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Nancy Spero: Becoming an Artist | Art21 "Exclusive"

  • 0:06 - 0:09
    Nancy Spero
    Becoming an Artist
  • 0:11 - 0:15
    I thought doomed to be an artist growing on,
  • 0:15 - 0:19
    because I rather drew over the margins of my textbooks than..
  • 0:19 - 0:21
    than actually doing the classwork.
  • 0:22 - 0:25
    I was never interested in doing anything else..
  • 0:25 - 0:27
    ..I hadn't liked Highschool,
  • 0:27 - 0:29
    I hadn't liked University..,
  • 0:29 - 0:33
    but I LOVED Art school.
  • 0:33 - 0:37
    So that's when I decided to be an artist,
  • 0:37 - 0:39
    just to go at it.
  • 0:42 - 0:46
    But I was kind of worried about being an artist
  • 0:47 - 0:51
    that was.. the only thing I felt I could do was draw and paint
  • 0:51 - 0:54
    and it was the only thing I wanted to do
  • 0:54 - 1:00
    and yet, for some strange reason, I think I felted it was no use to society.
Nancy Spero: Becoming an Artist | Art21 "Exclusive"

Episode #007: Photographs of Nancy Spero from the 1960s to 2000.

A pioneer of feminist art, Nancy Spero's work since the 1960s is an unapologetic statement against the pervasive abuse of power, Western privilege, and male dominance. Executed with a raw intensity on paper and in ephemeral installations, her work often draws its imagery and subject matter from current and historical events such as the torture of women in Nicaragua, the Holocaust, and the atrocities of the Vietnam War.

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LEARN: Nancy Spero is featured in the Season 4 (2007) episode Protest of the Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century television series on PBS.

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Learn more about Nancy Spero: http://www.art21.org/artists/nancy-spero

VIDEO | Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick Ravich. Sound: Merce Williams. Editor: Lizzie Donahue. Artwork courtesy: Nancy Spero. Thanks: Samm Kunce.

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