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How To Vote In Georgia 2020

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    [0:0.260,0:1.490] MHM.
    [0:4.680,0:7.130] Crash, if you turn your phone off airplane mode.
    [0:7.380,0:8.610] 100%.
    [0:8.620,0:9.730] And here's how.
    [0:10.180,0:12.750] Today is cellular aviation expert.
    [0:13.420,0:14.970] Thank you Dr Joshua.
    [0:15.180,0:17.950] Airplanes are what ornithologists called frankenstein.
    [0:18.240,0:19.250] Composed of metal.
    [0:19.440,0:20.210] Feel.
    [0:21.180,0:23.050] And birds hate phones.
    [0:25.680,0:28.890] Your phone on airplane mode is the only way to knock.
    [0:31.580,0:33.250] Within metal dyne.
    [0:33.980,0:39.910] Luckily, there have been no documented plane crashes that were a result of cellular phone use.
    [0:39.940,0:41.790] Are you really gonna trust.
    [0:42.500,0:43.850] Oh, the words.
    [0:43.880,0:44.650] Likewise.
    [0:45.180,0:47.090] Let's say you're on a transatlantic flight.
    [0:47.090,0:50.750] Right before takeoff the flight attendant asks you to put your phone on airplane mode.
    [0:50.840,0:54.010] But you don't hear her because your three dream levels deep, thanks.
    [0:54.100,0:55.190] Anxiety.
    [0:55.190,0:58.430] Doctor prescribed them after you said you're petrified you're gonna.
    [0:59.340,1:0.990] Only supposed to take one.
    [1:1.080,1:1.930] Gummy vitamins.
    [1:4.280,1:6.850] So you don't hear all the things coming from your phone.
    [1:6.850,1:10.850] If your group chat that solely exist to talk trash about your larger groups.
    [1:11.260,1:12.590] Further your plan gets from.
    [1:13.140,1:14.250] Harder your phone.
    [1:14.250,1:14.990] To work.
    [1:16.460,1:19.270] Your phone signal gets so loud.
    [1:19.280,1:20.930] Here with the pilot's radio.
    [1:22.040,1:23.610] All he can hear.
    [1:23.610,1:25.510] Beijing of your cellular data.
    [1:25.510,1:26.690] And it's distracting.
    [1:27.120,1:27.870] Keys.
    [1:28.960,1:30.430] And the rhythm gonna get him.
    [1:31.400,1:33.010] By your phones, digital depth.
    [1:33.010,1:34.350] He can't help.
    [1:41.680,1:44.250] This crash your plane from not turning your phone on airplane.
    [1:45.180,1:51.850] Let's say you don't put your phone on airplane mode, but the signal from your phone does nothing to distract the pilots, in fact.
    [1:51.850,1:54.970] No one is bothered by your phone signal except.
    [1:54.970,1:56.090] Dog on the plane.
    [1:56.090,1:57.950] It's wearing a vest as therapy dogs.
    [1:58.120,2:0.450] So why would an official logo be made out of.
    [2:1.040,2:2.490] Because it's not a therapy.
    [2:4.600,2:6.550] St, Bernard is on his way to audition.
    [2:7.880,2:13.070] But this dog actor is having a hard time getting in the zone because your phone has been emitting a signal of fifty.
    [2:13.070,2:13.910] 7000.
    [2:14.300,2:15.110] Frequency.
    [2:18.200,2:19.010] Chocolate.
    [2:20.280,2:24.890] To escape the sound torture, he launches his 230 pound body again.
    [2:25.160,2:25.990] The door.
    [2:25.990,2:29.490] And fall straight onto the pilot's breaks all four of their risk.
    [2:29.720,2:30.910] No one on.
    [2:30.910,2:31.530] Going to.
    [2:34.100,2:36.190] Because your plane just crashed when you didn't.
    [2:37.940,2:40.530] Let's say you keep your phone off airplane mode.
    [2:41.200,2:43.990] You don't use it to send or receive any messages.
    [2:44.060,2:47.250] All you do is play your favorite game from the APP store.
    [2:48.120,2:49.850] Just 99 cents on itunes.
    [2:49.860,2:52.390] It's a math game with a bomb diffusion.
    [2:52.640,2:57.070] And you need to use your phone's data because you're trying to beat news number crunchers.
    [2:57.070,2:58.750] Nine in Minnesota.
    [2:59.700,3:1.090] Do you like yeah.
    [3:2.280,3:3.530] But you're on an airplane.
    [3:4.000,3:4.770] Can you not.
    [3:4.770,3:5.750] Hey, bonnie.
    [3:6.660,3:8.170] Shouldn't sound like one either.
    [3:8.170,3:9.170] The air marshals.
    [3:9.440,3:10.910] One row behind you here.
    [3:11.480,3:13.230] Can only assume one thing.
    [3:16.560,3:17.830] You can use it.
    [3:18.320,3:19.270] Long ago.
    [3:19.680,3:20.710] The impact causes.
    [3:21.580,3:23.490] Rain bullets right through the exit door.
    [3:23.490,3:24.230] Perfect.
    [3:26.060,3:26.870] Guy.
    [3:27.020,3:27.810] You.
    [3:29.760,3:32.370] Let's say you're not playing a game or sending any messages.
    [3:32.800,3:34.750] Simply watching a pre downloaded.
    [3:35.100,3:37.330] The inflight entertainment menu is fine.
    [3:37.330,3:38.750] But they don't have your favorites.
    [3:39.840,3:40.790] Mcadams.
    [3:40.980,3:41.870] Gosling.
    [3:44.180,3:45.690] You keep playing your favorite team.
    [3:45.860,3:47.190] If you're a bird, I'm a bird.
    [3:47.190,3:48.490] While sitting in the window seat.
    [3:48.490,3:51.250] Which means you're not the only one watching.
    [3:51.340,3:54.890] This rom, com moment has also been spotted by a flock.
    [3:55.780,3:58.210] And they think Rachel mcadams is making fun of.
    [3:58.580,4:2.070] They just dressed Hollywood, they only like Jeff daniels serious.
    [4:3.800,4:4.590] Sam.
    [4:5.300,4:7.150] No one is gonna get to be a bird today.
    [4:7.320,4:9.190] Because your plane just tumbled out.
    [4:12.240,4:14.130] Let's say you don't even have your phone on.
    [4:14.400,4:17.590] You turned it off spurs on z market.
    [4:17.590,4:18.650] Put in a check bag.
    [4:19.060,4:20.010] Still waiting.
    [4:20.520,4:22.610] A lady who got onto the plane to read.
    [4:23.720,4:26.670] She searched for his luggage opening of every suitcase.
    [4:26.720,4:27.990] Trying to get a whistle for.
    [4:28.680,4:29.930] She gets to yours.
    [4:30.300,4:31.770] Your baggage to your phone number.
    [4:34.460,4:36.870] She turns it on, take it off airplane mode.
    [4:37.100,4:38.150] And opens up the text.
    [4:38.780,4:40.910] I love you sweetie Josh.
    [4:40.910,4:41.930] Yeah she thinks.
    [4:42.120,4:44.030] Hell is Josh shocked.
    [4:44.040,4:44.830] Check.
    [4:45.480,4:46.450] Emergency.
    [4:46.460,4:47.230] MHM.
    [4:55.140,4:56.610] Oh my god goodbye.
    [4:56.610,4:57.470] This.
    [4:57.580,4:59.750] Should have put your phone on airplane mode.
    [4:59.880,5:1.270] Let's say your phone doesn't even have.
    [5:1.270,5:9.390] Airplane mode because it's 1937 and the only thing you have is a model three o2 desk telephone manufactured by western.
    [5:9.390,5:10.010] Electric.
    [5:10.220,5:12.090] Check it on you're playing with you, because you know.
    [5:12.140,5:14.230] You spend your life here.
    [5:14.860,5:21.770] Amelia I don't think that's a good idea, but you don't become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.
    [5:21.770,5:23.590] Playing by other people's rules.
    [5:23.600,5:27.610] Now you're gonna fly around the world with your friend friend.
    [5:27.610,5:29.910] As you fly over the duco manu island.
    [5:30.060,5:33.790] Decide to make a joke like getting a call from the Guinness book of world records.
    [5:34.060,5:35.410] Fred so be careful.
    [5:36.360,5:37.770] Get yourself into airplanes.
    [5:38.040,5:39.750] But his warning comes too late.
    [5:39.750,5:42.610] Because your phone mounting court has just pulled out of the cockpit.
    [5:42.780,5:45.590] Wrapped itself around one of the details of your Lockheed model ten.
    [5:45.590,5:46.450] Electronic.
    [5:46.450,5:47.570] Not the cleanup.
    [5:47.800,5:49.310] Destroy your vertical stabilizer.
    [5:49.620,5:50.590] Story.
    [5:50.740,5:52.790] The greatest puzzles of aviation history.
    [5:52.790,5:58.690] No one will know you crash your plane by not putting your phone on original version.
    [5:59.980,6:0.730] Oh yeah.
    [6:1.460,6:3.970] Crash your plane by not putting your phone on airplane.
    [6:4.460,6:6.050] It's just a matter of when.
    [6:6.900,6:8.410] I'm expert natasha Van.
    [6:9.460,6:10.970] Our aviation experts.
    [6:11.680,6:13.670] And your worst fear has been.
    [6:15.040,6:15.810] Five years.
    [6:28.760,6:32.130] Beethoven is back in an all new adventure.
    [6:32.130,6:33.390] But this time.
    [6:33.390,6:34.490] Things are good.
    [6:35.700,6:39.710] Doggy daycare, this beethoven not just all ours.
    [6:40.500,6:41.290] Right.
    [6:41.460,6:42.230] MHM.
    [6:42.960,6:44.250] Okay.
    [6:53.520,6:55.910] Where are my pills, fate open.
    [6:56.080,6:57.070] Thank god.
    [6:57.070,6:57.850] Hey, Ken.
    [6:57.960,6:59.250] Hey Robin.
    [7:0.900,7:1.750] Wanna go.
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How To Vote In Georgia 2020

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