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  1. Think, brethren,
  2. think upon the cross.
  3. Think upon this love
  4. until you feel what Paul felt;
  5. until you feel its constraining influence.
  6. When God saves a person,
  7. He puts something in you
  8. in the very innermost part of your being -
  9. there's something there
  10. that loves God and loves righteousness.
  11. And it may be ever so weak,
  12. but you find something inside of you
  13. that's saying, "I do love God,"
  14. "I want God!"
  15. That's a miracle!
  16. He takes out the stony heart,
  17. and He puts in a living heart
  18. that loves God;
  19. that wants God.
  20. He came and took the curse of the law,
  21. says Galatians 3,
  22. on Himself,
  23. so that the death penalty
  24. that you and I deserve
  25. was poured out on Christ,
  26. so that that death penalty
  27. is no longer there to be had
  28. because it's been,
  29. as our brother said yesterday,
  30. paid in full.
  31. If we're going to persevere to the end,
  32. we all must be constantly,
  33. continually, and pointedly
  34. looking at Jesus Christ,
  35. and removing anything from our lives
  36. that distracts this view right here.
  37. You follow Christ.
  38. You stay focused on Him,
  39. and don't let people -
  40. even those you love the most -
  41. distract you from steadfast,
  42. single-eye obedience.
  43. What is that to you, Peter?
  44. You follow Me.
  45. Brethren, remember what it was like
  46. to be a lost sinner.
  47. I tell the truth in Christ.
  48. I am not lying.
  49. My conscience also,
  50. bearing me witness,
  51. in the Holy Spirit,
  52. that I have great sorrow
  53. and continual grief in my heart.
  54. For I could wish
  55. that I myself were accursed from Christ
  56. for my brethren, my countrymen,
  57. according to the flesh
  58. who are Israelites.
  59. Remember the pit that
    you've been dragged from.
  60. Christ shed His blood for you;
  61. in your behalf.