Be in Your Universality

Be in Your Universality

Spontaneous Talks With Mooji
05.05.2012, Monte Sahaja, Portugal

To live a life that most people call "life" or "existence"
can be a very narrow thing, very personal affair,
but to be in your universality is to be conversant with all things.
Not necessary that you are conversing with all things,
but your Beingness is large enough, everything fits inside your Beingness.

As a person we are claustrophobic.
So many concerns so many things have to be kept up,
so much self-consciousness, so much looking after this body.
As Consciousness we are universal, we are not personal.

It can be an instant of recognition.

Even if you live in a place like a little, tiny village,
it doesn't stop you from being universal inside your Self.


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