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  1. So Beyonce, how did you get evolved with the World Humanitarian Day?
  2. Well, I was definitely attracted to raising awareness
  3. of this day of recognition.
  4. I know... found out that 22 people lost their lives helping people. And...
  5. In Baghdad.
  6. In Baghdad, yes.
  7. And you know, I thought it was an incredible thing
  8. to turn that into something positive
  9. and trying to include the world to do something great for someone else.
  10. I feel like we all want to know our life meant something
  11. And that we did something for someone else
  12. And that we spread positivity
  13. no matter how big or how small.
  14. Now you're trying to reach a billion people
  15. on World Humanitarian Day
  16. What are you hoping to accomplish?
  17. What is the idea behind it?
  18. This is really about, saying to everyone out there
  19. This is a day that's both a commemoration
  20. Because there's a lot of people
  21. who lose their lives trying to help people
  22. But it is also a celebration of the things that people do
  23. There's an amazing amount that people do
  24. every single day, that goes unrecognized.
  25. So this is about the big things
  26. and it is also about the small things.
  27. If we are to do something small
  28. and if all of us on one day, do something effective
  29. it will be so impactful.
  30. We can make a difference through a small act
  31. Some people will give some money
  32. Some people have a skill that they can donate
  33. Some time that they can donate
  34. All of that matters.
  35. What do you see
  36. when you are on that stadium in front of the General Assembly?
  37. Well, we wanted to make sure that we invited humanitarians
  38. and people that have been affected by humanitarians
  39. and I know that some of the people speaking
  40. are family members of the 22 people that lost their lives
  41. So while I'm performing
  42. you can't help but think about how they must feel
  43. and the pride that they must have
  44. knowing that they didn't lose their lives in vain.
  45. So on August 19th, you're both hoping that
  46. people around the world
  47. will do whatever they can
  48. and will volunteer in their communities
  49. will donate money, will donate time, wherever it is.
  50. We want to see millions of little pins
  51. across the world.
  52. As people pledge.
  53. Everyone can go to
  54. And we want to encourage everyone to pledge
  55. their act of kindness.