HOW TO SKI WITH FLOW | 3 Tips for smoother skiing

HOW TO SKI WITH FLOW | 3 Tips for smoother skiing

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"You will know when your skiing has reached the flow state. It will be effortless."

About a month ago, we met up with top-level Canadian and Austrian ski instructor Christian Aigner. We asked him to tell us a little bit more about what it means to ski with smoothness and flow.

It's a common goal for both intermediate and advanced skiers to make effortless, smooth turns like a pro... but it's often not clear how to get there.

In this video, Christian shares the key to smoother skiing along - with 3 tips that might just transform your next day on snow.

In the words of Christian:
"If you don't know what to work on, work on adding smoothness to your skiing."

We hope that you enjoy the video and it helps you take your skiing technique to the next level.

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0:00 - Introduction to smooth skiing
1:03 - The key to smooth skiing: Active joint mobility
2:12 - Tip 1: Turn shape
3:55 - Tip 2: Shorten the inside leg
5:23 - Track your skiing smoothness using Carv
6:16 - Lesson recap

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Skier: Christian Aigner- Fully certified Canadian and Austrian Ski Instructor
Contact: Want to ski with a Carv Instructor? Reach out to Christian at
Ski resort: Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, Salzburg, Austria
Music Licensed by Music Bed: MB016LEK4HO8VRR

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