Common Asana Mistakes to Avoid

Common Asana Mistakes to Avoid

In this video, I share some of the common mistakes new users make in Asana. This is a list I've put together after working with hundreds of clients and seeing the types of mistakes that come up again and again.

0:00 - Introduction
0:43 - 1. Not using 'My Tasks'
2:06 - 2. Creating too many tasks
5:04 - 3. Not checking your Inbox
6:59 - Leaving tasks open
8:15 - Changing assignee back and forth
9:31 - Leaving tasks overdue
11:01 - Dumping Asana on your team with no plan
13:07 - Creating a project instead of using 'My Tasks'
14:07 - Not using Due Dates
15:34 - Being too vague with task details
17:05 - Using too many communication channels

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