The Last Taboo (2012) Trailer

The Last Taboo (2012) Trailer

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The Last Taboo tells the gripping and heart-warming story of six people with various physical disabilities and an able-bodied partner who was in a relationship with one of them. These individuals share their perspectives on intimacy, relationships and what their experiences have taught them about themselves. The Last Taboo asks us to step outside of our comfort zone in order to reconsider our misconceptions regarding disability, identity, gender, attraction, beauty and sexuality. Everyone deserves the touch of another person.


Written and Directed by
Alexander Freeman

Produced by
Anne Scotina
Alexander Freeman
Andrew Christenson
Gabriella Iarrobino

Executive Producers
Anne Scotina
Eugene J. Doran Jr

Music by
Miro Kepinski
Dan Barrenechea
Caleb Williams

Director of Photography
Daniel Olivares

Edited by
Ryan Egan

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