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This is a new project created by Jesse Crawford "Particle Beat"

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  1. [music starts - piano and violins]
  2. [soft and airy]
  3. [melody raises in steps - add hi hat]
  4. [thumping beat 4/4 - same melody]
  5. [sitar joins with counter melody]
  6. [soft and airy with hi hat - female voice] what's his name?
  7. [voice] There's something about this beat.
  8. [thumping beat]
  9. [sitar]
  10. [echos and tunnel effect]
  11. [piano and violins]
  12. [soft and airy]
  13. [bridge change up]
  14. [bass guitar and keys]
  15. [slow beat starts to rise]
  16. [key hammer ons]
  17. [thumping beat with echo]
  18. [male voice] Will somebody please answer that?
  19. [sitar]
  20. [female voice] What's his name?
  21. There's something about this beat
  22. [ending male voice] ooooohhhhhhh