For a Caption or Translation Team

Amara makes it possible to help bridge language and communication gaps.



You can make video available in a person’s native tongue – a powerful gift.

Speak just one language?

You can make a huge difference by captioning video, which makes the media accessible for deaf or hard of hearing viewers.

Know an endangered language?

Contribute your skills and knowledge to help ensure a native tongue or dialect is preserved and revitalized.

Find your Team

Below are a handful of our most popular and interesting volunteer opportunities. Join a team and start subtitling today!

Ability Magazine

The leading magazine covering health, disability and helping remove stereotypes.

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High quality, empowering human stories about those living with disabilities.

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Captions Requested

Videos submitted by Deaf and Hard-of-hearing users. Help us make them accessible to everyone!

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Empowering people with disabilities through technology and education to maximize their potential.

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The European culture channel providing programmes that foster understanding and bring people together.

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The nonprofit with a mission to inspire a more creative world through the works and words of living artists.

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TED believes in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.

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A nonprofit dedicated to preserving, protecting, and raising awareness about language diversity.

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California Academy of Sciences

The renowned scientific and educational institution dedicated to exploring, explaining, and sustaining life on Earth.

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Complexity Explorer

Online courses and other materials related to complex systems science. A project of the Santa Fe Institute.

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Justin Guitar

Amazing guitar lessons - help make them available around the world!

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Marginal Revolution University

A nonprofit building the world’s largest online library of free economics education videos.

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Bringing accessible, engaging, and effective higher education to the world.

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Help bring GitHub to people all over the world so we can build amazing things together.

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Working to localize and subtitle Mozilla & Firefox videos.

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Scientific American

Learn and help spread science discoveries and technology innovations!

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