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  1. [How to find videos to work on]
  2. There are generally
    two ways of finding stuff to work on.
  3. You can start with a specific video
    or you can browse the available tasks.
  4. How to start with a specific video?
  5. Search for a TEDTalk, TEDxTalk
    or a TED-Ed video
  6. that you find interesting.
  7. Remember to watch the video first,
  8. to make sure that it's not too short,
    too long
  9. too technical,
    or maybe not technical enough for you!
  10. Once you've made your pick,
  11. copy the title or the speaker's name,
  12. go to Amara.org,
  13. and recreate this little trip
    through the interface.
  14. First, make sure that you log in
    using your TED profile.
  15. Then hover the mouse over your username
  16. and select "TED" from the team list
    at the bottom.
  17. On the team page, click the "Tasks" tab.
  18. Here, you will see many useful filters
  19. that will help you find your way
    to your video.
  20. The videos are divided
    into a few projects:
  21. TEDTalks, TEDxTalks, TED-Ed,
    OTP Resources and Best of TEDxTalks.
  22. The default setting here is "TEDTalks,"
  23. but if the video you're looking for
    is not a TEDTalk,
  24. select one of the other projects
    from the list
  25. or just click "any project"
    to search everywhere.
  26. After the task list has refreshed,
  27. paste the speaker's name
    or the talk's title into the search box
  28. and hit Enter.
  29. You will see the tasks available
    for your languages.
  30. Now simply go to the video,
  31. and click "Start now."
  32. Let me give you a hint!
  33. While searching for TEDTalks,
  34. go with just the speaker's name
    or just the title,
  35. or remove the colon
    from the full title, like this.
  36. If you search for the full title
    with the colon in it,
  37. it may sometimes trip up the system
    so you won't get any results.
  38. Otherwise, if you can't find any tasks
    for the video you searched for,
  39. it usually means that other volunteers
    are already working on it.
  40. Don't give up,
    and find another amazing talk!
  41. Now let's talk about the other way
    of finding stuff to work on,
  42. by browsing the available tasks.
  43. If you don't have
    any specific videos in mind,
  44. you can browse the tasks
    available in our projects.
  45. Let's have a little fun
    with the filters here.
  46. First, depending on what you want to do,
  47. select the type of task
    you're looking for.
  48. For example, the "Translate" task.
  49. Then choose the project.
  50. The default one is "TEDTalks,"
  51. but there is more cool stuff
    to do in here.
  52. In addition to TEDxTalks
    and TED-Ed videos,
  53. you can work on subtitles
    for video tutorials like this one,
  54. in "OTP Resources,"
  55. or you can browse
    the carefully selected highlights
  56. from the ever-growing
    general collection of TEDxTalks,
  57. in the "Best of TEDxTalks" project.
  58. Pick one of the projects, and you'll get
    a list of videos that need your help.
  59. If you can't find any free tasks,
  60. just select another project from the list.
  61. And for now,
    happy transcribing and translating!