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← Love to God and Love to Men | 2013 Fellowship Conference

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  1. What is the goal of this conference?
  2. What is the goal?
  3. The goal of our instruction is love.
  4. The overarching aim that Paul gives
  5. for sitting under sound teaching.
  6. For coming aside to a place like this,
  7. and hearing men open
    the Word of God to you,
  8. is that you would be compelled
  9. to greater and greater degrees
  10. of love to God
  11. and love to men.
  12. That is the aim of this conference
  13. because that is the aim
  14. of the whole Christian life.
  15. The whole Christian life can be summed up
  16. in love to God and love to men.
  17. I will also make you a
    light of the nations,
  18. so that My
    salvation may reach
  19. to the end of the earth.
  20. It's too small for Christ
    just to be glorified
  21. in one place.
  22. He's worthy of more.
  23. The more we find out about the Lord,
  24. the more we grow
    in our own relationship
  25. with the Lord and love for the Lord.
  26. Our hearts ought to break when
  27. we see people just living for vanity.
  28. And when we know that there are places
  29. where nobody worships Christ.
  30. There's a longing in our
    hearts for far more.
  31. No matter what kind of
    experience we've had,
  32. in mighty preaching,
  33. in glorious singing,
  34. in times of prayer,
  35. brethren, the truth is,
  36. we're not present with Him.
  37. And what we've had is just small
  38. tips of an iceberg
  39. that is so eternal
  40. and will take us out
    into the ages to come.
  41. I have been crucified with Christ
  42. and I no longer live,
  43. but Christ lives in me.
  44. Knowing this, that our old self,
  45. our old man,
  46. the person that I used to be in Adam,
  47. has been crucified with Him,
  48. so that I'd no longer be a slave of sin.
  49. The body of sin has been
  50. rendered powerless, he said.
  51. Loving the church
  52. because the Lord Jesus Christ
  53. loves the church.
  54. The compromised, worldly,
  55. Protestant Evangelical mess
  56. of the professing church world,
  57. is not to be equated with the
  58. true church of Jesus Christ.
  59. They're not the same thing.
  60. His church
  61. is a spiritual temple of living stones.
  62. A chosen people.
  63. A royal priesthood.
  64. A holy nation.
  65. The apple of His eye.
  66. A people, the Bible says,
  67. of His own possession.
  68. Answer this honestly.
  69. Do I love the church as Christ does?
  70. Do I view the church as Christ does?
  71. Do I live for her as Paul did?
  72. If not, then we should not claim
  73. to be Biblical Christians.
  74. Because the church is at the center
  75. and the heart of God's economy.
  76. The goal of the conference is this,
  77. and with this I close,
  78. wherever God sends you
  79. in the days and weeks to come,
  80. regardless of context and position,
  81. you will be found sacrificing your life
  82. on the altar of love to God and to men.
  83. That is the goal of our instruction.
  84. That is the goal of this conference.
  85. And that is the goal
    of the Christian life.