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In some circumstances, you might see Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo products in a language you didn't expect. This video shows you how to change the language used in the Yahoo interface.

Here's the link to the Locations and language page: https://settings.yahoo.com/locations#languages

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  1. Reset your language
  2. Under some circumstances, such as a compromised account,
  3. you may see Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo pages in a language you don't expect
  4. You can reset Yahoo to your preferred language in just a few easy steps
  5. Enter the URL shown to go to the Yahoo location and language page
  6. Although you may not understand what's on this page, you can still change your language!
  7. Click here to see a list of available languages
  8. Scroll down the list until you find your preferred language
  9. Select the language you want
  10. Click this button to add the selected language to your available languages
  11. Click the first link next to the language to make it your primary language
  12. Click this button to have Yahoo use your new primary language
  13. Now your should see the Locations page in your language!
  14. Click here to remove an unwanted language
  15. Click Apply to finish deleting the unwanted language
  16. Now everything should be back to normal