perfect characterization. This will go down in theatre history as one of the all time great performances. And a word about the song, this is the kind of mature perfection one expects from a great Broadway musical. The lyrics are specific, they are perfectly rhymed to the point that you don't notice them -- i.e. they don't call attention to themselves. And they perfectly convey Little Edie using her own language. It's stunning.

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