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Subtitles translated from Portuguese, Brazilian Showing Revision 9 created 06/03/2013 by estricnadobax2.

  1. Best Short Documentary by Popular Jury at the 45th Brazilian Film Festival in Brasília
  2. Best Film by Populary Jury at the International Very Short Film Festival
  3. This film did not receive any kind of sponsorship.
  4. Available for distribution and pirating.
  5. “In solidarity with the Pajés Sanctuary, against the Northeast sector, the speculation...
  6. and governments that, in the name of the people, use the state apparatus to feed the appetite of the markets.
  7. In respect to the people and their cultural diversity”
  8. (A Message left by hackers after having invaded an official page...
  9. of the Secretary of Culture of the Capitol. The invasion last over 100 hours.)
  10. Leave Northeast, Down with the Northeast
  11. Indymedia Brazil-DF presents
  12. Invaders, invaders, invaders, invaders! Dictatorship! Dictatorship!
  13. The dictatorship of speculation.
  14. Invaders, invaders!
  15. And others protesters VÃO PRA CIMA ALI, they enter in this conflict COM OS SEGURANÇAS!
  16. Because in this place,
  17. you are seeing that people are taken like this,
  18. the most expensive neighborhood in Brasília should be here.
  19. It turns out that the area was already inhabited by a group of
  20. indigenous people from the Fulni–ô tribe.
  21. They still broke down another fence, and threw water on the security mechanisms...
  22. The protestors want the construction to be paralized.
  23. The confrontation between students, indigenous and construction employees this morning in Brasília.
  24. The conflicts between the contractors’ security, the indians and their supporters have been frequent.
  25. Trees cut down by the machines, and this has been going in this indigenous farming community for more than 50 years.
  26. The detail is that is in the middle of this Class A neighborhood, is the Pajés Sanctuary.
  27. However, Terracap wants to reduce it to only four hectares,
  28. which would transform it into a kind of indigenous zoo.
  29. Stop the machine!
  30. In this place known as the Pajés Sanctuary...
  31. Note that the one man is spraying what appears to be pepper spray at people,
  32. while the other man reacts with a big piece of wood.
  33. Even affected by pepper spray, he doesn’t stop.
  34. Indigenous people already lost their land a long time ago, there is no respect for our culture.
  35. Better you leave here! Get out, Get out!
  36. Coronel Charles Magalhães PM-DF
  37. Get out! Get out!
  38. What is that machine doing?
  39. Are you kidding me?
  40. The captain, shit, look at that machine damn it!
  41. Look at the machine working captain, where is your response?
  42. What is he going to do against that?
  43. And look at what this guy is doing, he’s going to go up to it, and lie in front of the loader,
  44. the machine has to turn around, confusion all around because of this situation
  45. Shit!
  46. Let's stop this shit!
  47. Close to 800 military police take turns in patrolling the area.
  48. The huge number of military police went up to the close to fourty students.
  49. The PM shouldn’t leave here so soon.
  50. The students complain that the construction was just as illegal as the PM occupation.
  51. They try to stop Brazilians from understanding the various ethnicities of our people,
  52. and all of our diverse culture.... the power simply lies with who makes the orders.
  53. The police use a rope to isolate off the bed.
  54. In this case, we have two classic problems in relation to indigenous people in the media,
  55. which is the speculation.
  56. And the most prominent speaker for the Northeast neighborhood is president of a TV channel here in Brasília.
  57. You are violating the constitution. Essa terra é indígena!
  58. Where's Major?
  59. You are violating the Constitution!
  60. Mightily armed, federal police have passed all afternoon long in northeast.
  61. Federal police have passed much of the afternoom here, to try to avoid any confrontation.
  62. Summarizing, the story is that in this place it must be the more expensive neighbohood in Brasilia,
  63. but there is a indigenous community that live is this place form more than fifty years.
  64. Northeast, westerns, northeast, westerns, northeast, westerns!
  65. I wasn’t shaking, a’m shaking. I was means past!
  66. Don’t harm, be calm.
  67. Someone threw pepper gas here, but anyone didn’t nothing .
  68. Military police can not put their hands in indio , they can’t!
  69. You will let indian blood here!
  70. Stop, dammit! Stop!
  71. Open your eyes, Open your eyes.
  72. Out PM, out PM. Out PM. Out PM! ( Military police)
  73. There is the cameraman making pictures too, look at the moment that the man shoots this spray.
  74. I’m about spray effect bro, wait a minute!
  75. Take your hands out of me!
  76. So, you can see the indigenous with some other protesters. They are following all this confusion.
  77. And military police are doing too.
  78. Now, they hope to be able to protect what remains from nature in this área.
  79. ...and yesterday they came into confrontation with the police.
  80. Let me go!
  81. Hold by legs, hold by legs, ok...
  82. Let him go!
  83. Stand up, Stand up
  84. Oh, you don’t take the câmera, don’t!
  85. Congratulations, You got your movie, Charles Bronson!
  86. The truck driver moved up protesters
  87. Oh, oh, oh stop it!
  88. One of the boys reacted, and he was arrested.
  89. They’re arresting me here!
  90. More police were called and the students chained themselves to machines.
  91. Look at that fucking violence!
  92. Despite the work of the machines, students continued the protest...
  93. thet involved even a little dog that lay in frontoof the truck.
  94. ...this student was caugth trying to prevent the work of machines, note that she enters in front of the truck
  95. From above it is possible to see the moment that a student try to stop the truck advance and she isbaten by security guard
  96. A student that has triedto stop a truck was beaten by a security guard.
  97. Military police were forced to leave the place some hours later.
  98. The order here in the pajés sanctuary is to resist. All Indians from Brasil know, if they don’t resist, they lose their land. Indio is land, it is not possible to separate one from another.
  99. The felling that this movement in favor of sanctuary goes far beyond the local strugle...
  100. It is inserted in a bigger movement against the greed of speculation.
  101. In the midlle of the afternoom, the builders withdrew the machines.
  102. "...doing it by destroying the relationship that is raised by the northeast."
  103. We will stand up it, we will stand up all this forest again.
  104. "Slight step, slight step. Who can’t with the ant, don’t mess the nest."
  105. Showing that is possible to be resistant and conclude their rights. We are enforcing our rigths.
  106. It doesn’t move a sanctuary! It doesn’t move a sanctuary.
  107. Northwest, Western!
  108. The dictatorship of speculation.
  109. The Sanctuary supporters’ are being processed by federal districto governement e buy the Emplavi Builder.
  110. The second stage of construction of the Northwest Sector has been approved. The Sanctuary resists.
  111. Look at here, we just have conquest an unprecedented victory in this movement...
  112. that was to obligate the truck to plug the hole thet they have done.
  113. "Warn those who are looking to buy an apartment with view to the Sanctuary"
  114. "Thus an Indian has nowhere to live."
  115. "With the people no one can, the Sanctuary does not move!"
  116. It makes building, little dam, green eco neighborhood, and it will put people in the zoo…
  117. thanks
  118. Sanctuary of the Shamans - DF 2012
  119. DEGRAVAÇÃO: Xico, Xyz TRADUÇÃO: Raquel Rodrigues, Cissa Saraiva REVISÃO: Xyz