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Amara makes it incredibly easy to caption and translate your videos.

FREE Platform

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The multi-award winning Amara Public Editor is FREE and super easy to use. All video and subtitles are public, and open for collaboration when using this platform.

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Enterprise Platform

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The Amara Enterprise platform is a powerful solution for captioning and subtitling your own videos, or managing your own team of linguists. It provides a secure and private workspace, tools and workflows for ensuring quality, plus a powerful API.

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How to Use the Amara Editor

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FREE Platform

Amara makes adding subtitles to any video a breeze. Invite friends, family, and audience members to collaborate with you, or let the thousands of active members on Amara contribute. For example, the band OK Go used the Public Editor to have their fans subtitle their videos into many different languages!

Three simple steps:

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The Amara Public Editor is collaborative, easy to learn, and fun to use.

What Our Free Users Are Saying

@AmaraSubs thanks a ton for your existence. I've been dying to translate a vid and now I've found you.


Thank you for all your excellent assistance and communication. I am over-the-top happy. Mahalo! Awwwwright!

Liko (right after we enabled Hawaiian Creole English)

I wanted to let you know that I absolutely looooove your site! It’s so awesome to learn a foreign language! It’s so easy to find fun videos in the language that I study (I love languages) including subtitles. Super slick!


Enterprise Platform

Address all of your localization needs with one powerful technology. Amara Enterprise enables you to manage your own team of linguists, vendors, and/or volunteers to localize your content. The Enterprise platform offers a secure and private workspace, along with tools and workflows for team management. Connect your own CMS quickly and easily with our robust API, or use our intuitive interface.

The Enterprise Platform is:

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A cloud-based solution for your video localization and subtitling needs.

These Organizations Subtitle with Amara

What Our Enterprise Users Are Saying

Amara has made our work of reaching more people with our content into an effective and enjoyable journey.

Tommy Nyberg, Moderskeppet

The Amara Community provides DO-IT with an opportunity to work collaboratively with people around the world, which helps us to achieve our goal of reaching a global audience and maximizing the potential of individuals with disabilities worldwide. In turn, this will make all our communities more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.

Terrill Thompson; Gaby de Jongh - DO-IT, University of Washington

Amara makes it easy for people who know our material best, our students, to create meaningful subtitles for our courses. Subtitles increase access to advanced science for others, and provides a great learning experience. Our students who subtitle generally do better in their courses - it's a great note taking system!

Julia Heusinkveld, Complexity Explorer

Amara has helped us to increase accessibility and engage our learners around the world with an easy to use platform.

Justin Dile, Marginal Revolution University

Professional Subtitles for Localization and Accessibility

Make your content accessible, searchable, and increase your SEO! If you need captions or translations quickly, the Amara On Demand team has over 2,500 professional linguists and native speakers dedicated to providing the highest quality captions and translations on time, every time.

We support 50 plus languages to help organizations across the globe localize their content. Let us take care of all your localization needs!

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