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  1. Christianity is radical.
  2. It is not an add-on to your life.
  3. It changes your entire life.
  4. It is a new pair of glasses
  5. where you see everything new.
  6. When I was saved, I went outside
  7. and I saw the trees and I saw the flowers
  8. and I broke down weeping,
  9. because for the first time I realized
  10. that those were creations from our God.
  11. How do I say this without being impolite?
  12. How many of you are playing church?
  13. You need to wake up.
  14. Before it's too late.
  15. And you need to be shaken awake.
  16. Many people are doing church.
  17. Many people think that their
  18. church attendance merits them something.
  19. Many people are just
  20. adding on this Sunday service begrudgingly
  21. for the sake of their reputation
  22. or because their parents say that they should,
  23. or because polite company says that they should.
  24. But many people in these churches,
  25. I have appealed for missionaries
  26. from many people that don't need
  27. to think about becoming missionaries.
  28. You need to think about
  29. repenting and believing.
  30. And when that happens,
  31. when the Lord grabs you,
  32. He grabs you drastically.
  33. And I don't know any other salvation
  34. besides a radical salvation.
  35. So I was going this way,
  36. and the Lord made me go this way.
  37. When I was younger, I talked to a preacher
  38. and he said, "you just need to choose heaven or hell."
  39. And that's not it at all.
  40. What idiot would make the wrong choice then?
  41. You need to see that Christ is the most beautiful thing
  42. in the universe.
  43. You need to see the attractiveness,
  44. the beauty of Christ.
  45. In everything you do,
  46. you should try to make Christ glorious.
  47. And you should love Him closer than a brother.
  48. And when that happens...
  49. David Livingston, the missionary to Africa,
  50. he said if the commission of an earthly king
  51. is to be considered an honor,
  52. why would we consider the commission of
  53. our heavenly King to be considered a sacrifice?
  54. And so this, it sounds crazy,
  55. but my life is the logical outcome of the Christian faith.
  56. So I'm not a wild-eyed zealot.
  57. I'm not a wild-eyed fanatic.
  58. I'm living logical Christianity.
  59. I'm not a second tier Christian.
  60. I am a very average person,
  61. but I serve an extraordinary God.
  62. And I'm living out just what the faith
  63. should logically have us do.
  64. In Acts 13, you had the church fasting and praying
  65. deliberately to send out people
  66. to the Gentiles.
  67. They sold their property and divided it among the church.
  68. How many of you have done that?
  69. The Moravians sent out 1 out of every 12 of their people.
  70. How many people are here?
  71. You owe me a few people.
  72. So, let's get zealous.
  73. Let's pray for a holy ambition.
  74. Let's pray that the Lord would make us
  75. wide-eyed zealots for His cause.
  76. Maybe I ought to end on that.