Simon Evans: A reality movie about a poster

Simon Evans: A reality movie about a poster

Artist Simon Evans is known for his imaginative works where he uses old-fashioned scissors, paste and paper to describe modern life. Here he has set the task of creating an artwork based on a poster.

The British, Berlin based, artist Simon Evans (b.1972) is known for his fascinating cut and paste artworks, like 'Everyone', where he presents a map with small pictures of the people who have been important to him. In another work he talks about 300 secrets, and in 'Everything I have' he shows small renderings of all the artist's possessions.

In this video we follow Simon and his partner Sarah Evans as they work on transforming a festival poster into an artwork.

Edited by Kamilla Bruus.

Music by Holly Golightly.

Recorded at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, May 2012.

Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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