5 Tips on How to Make your Data Science CV standout for a Hiring Manager

5 Tips on How to Make your Data Science CV standout for a Hiring Manager

Preparing a CV for a data science position and need tips on how to make it better? Here are my top 5 tips (and +1 bonus tip for people out of academia) on how to make your data science CV stand out and attractive for hiring managers and recruiters.

I am Anna, a data scientist with over 15 years of experience. I worked for different companies (ex-Booking, ex-Heineken) and currently work as a director of data science in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

I've seen hundreds of candidates, interviewed many of them, seen thousands of CVs, and will share with you all my tips and tricks, so you can become a successful data scientist.

0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Who am I and why you should trust me about data science career?
1:50 - Place your working experience (data science relevant) at the top of your CV (don't start with your education)
02:55 - With each working experience or a project - tell a coherent story, not simply what you did
04:13 - Giving you an example of data science-like story
05:15 - Mention your craft and techniques that you know
06:25 - Use data science/machine learning keywords
07:15 - Share link to your codebase (with an important disclaimer!:)
09:35 - Bonus tip for people out of academia

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