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  1. So the mozilla festival is largerst public facing event .We have about 1500
  2. partcipant here in our lab / classroom where we celebrating
  3. all other stuff been doing around making to each other in the web of the last year
  4. and trying build a the future what we think the web should be in the
  5. coming years.
  6. The heart of mozilla is us ,the heart of mozilla is the global community people who share a common mission.
  7. MozFest for 4 years going out just been a really great come from
  8. center point to bring together a lot of people that are impressive talking about voting on journalism and open data
  9. and all kind of stuff.
  10. MozFest filled with people who have common thought
  11. that cause is building a web that is open whether is free or whether is are,
  12. and they're coming here actually rolling up their sleeves and their making it.
  13. This idea under shining type here included in our everyday life.
  14. It's really important and relevant things kinds of basics.
  15. Open news,open data, building a teaching web privacy, making a web physical.
  16. There're a range of spaces for participant provided to go and throw down hard.
  17. Make something, try something, build something, keep something,
  18. the idea is to prototype that which does not exist on friday but we shall exist by sunday evening.
  19. My sister is not about talking about the future of the web,
  20. it actually building it future of the web
  21. So it's kinda a gathering of the tribes for all the people who wants to make the web something
  22. that people can produce and not just consume.
  23. we've got the biggest baddest badges lab we've ever had they're making badges,
  24. they're helping people here established their own badges
  25. to brand one another .
  26. everyone here is a teacher and a learner and that's the part of experience that make MozFest so much fun and so chaotic.
  27. It was amazing festival they're so much information here,and
  28. so many cool people doing amazing things.
  29. I was listen to the guys talking about at the beginning and they like.
  30. Seriously ,what everyone making everything what everyone small group like yeah right that not gonna happen it and it did
  31. and i was very impressed.
  32. You actually make to meet so many really awesome people and in the same room.
  33. It'is the most interesting coolest things i've done all year.