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  1. One of the most important concepts in computer
    science is how to define new commands, how
  2. to add your own words to a computer language.
    Most computer languages have only about one
  3. hundred words or commands. The art and magic
    is in defining your own new words out of these
  4. building blocks. We do this all the time in
    sports. For example, in basketball, you start
  5. by learning how to dribble, how to do a lay-up,
    how to rebound. Once you've learned these
  6. really basic moves, you learn new moves and
    put together these building blocks, like a
  7. pick and roll or give and go. You can then
    go from there to do more complex plays. Once
  8. you learn that play and give it a name, everybody
    on the team knows how to do it. Similarly
  9. once you've taught a computer how to do an
    action once using these sequences of commands,
  10. you can make up your own name for that action
    so it's easy to repeat it later. When you
  11. define your own command and give it a name,
    that's called a function. Now we're going
  12. to use functions to help the bee. In this
    example, our function is called get 2 nectar,
  13. this green block right here. We know what
    get 2 nectar does by looking at this grey
  14. box which is the function definition. If we
    look inside there, the get 2 nectar is going
  15. to get nectar and then get nectar again. Always
    look at what's inside the grey box so that
  16. you know what these green function blocks
    can do.