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  1. Oi mate
  2. pass the liquor
  3. it's Jack the Ripper
  4. Jack the rapper
  5. following you way before
  6. the dawn of Twitter
  7. I'm a human trigger warning
  8. through the night until the morning
  9. when the light shines upon my crimes
  10. you find it sick appalling
  11. an infamous notorious dilinquent
  12. there's little more gory a thing than
  13. living in Victorian England
  14. this is horrorcore
  15. beware if you're a common whore
  16. or at late night you may find me
  17. knocking on your door
  18. not keen to leave until
  19. I'm knee deep in blood and gore
  20. your grieving family on their knees
  21. weeping scrubbing floors
  22. the police need a lead
  23. they dunno what they're looking for
  24. my raps are like the way I eat my meat
  25. bloody raw
  26. Jack you're a classic megalomaniac
  27. you haven't mentioned me once
  28. in your entire battle rap
  29. pity your verse
  30. wasn't worth the trip in the jacket
  31. quit jacking off on the track
  32. and put the lotion in the backet
  33. and catch what the iller
  34. serial killer can deliver
  35. rhymes finer than the chianti
  36. I would pair with your liver
  37. but the thought of your putrid flesh
  38. makes me want to shiver
  39. cause your British body's
  40. covered in more piss than kitty litter
  41. you stabbed women
  42. when they wouldn't give you attention
  43. like a Penny Dreadful version
  44. of OJ Simpson
  45. but these days your nickname
  46. is all that's even known
  47. and you didn't even come up
  48. with that shit on your own
  49. I'm real
  50. you'll find me making
  51. vacancies in brothels
  52. while you only exist
  53. inside the pages of a novel
  54. you were kept for ages in a hovel
  55. contained within a cage
  56. behind a locked door
  57. while I never got caught
  58. so who's the superior serial killer
  59. Doctor Lecter?
  60. I'm still wanted you're forgotten
  61. people these days are watching Dexter
  62. so God protect ya
  63. from the Hell I've spread upon us
  64. I'm terrorizing London
  65. fuck the 7/7 bombers
  66. No no Jack you were doing fine
  67. before your ham-fisted attempt
  68. at a terrorist line
  69. how typical of Jack the Ripper
  70. to chase a headline
  71. pick Ray Liotta's brain
  72. and ask him how I get mine
  73. I'm the bon vivant of violence
  74. a licensed psychiatrist
  75. who dines on highest society
  76. to the sound of violins
  77. don't get me wrong
  78. I'd roast both your balls on my hibachi
  79. but for a serial killer
  80. you're as tasteless as a bowl of Kashi
  81. you prey on a prostitute
  82. and play with her body
  83. I don't mind that you're naughty Jack
  84. I hate that you're sloppy
  85. Barney take me back
  86. to solitary confinement
  87. cause this dirty little lamb
  88. has just been silenced
  89. Who won?
  90. Who's next?
  91. You decide