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  1. Luke 24.

  2. I would love to read the whole
  3. of verse 13-35,
  4. but for the sake of time
  5. let's pick up in verse 25.
  6. I think we are probably familiar
  7. with this account of Jesus
  8. meeting the two disciples
  9. on the road to Emmaus.
  10. In verse 15, we see that Jesus Himself
  11. drew near and went with them.
  12. I'll read v. 25 down through 32.
  13. "And He (Jesus) said to them,
  14. 'O foolish ones,
  15. and slow of heart to believe
  16. all the prophets have spoken.
  17. Was it not necessary that the Christ
  18. should suffer these things
  19. and enter into His glory?'
  20. And beginning with Moses
  21. and all the prophets,
  22. He interpreted to them
    in all the Scriptures,
  23. the things concerning Himself.
  24. So they drew near to the village
  25. to which they were going.
  26. He acted as if He were going farther,
  27. but they urged Him strongly,
  28. saying, 'stay with us.
  29. For it is toward evening
  30. and the day is now far spent.'
  31. So He went in to stay with them.
  32. When He was at table with them,
  33. He took bread and blessed and broke it
  34. and gave it to them,
  35. and their eyes were opened,
  36. and they recognized Him.
  37. And He vanished from their sight.
  38. They said to each other,
  39. 'Did not our hearts burn within us
  40. while He talked to us on the road,
  41. while He opened to us the Scriptures?'"
  42. So, commonly, there's rich content shared
  43. about Jesus opening the Scriptures
  44. to His disciples.
  45. But that's not what I want
    to focus on this morning.
  46. I want to just look at two things really
  47. from verses 28 and 29,
  48. which I'll re-read.
  49. "So they..." this is Jesus
  50. and the two disciples,
  51. "drew near to the village
  52. to which they were going.
  53. He (Jesus) acted as if
    He was going farther,
  54. but they urged Him strongly, saying,
  55. 'Stay with us.'"
  56. And I think the encouragement here
  57. is two-fold.
  58. Number one, it struck me as I was reading
  59. verse 28,
  60. to see that Jesus acted
  61. as though He was going to go
  62. on down the road to the next village.
  63. In some sense, it looks
    like He was putting on.
  64. And we say why?
  65. Why is Jesus acting as if
    He's going to go on farther?
  66. We see clearly when we read v. 29
  67. why Jesus was acting as if
  68. He was going to go on down the road.
  69. He was provoking within His people
  70. a desire to cry out to Him,
  71. to entreat Him to stay.
  72. And this is remarkable.
  73. This is the warm, relational Jesus Christ
  74. that so desires the hearts of His people
  75. that He will even act in such a way
  76. to draw out our affections to Him.
  77. And this is happening today.
  78. If you're a believer here,
  79. in my life and your life,
  80. there are things that our kind,
  81. dear Savior does
  82. to draw out our affections toward Him;
  83. to stir up our love toward Him;
  84. to drive us into the
    mode of entreating Him.
  85. He wants communion with His people.
  86. He had no intention of
    going on down the road.
  87. He wants to be with His people.
  88. And that is remarkable.
  89. If that doesn't fuel prayer,
    I don't know what does.
  90. He is delighting in the prayers
    of His people this morning.
  91. Think of Jacob wrestling

  92. with the Angel of the Lord.
  93. What is that about?
  94. The Angel of the Lord -
  95. this pre-incarnate Christ.
  96. He's not wrestling with anyone.
  97. He's not challenged.
  98. He's not actually kept by Jacob.
  99. What does He say? "Let me go."
  100. He could withdraw at any moment.
  101. Why "let me go"?
  102. Because He was aiming
    for a response in Jacob.
  103. "I won't let you go, unless You bless me."
  104. You remember Samson's dad?
  105. Manoah in Judges 13.
  106. And the Angel of the Lord visits.
  107. What is happening here?
  108. There's this encounter -
  109. this divine encounter,
  110. and Manoah comes to the
    point where he says,
  111. "Please let me detain you
  112. and make a meal for you."
  113. I'm not even going to eat the meal,
  114. but I'll be detained.
  115. The Syro-Phoenician woman
    in the New Testament.
  116. That whole encounter?
  117. Boy, that kind of reads
    confusing at first, doesn't it?
  118. Jesus seemingly insults her.
  119. Jesus seemingly ignores her.
  120. Why? What is He doing?
  121. He is cultivating in the
    heart of His people
  122. this strong desire to seek Him.
  123. So, I think that's one thing we glean
  124. from the text.
  125. And secondly, you just can't get away

  126. from this phrase in verse 29.
  127. "They (the two disciples)
    urged Him strongly."
  128. Urged Him strongly.
  129. All I'll say about it for the sake of time
  130. is we ought to be those that ask much
  131. and ask often.
  132. We ought to be those that lose nothing
  133. because we're not asking.
  134. So, let's storm that gracious throne
  135. this morning.
  136. Let's boldly entreat our kind,
  137. warm-hearted Savior.
  138. Let's pray.
  139. Father, there is none like You.
  140. Divine Son, our
    tender-hearted High Priest.
  141. There is none like You.
  142. Holy Spirit, our Help and Comforter.
  143. There's none like You.
  144. We desire Your presence.
  145. We want to detain You this morning.
  146. We want You to draw near this morning.
  147. We need Your help.
  148. We need Your presence.
  149. We need You to do what You did
  150. for those two disciples
  151. on the road to Emmaus,
  152. and open our eyes
  153. to the precious truth of Your Word.
  154. So, come, and infiltrate
    this time of prayer.
  155. Manifest Your presence to us,
  156. in Jesus' name.