ABILITY Magazine Interview: Liu Fusheng, Art, Life, Tourette's

ABILITY Magazine Interview: Liu Fusheng, Art, Life, Tourette's

Liu Fusheng, a larger than life artist lives in Singapore and happens to have Tourette syndrome. Despite the severity of his symptoms, he was misdiagnosed until his college years. Even now, because of his self mutilation doctors may diagnose him as having autism. Liu's art flourishes and his eccentric style continues to evolve. Here's a short clip from hours spent between Liu & ABILITY's Chet Cooper & Lia Martirosyan in Wuhan, China, during the Integrated Art Exhibition* talking love, life, art and his custom made Michael Jackson shoes.

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*ABILITY Magazine represented the first US participation, to learn more: http://abilitymagazine.com/China-Art-Exhibition-for-artists-with-disabilities.html

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