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← The Kindness of the Lord's Discipline - Kevin Williams

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  1. Could you describe a time in which
  2. the Lord disciplined you,
  3. and you look back on that time
  4. with utter thankfulness
  5. for the fruit it yielded in your life?
  6. Kevin: I mean, over the years,

  7. as a Christian and a pastor,
  8. there's been many times
  9. where the Lord's disciplining you.
  10. Whether it's for something
    you're doing wrong
  11. or whether it's just to help you
    trust Him more and grow,
  12. when you stand back later,
  13. you look back and you can see
  14. how the Lord's grown you.
  15. The example that most comes to mind
  16. is the first church I pastored.
  17. I went in.
  18. There weren't believers apart
    from maybe a handful,
  19. but I preached a sermon:
  20. "You Must Be Born Again."
  21. All hell broke loose.
  22. They're saying, "We don't
    have that talk in here."
  23. They just wanted me out the door.
  24. I was quickly out there,
  25. but it was a major crisis and so forth.
  26. They meant it for evil -
    those who were doing it.
  27. I'm not excusing them.
  28. But I had so much pride in me at the time
  29. and the Lord really just grounded me
  30. to a powder in the whole experience.
  31. But afterwards, I was
    just so thankful for it.
  32. And you start to realize as well,
  33. things where you'd been overly harsh
  34. with certain people,
  35. or expecting too much
  36. and things like that as well afterwards,
  37. through seeing your own weaknesses too
  38. in those situations.