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    33C3 preroll music
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    Herald: Welcome to this lecture from,
    I have to look up here, but it's Nika, I know.
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    Nika, I hope I pronounce your name right,
    it's Dubrovsky. Nika Dubrovsky was born
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    in the U.S.S.R. I think it was U.S.S.R. at the time?
    Yes, still. So not the Soviet Union but the U.S.S.R.
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    And she moved over to New York, I understood?
    And then, last six years living in Berlin.
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    She's an artist.
    And luckily, artists make our life better,
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    and try to give certain color and feeling
    to this world.
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    Next to being an artist, she's engaged in
    projects like this one: "Anthropology for Kids".
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    And there is a project here that's going
    to be related in an open-source book
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    called "What is Privacy?".
    I'm gonna give you the stage, I think.
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    Nika Dubrovsky: So, I'm working on this
    project for a couple years already.
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    And I'm very happy to be here. I'm not
    an experienced speaker. So, I'm nervous.
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    I'm going to describe this project,
    and hopefully get some advice or
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    maybe find collaborators.
    So, I started to work on this because
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    I bought a book about pilots to
    my six-years old son who was
  18. Not Synced
    learning to read. And I was hoping
    it would be a dramatic book about
  19. Not Synced
    ??? communities
    and all kinds of images and events
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    But it was quite the opposite.
    It was a very closed product. Sugary, and
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    kitchy, and completely, like, nothing true.
    So, I was thinking: "OK, actually, it's really
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    great to do books for kids, but books
    that will talk about what Dostoyevsky
  23. Not Synced
    called '??? questions', something that
    every human being has to decide
  24. Not Synced
    for themselves - what is family, what
    is death, what is money, for example,
  25. Not Synced
    and what is privacy as well.
    And then I started to do these books.
  26. Not Synced
    I understand them as hacking the social
    codes because, when we get our education,
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    and when I saw my son getting his
    education, we're presented again
  28. Not Synced
    these closed products that we have
    to rehearse and repeat.
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    And it's very rarely
    that the kids, and adults as well,
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    are allowed to really take apart
    the major important social ideas
  31. Not Synced
    and then reconstruct them for themselves.
    And I want to say that one of the
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    important influences for me
    was Soviet children literature in
  33. Not Synced
    the 1920's that was very important also
    for the beginning of construction of
  34. Not Synced
    the revolutionary identity of the Soviet
    people. Because that identity of
  35. Not Synced
    the Soviet people didn't exist. So before
    1937, Stalin's crackdown, Soviet children's
  36. Not Synced
    literature was really, really progressive,
    and there was a lot of qualities that,
  37. Not Synced
    I think, are very important now. So the
    "Anthropology for Kids" is supposed to be
  38. Not Synced
    a web project. With really downloading
    books. That's also a (?) wiki-edu (?),
  39. Not Synced
    "Wiki Kids". This is a Ludo books (?)