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← The Battle in Your Mind to Abstain from Sexual Sin - Tim Conway

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  1. Last week I wanted to lay down
  2. some foundations for sexual sin
  3. from the standpoint that,
  4. basically, if you're justified,
  5. the faith that justifies,
  6. the faith that saves
    from the wrath of God,
  7. must be a faith
  8. that breaks the dominion
    of sin in your life.
  9. The faith that saves us
    from the wrath of God
  10. must be a faith that saves us
  11. from sexual immorality.
  12. And if that faith doesn't save
  13. from the power of sexual
    temptation and lust,
  14. then it will not save you
    from the wrath of God.
  15. Now as I said, obviously we're
  16. never talking perfection;
  17. but we are talking about
    a faith that puts you
  18. into all out battle
    against sexual temptation.
  19. You know, we had a big
    group with us last week;

  20. a bunch of visitors from
    Alabama and Georgia.
  21. And I didn't know where
    they were coming from,
  22. I didn't know what kind
    of churches they had,
  23. so I wanted to hit this thing
    from that standpoint.
  24. But the purpose of this series all along
  25. has been to equip the believer.
  26. It isn't so much that I want to come along
  27. and try to convince people
    in this series that they're lost.
  28. I want to give the Christian
    tools to fight the battle.
  29. Peter says in 1 Peter 2:11,
  30. "To abstain from these passions
  31. that wage war against the soul."
  32. And I'll tell you, one of the
    passions that wages war,
  33. especially with men, is sexual lust.
  34. It's sexual temptation.
  35. I mean, it is a sin that takes out
  36. its thousands and its tens of thousands.
  37. So how do we abstain?
    Here's the commandment;

  38. here's the imperative we are given
  39. by the Lord through the apostle:
  40. "Abstain from these passions."
  41. How do I do it?
  42. Okay, we know they're there.
  43. Look, men, by and large, it may be
  44. sexual desire may be stronger.
  45. I mean it is, typically.
  46. Not in every case, but typically.
  47. That's just the reality.
  48. But it's not only a problem in men,
  49. obviously it's a problem in women as well.
  50. And as my wife fills me in,
  51. that you know, men are visually driven,
  52. their desires are visually stirred.
  53. My wife tells me with ladies
  54. there's emotional satisfactions
    in wanting to have a man,
  55. wanting to be loved;
  56. and a willingness to put
    that body out there
  57. in an attempt to get the love,
  58. to get that kind of attention.
  59. Look, the passion that drives a man
  60. may be a little bit different
  61. than the passion that drives a woman.
  62. In other words, a man may be seeking
  63. purely sexual gratification,
  64. while a woman may not be seeking that
  65. so much as emotional gratification.
  66. And yet, she's willing to
    take the same course
  67. to try to come to that end.
  68. You have two people that
    maybe their ends are different,
  69. but they're willing to
    go about it the same way.
  70. And so, basically, what we have are
  71. these things are fighting
    against the soul.
  72. How do we abstain?
  73. Where does the battle rage?
  74. How do we fight it?
  75. Now look, I know, increasingly,

  76. it's so obvious to me,
    and I hope it is to you.
  77. I want it to be to you.
  78. Somebody read Romans 12:2.
  79. "I urge you therefore, brethren,
    based upon the mercies of God,
  80. to present your bodies
    as a living sacrifice,
  81. holy and acceptable to God,
    which is your spiritual worship.
  82. And do not be conformed to this world,
  83. but be transformed by
    the renewal of your mind,
  84. that you may know what the good,
  85. perfect and pleasing will of God is."
  86. Look, you've got your body.

  87. You know what's amazing to me,
    especially after I studied?
  88. Here you have Peter,
  89. saying that these passions wage war
  90. against the soul.
  91. And I think so often we think that way:
  92. Spirit, soul, that's where the battle is.
  93. Sometimes we kind of relegate the body.
  94. We don't see it to be near as important
  95. as what it seems like in the Scripture.
  96. Especially in Romans, as I studied it,
  97. it was interesting that if
    you're living in the flesh,
  98. you're going to die.
  99. But if, by the Spirit, you
    put to death - not just sin,
  100. but it's interesting - deeds of the body.
  101. It's saying, "Offer your body."
  102. We're to be these living sacrifices.
  103. And here's the way,
  104. we need to be geared
    towards the will of God.
  105. And that comes about through
    a renewing of the mind;
  106. which he also says in Ephesians,
  107. "We need to be renewed
    in the spirit of our minds,
  108. putting on the new man that's created
  109. after the likeness of God."
  110. It's really the mind.
  111. Mindsets are where this battle is fought.
  112. Now you just tell me this.
  113. Look, I'm not talking
    right now about the lost.
  114. You were lost. Everybody
    in this room was lost.
  115. You know how you dealt
    with sexual temptation.
  116. You know why you gave place to it.
  117. And I suppose that the reasons
  118. that a lost person would give place to it,
  119. we can probably drag that
    over into the Christian realm.
  120. But I want you to tell me this:
  121. Christians fall into sexual sin.
  122. Why?
  123. In other words, what's
    going on in the mind?
  124. Look, there's never a vacuum up
    here when people fall into sin.
  125. Certain thoughts, certain reasonings,
  126. certain deductions, certain logic.
  127. There's thoughts that fill the mind.
  128. Now a person may try not to
    think about certain things,
  129. but he's definitely
    thinking about something,
  130. or she is thinking about something.
  131. I want to ask you this:
  132. What mindset controls a man or a woman,
  133. a Christian man or a woman,
  134. who gives place with the
    eyeball and looks with lust;
  135. gives place to something like
    Internet pornography or masturbation;
  136. or actually falls into the actual sin
  137. with the person of the opposite sex?
  138. And far be it from me to say
    that it's not possible for a Christian
  139. to fall into sex with
    somebody of the same sex.
  140. I mean, we obviously have
    examples in the Scripture.
  141. We know that it can happen.
  142. We see Christians that
    were involved in it
  143. being strongly rebuked.
  144. We see Paul, the way he
    spoke to the Corinthians.
  145. Obviously some things were
    going on in that church
  146. that he was dealing very hard with.
  147. We have some examples of sexual sin
  148. being a problem in the New Testament.
  149. Obviously we have, at least,
  150. one or two notable cases
    in the Old Testament.
  151. What goes on in the mind?
  152. What's happening?
  153. [Audience] They're not viewing the
    glory of Christ at that moment.
  154. [Tim] They're not viewing the
    glory of Christ at that moment.
  155. Let's think about that.
  156. When Peter saw Jesus manipulate the fish
  157. and fill the net, what did he do?
  158. He worshiped.
  159. In fact, he told Him,
    "Lord, depart from me."
  160. What did Isaiah do when he saw the Lord
  161. high and lifted up in the Temple?
  162. He fell down on his face, "Woe is me!"
  163. You know, when God has been seen,
  164. when the glories of Christ came through;
  165. what did Peter do when that voice
  166. spoke out on the mount of transfiguration?
  167. I'll tell you, he was utterly terrified.
  168. Can I tell you this,
  169. I mean, this is a thought that hits
  170. right on what Jonathan just said.
  171. Highly unlikely.
  172. Now I'm not saying this in jest.
  173. I'm saying this in dead seriousness.
  174. Isaiah is not going to watch
    Internet pornography and masturbate,
  175. when he's on his face
    in the presence of Christ;
  176. when he has an awareness of Christ
  177. high, lifted up, full of glory.
  178. He's already struck.
  179. "I'm a man of unclean lips;
  180. I dwell in the midst of a
    people with unclean lips."
  181. I'll tell you this, you watch your step.
  182. Do you remember when
    Nadab and Abihu were consumed?
  183. Aaron did not find fault with God.
  184. The Scripture says he held his peace.
  185. You can bet he did.
  186. Remember, a certain man
    puts his hand out,
  187. touches the ark, he's dead.
  188. David did not go home that day,
  189. and have Bathsheba come to
    his house, and sleep with her.
  190. That's huge.
  191. He did it another day,
    but he didn't do it that day.
  192. Why not? He was terrified.
  193. The presence and reality
    of God and God's glory.
  194. God was fearful to him.
  195. He didn't run off and do that that day.
  196. Brethren, I'll tell you what,
  197. when you have a sense
    of Christ and His glory,
  198. it's very difficult to run off into sin.
  199. One of the reasons that we
    so cheaply do things like this
  200. is because we lose a
    sense of the glory of God.
  201. And that takes place in the mind.
  202. In the mind is where we fear.
  203. In the mind is where we believe.
  204. In the mind is where we
    contemplate what God is like.
  205. I mean, Job already told us
  206. that he had made a covenant with his eyes.
  207. Do you think when
    the Lord appeared to him
  208. out of the storm, out
    of the tornado there,
  209. that all of a sudden he was going to
  210. break the covenant right on that day?
  211. He says, "I repent in dust and ashes."
  212. I guarantee you, Moses, that
    day up there on the mount,
  213. when the Lord revealed
    His hind quarters to him,
  214. He could not see His face.
  215. He couldn't see the whole deal.
  216. His face shone.
  217. Can you imagine the glory that he saw,
  218. so much so that the people were terrified
  219. by the glow that came off of his face?
  220. Moses could come down off the mountain,
  221. and find the people
    engaged in sexual immorality.
  222. But I guarantee you, after
    having experiences like that
  223. up on the mountain with the Lord,
  224. he didn't walk down and go dive into it.
  225. Why? He had just seen the Lord.
  226. You know what? When your devotional time,

  227. just like I was talking about Sunday,
  228. when you guys go to the Scriptures,
  229. you need to behold glory.
  230. You need to gaze upon glory.
  231. This comes right out of 2 Corinth. 3:18.
  232. Look, if you're not finding glory -
  233. the glory of Christ,
  234. the glory of the Father,
  235. the glory of the Spirit,
  236. in the Scriptures when you go to read,
  237. that's a bad place to be.
  238. Because you're not being sanctified,
  239. you're not being transformed,
  240. unless you're seeing the glory.
  241. Very difficult. Very difficult.
  242. When you come up off your knees,
  243. or come out of your closet
  244. after you've been looking
    at the Word of God,
  245. and you've been staggered
  246. by the holiness, by the awesomeness,
  247. by the bigness, by the mighty hand of God;
  248. when you begin to see God,
  249. when you tremble at who He is,
  250. when you fear Him -
  251. He talks about the man
    who trembles at His Word -
  252. when you come away
  253. and you feel that kind of trembling,
  254. have you ever read Habakkuk?
  255. Full of trembling.
  256. Brethren I'll tell you, you don't
    find a person in the Scriptures,
  257. I mean, can you imagine the Apostle John?
  258. He fell down on his face
    just looking at angels twice.
  259. He fell down as dead when it was Christ.
  260. When you begin to get a view of Christ,
  261. when you begin to see His glory;
  262. very hard, very hard.
  263. So what mindset leads to sexual sin?

  264. The mindset that Christ isn't glorious;
  265. that Christ isn't big;
  266. that God the Father is Santa Claus,
  267. the big man upstairs.
  268. Diminished views.
  269. Just small views of God.
  270. Little God.
  271. Not very terrifying.
  272. Just far off. Not very near.
  273. I'll tell you another one.
  274. And it's very closely attached to this.
  275. Do you know why, when you're like Job,
  276. and you just beheld God
  277. appearing to you in the whirlwind,
  278. why you don't break the covenant
  279. with your eyeballs and
    go look upon a maid?
  280. Because there is a terrifying
    fear of offending the Lord.
  281. You've seen who He is.
  282. Brethren, what mindsets
    lead to sexual sin?

  283. When offending God no longer terrifies us.
  284. Now listen to me.
  285. 2 Samuel 12.
  286. You guys can turn there if you
    have your Bible. 2 Samuel 12:1.
  287. You know this, but I want you to see it.
  288. I want you to feel this.
  289. You see, this is where
    the battle is fought.
  290. Renewed in the spirit of your mind.
  291. When the temptation comes,
  292. you've got to think the right way.
  293. You've got to have high thoughts of God;
  294. high thoughts of Christ;
    high thoughts of the Spirit.
  295. You need to see Him for what He is.
  296. The reason that Isaiah
    wouldn't have gone out
  297. into that sin right at that moment
  298. is because he saw the Lord.
  299. He saw Him for what He was.
  300. Even there, he didn't see
    the full deal. Moses didn't.
  301. We can't see the full
    deal because God is infinite.
  302. But it's when you have
    views of at least part of Him.
  303. You have revelations of Him.
  304. Isn't that what Paul was
    praying for for the Ephesians?
  305. Isn't that what he prayed for?
  306. that they might have wisdom,
  307. revelation of the knowledge of Him.
  308. I'll tell you this, why?
    Why pray that for people?
  309. Because when people
    have a revelation of God,
  310. it drives sin away.
  311. When people have a revelation of God,
  312. and of His glory, sin isn't easy.
  313. When they see God in His
    awesome glory, His splendor;
  314. when that's revealed, it is a sin-killer.
  315. Now listen to this, 2 Samuel 12:1,
    you know the account.

  316. David has been with Bathsheba.
  317. "And the LORD sent Nathan to David.
  318. He came to him and said to him,
  319. 'There were two men in a certain city,
  320. the one rich and the other poor.
  321. The rich man had very
    many flocks and herds,
  322. but the poor man had nothing
  323. but one little ewe lamb,
    which he had bought.
  324. And he brought it up,
  325. and it grew up with him
    and with his children.
  326. It used to eat of his morsel
  327. and drink from his cup
    and lie in his arms,
  328. and it was like a daughter to him.
  329. Now there came a traveler to the rich man,
  330. and he was unwilling to take
    one of his own flock or herd
  331. to prepare for the guest
    who had come to him,
  332. but he took the poor man's lamb
  333. and prepared it for the
    man who had come to him.'
  334. Then David's anger was greatly
    kindled against the man,
  335. and he said to Nathan,
    'As the LORD lives,
  336. the man who has done this deserves to die,
  337. and he shall restore the lamb fourfold,
  338. because he did this thing,
  339. and because he had no pity.'"
  340. Now watch this.
  341. "Nathan said to David, 'You are the man!'
  342. Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel,
  343. 'I anointed you king over Israel,
  344. and I delivered you out
    of the hand of Saul.
  345. And I gave you your master's house
  346. and your master's wives into your arms
  347. and gave you the house
    of Israel and of Judah.
  348. And if this were too little,
    I would add to you as much more.
  349. Why - listen to this.
    Here's what I want you to see -
  350. Why have you despised
    the word of the LORD,
  351. to do what is evil in His sight?
  352. Now therefore the sword shall
    never depart from your house,
  353. because you have despised Me
  354. and have taken the wife of
    Uriah the Hittite to be your wife.'"
  355. And then in verse 13,
    "David said to Nathan,
  356. 'I have sinned against the LORD.'
  357. And Nathan said to David,
  358. 'The LORD also has put away
    your sin; you shall not die.
  359. Nevertheless, - look at this -
    because by this deed
  360. you have utterly scorned the LORD,
  361. the child who is
    born to you shall die.'"
  362. In verse 9, he says, "You
    despised the word of the LORD."
  363. In verse 10, he says,
    "You've despised Me."
  364. And in verse 14, he says,
    "You have utterly scorned the LORD."
  365. Let me tell you something.
  366. You let this fill your mindset.
  367. When you look at a
    woman to lust after her;
  368. ladies, you lust after a man;
  369. you view pornography;
  370. you give place to sexual immorality;
  371. you notice, God doesn't
    come right to David, and say,
  372. "David, I can't believe it. You blew it.
  373. You dishonored the marriage covenant,
  374. and you had such little
    honor for marriage."
  375. Or, "You had such little
    honor for human life.
  376. I can't believe it, David,
    how could you kill somebody?"
  377. He said, "David, your sin is against Me."
  378. Remember how David said it
    when he confessed that sin?
  379. What did he say?
  380. "Against You, and You
    only, have I sinned."
  381. Let me tell you this.
  382. Sometimes we can think,
  383. "Well, God is not really
    affected by this."
  384. Oh, you don't believe that.
  385. You view pornography on the Internet,
  386. you know what He is saying to you
  387. right through these words?
  388. "You are scorning Me."
  389. Remember what we read last week?
  390. It comes right out of
    1 Thessalonians 4:7-8,
  391. "For God has not called us
    for impurity, but in holiness."
  392. This is where he's dealing
    with sexual immorality.
  393. "Therefore whoever disregards this,
  394. disregards not man but God."
  395. You scorn God. You disregard God.
  396. You dishonor, you despise Him.
  397. Don't ever forget that.
  398. When you give place to sexual
    immorality, you despise Him.
  399. He takes it as a personal
    affront against His Person.
  400. You remember that.
  401. Let that ring in your ears,
    especially you young guys.
  402. Let that ring in your ears.
  403. You're walking before
    the Lord, you scorn Him.
  404. You disregard Him. You dishonor Him.
  405. How was it that Joseph said,
  406. remember when Potiphar's
    wife wanted him?
  407. He doesn't say, "How can I do
    this and sin against Potiphar?"
  408. He says, "How can I do this
    and sin against the LORD?"
  409. You see, that's the issue.
  410. Here's two mindsets.

  411. One mindset: God is small.
    That'll lead you into it.
  412. One mindset is, when offending
    God no longer terrifies you.
  413. Another mindset, think with me here:
  414. When you think God is against you.
  415. You say, "What do you mean?"
  416. What I mean is this:
  417. As a Christian, especially single,
  418. you can come to points in your life
  419. where you feel God has forgotten you.
  420. You want to be married.
  421. You don't like being single.
  422. You've asked the Lord for a spouse.
  423. And you feel like, you see other people
    around you getting married,
  424. "Lord, what's happened?
  425. I want a spouse just as much as they do.
  426. You didn't give me the gift of singleness
  427. any more than You gave it to them."
  428. And you can get to feeling sorry
    for yourself, and self-pity.
  429. And remember, the devil is a slanderer.
  430. And will he not come in right
    there and say, "Look at you.
  431. Look at these folks over here.
  432. God's given them girlfriend, boyfriend.
  433. They're courting. They're doing this.
  434. God's got it out for you.
  435. You're probably not even one of His.
  436. He probably doesn't want
    anything to look at you.
  437. He just mocks you.
  438. He's forgotten you.
  439. What are you serving Him for?
  440. Look at how much everybody else has.
  441. And you don't have anything."
  442. And you know what you can do
  443. right at that point with that mindset?
  444. Justify sin.
  445. You can justify it.
  446. Listen. Does God say He's against you?
  447. Listen to what He says.
  448. I'll just fly through these.
  449. Romans 8:31, "What shall
    we say to these things?
  450. If God is for us, who can be against us?"
  451. Look, just because God
    hasn't given you a spouse yet,
  452. does not mean that He's against you.
  453. Look, all of us have trials to bear.
  454. That may be yours today.
  455. You can look over at the married guy
  456. and you can think, "Look at him.
    I don't have what he has."
  457. No, but he doesn't also
    have what you have.
  458. Until you've walked in
    somebody else's shoes,
  459. don't always think that
    God is showing favorites.
  460. God does show favorites,
    but to all of His children.
  461. They're His favorites.
  462. And He's guaranteed us all
  463. that we have to go through
    affliction to get to the end.
  464. And just because your
    affliction isn't like that guy,
  465. as in one of the
    afflictions you have to bear
  466. happens to be in the
    realm of singleness,
  467. I guarantee he's bearing them, too.
  468. So before you think that you're getting
  469. the major raw end of the deal,
    stand in his shoes first.
  470. Because, I guarantee you,
    there's a whole lot of people
  471. that are married that wish they weren't.
  472. Romans 8:32. Now think with me here.
  473. "He who did not spare His own
    Son but gave Him up for us all,
  474. how will He not also with Him
    graciously give us all things?"
  475. Look, if He has given you His Son,
  476. then He is going to give you everything
  477. that's for your good, for your best.
  478. And He knows what's for your best.
  479. He really does.
  480. How about this: Romans 8:35,
  481. "Who shall separate us
    from the love of Christ?"
  482. Listen, singleness doesn't separate
    you from the love of Christ.
  483. Jesus was single.
  484. God is just keeping you just
    like Him for a season.
  485. Paul was single. He is keeping
    you like that for a season.
  486. Come on, you're no more
    cursed than they were.
  487. Psalm 118:6, "The LORD is on
    my side; I will not fear."
  488. I'll tell you, when your mindset is:
  489. "I know the Lord knows
    all about my situation.
  490. And I know He's on my side.
  491. And I know He is for me,
    He's not against me.
  492. And I know He gave His Son for me.
  493. And if He has, He's going
    to graciously give me
  494. everything that's good and
    profitable for my life,
  495. and it's all going to
    work out for my good.
  496. I love God. I know He hasn't forgotten me.
  497. There is a promise there that He
    will never leave me nor forsake me.
  498. I know that."
  499. Psalm 56:9, "This I know,
    that God is for me."
  500. When you have that mindset, brethren,
  501. it goes a long ways to help deliver you.
  502. Matthew 7:11, " If you
    then, who are evil,
  503. know how to give good
    gifts to your children,
  504. how much more will your
    Father who is in Heaven
  505. give good things to those who ask Him!"
  506. And I'll guarantee you this,
    He gives good things to His children.
  507. And if He looks at you, and He says,
  508. "I know, in My infinite wisdom,
  509. that the best thing for that
    person right now is singleness."
  510. Listen, I never wanted to
    get married in my life,
  511. until God saved me.
  512. And then I wanted to get married,
    I wanted to have a family.
  513. He left me single for three years.
  514. That was not an enjoyable
    three years for me.
  515. That was tough.
  516. But I know full well this:
    During those three years,
  517. He knew it was best for
    me to be in that place.
  518. And I was able to take that time,
  519. and invest it in studying the Word of God
  520. in a way that I would
    have never been able to
  521. had He given me a wife immediately.
  522. I was able for the better
    part of three years
  523. to saturate myself with the
    Word of God and with prayer.
  524. Come home from work everyday
    and just listen to sermons,
  525. and get in the Word, and go out and pray.
  526. Day after day after day.
  527. And get involved in various ministries,
    and just absorb my life in that,
  528. which I would have never been able to do.
  529. Craig and Rod, the two that I was
    hanging with tightly at that time,
  530. they were married.
  531. They had kids. They couldn't
    do the things that I did.
  532. They couldn't study the
    Scriptures like I could.
  533. So the thing is: Remember, when
    you're in a place of singleness,
  534. God is actually giving you
    opportunity to do things
  535. that that married guy over there can't do.
  536. He's giving you opportunity,
    very possibly, to be more fruitful
  537. than that other person may be able to be.
  538. Don't despise that.
    Don't let self-pity ruin it.
  539. Give yourself to striving
    to excel at that point.
  540. How about this, Psalm 84:11,
  541. "For the LORD God is a sun and a shield;
  542. the LORD bestows favor and honor.
  543. No good thing does He withhold
    from those who walk uprightly."
  544. No good thing.
  545. You walk uprightly,
    He doesn't withhold it.
  546. And if He looks at you and He says,
  547. "A good thing is a wife,"
    you're getting it.
  548. If He says, "A good thing is
    singleness," you're getting it.
  549. And He is wise.
  550. Or this, Psalm 37:4,
    "Delight yourself in the LORD,
  551. and He will give you
    the desires of your heart."
  552. Listen, there's a place to take that,
  553. if you know, "I do delight in the Lord.
  554. I love the Lord. I'm striving
    to serve the Lord,"
  555. go to Him and ask Him.
  556. "Lord, would you give me
    the desire of my heart?
  557. I really would like to be married."
  558. How about Matthew 6:17-18?
    It talks there about fasting:
  559. "When you fast, anoint your
    head and wash your face,
  560. that your fasting may
    not be seen by others
  561. but by your Father who is in secret.
  562. And your Father who sees in
    secret will reward you."
  563. Fast. Seek the Lord diligently.
  564. Don't just ask Him flippantly.
  565. You want something from Him,
    show Him you mean it. Fast for it.
  566. He says that He gives openly those things
  567. that you seek Him for in secret.
  568. Or remember this,
    Genesis 2:18, "The LORD God said,
  569. 'It is not good that
    the man should be alone.
  570. I will make him a helper fit for him.'"
  571. Listen, take that text to Him.
  572. "Lord, you say it's not good for a
    man to be alone, and I'm alone."
  573. I mean, plead with Him. Pray to Him.
  574. Proverbs 19:14 says,
    "A prudent wife is from the LORD."
  575. I'll guarantee you this, you get a wife,
  576. you get a husband, it's from God.
  577. Like He's got everything to do with it.
  578. Look, is that important?
    That's hugely important.
  579. If you're just basically a
    lost person out in the world,
  580. and you go, and all you do is
    camp in front of the TV all the time,
  581. you see these movie stars
    and all these beautiful people,
  582. and you go and look in the mirror,
  583. and you're like, "I'm not as
    handsome. I'm not as beautiful.
  584. I'm not as this; I'm not as that.
  585. I'm not as suave and
    debonair as these guys.
  586. I don't have any chance to get this."
  587. Listen, what are you saying?
    God is sovereign.
  588. I mean, is it like any Christian
    is in some kind of position
  589. where God isn't quite able
    to give that person a mate?
  590. I mean, you're basically
    coming to a conclusion,
  591. "Well, I don't have what
    other people have."
  592. Listen, my Bible says a prudent
    wife is from the LORD.
  593. By the way, a prudent husband
    would be from the same place.
  594. If your desire is to have this,
    you're delighting in the Lord -
  595. it's not good for a man to be alone,
  596. which must mean that it must not be
  597. very good for women to be alone either.
  598. Ask. Expect.
  599. If you believe God is
    against you, it can give place.
  600. And I've heard this before.
    I've heard Christians reason,
  601. "Well, I'm not married.
    And I have these desires.
  602. And I need to knock the edge off.
  603. I need to do this. God understands."
  604. No. Listen, you fall into sexual sin,
  605. and you reasoning in it
  606. because well, you want to be married,
  607. but God just hasn't brought you a wife.
  608. You see what that's doing?
  609. You're basically blaming God for your sin.
  610. "Well, He's not for me.
  611. He's not there like with other people."
  612. You don't want to get into that mindset.
  613. I'll tell you, another mindset
    that lead Christians into sin

  614. is the mindset that basically makes
  615. God's threatenings and
    warnings of no effect.
  616. You know what I mean by that?
  617. Where you just
    basically say as a Christian,
  618. "Well, I'm a Christian.
  619. I can't lose my salvation.
  620. So warnings about hell
    to sexually immoral,
  621. there's no condemnation to me.
  622. I'm in Christ."
  623. You see what I'm saying?
    That mindset is deadly.
  624. That mindset will land people
  625. right in the lap of sexual immorality.
  626. Because what you basically do
    is you come to this conclusion:
  627. "I'm saved,
  628. and the Bible teaches that saved
    people can't lose their salvation.
  629. Therefore no amount of sexual immorality
  630. can make me lose my salvation.
  631. Therefore the warnings about
    sexually immoral people
  632. suffering under the wrath of God,
  633. and not inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven,
  634. can't apply to me."
  635. But what presupposition in
    all that was dead faulty?
  636. That first assumption that "I'm saved,
  637. and that I can go and jump
    into all this sexual immorality,
  638. and it'll be okay."
  639. Listen, this is why Paul is saying,
    he's like shaking people,
  640. "No! No! No! No! Don't think that way.
  641. Because if you get involved
    in sexual immorality,
  642. let me tell you, do not be deceived.
  643. The sexually immoral do not
    inherit the Kingdom of Heaven."
  644. In other words, it doesn't
    matter what you think.
  645. It doesn't matter what you
    say about your Christianity.
  646. It doesn't matter what
    assurance you have.
  647. It doesn't matter what
    experience you have.
  648. It doesn't matter how long
    you think you were saved.
  649. If you can all of a sudden
    depart from that,
  650. and go into that sexual immorality,
  651. and you can just blow
    off the warnings of Scripture;
  652. people like that, Paul
    comes along and says,
  653. "Their condemnation is just."
  654. People who give place to
    licentiousness and sin,
  655. because they basically presume upon God.
  656. Brethren, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.
  657. Jesus says if you're not
    amputating these things,
  658. you have an eye that looks at a woman,
  659. He says, "You better pluck that
    thing out or you're going to hell."
  660. You say, "He says that?"
    You better believe He says that.
  661. If you have such a theology that you're
    able to toy with sexual immorality,
  662. and convince yourself
    that no matter how much
  663. you do that it's going to be okay,
  664. because there's no condemnation,
    after all you're saved;
  665. you're walking on very
    scary ground. Very scary.
  666. Be very careful.
  667. That kind of mindset will
    land people in trouble.
  668. And then, I can tell you this,
  669. especially guys, girls
    too but especially guys:
  670. A mindset that what I
    look at doesn't matter.
  671. Listen, the apostle Paul gave
    a stern warning to the Romans.
  672. He said, "Make no
    provision for the flesh."
  673. The flesh is that unredeemed part of us.
  674. We're to crucify it. We're
    to take the life out of it.
  675. We're to buffet it and
    beat it. We're to starve it.
  676. The flesh is like a living animal.
  677. It's like an animal that has the ability,
  678. if it's fed, to regain strength.
  679. It's almost like a creature that
    you can crucify life out of it,
  680. so that it becomes weaker and weaker.
  681. But then, you can also feed it
  682. so that, like an animal, it suddenly
  683. becomes incredibly strong and vicious.
  684. Job said, Job 31:1, he made a
    covenant with his eyes not to look
  685. (or "Why then shall I look").
  686. He would not look. He made
    a covenant with his eyes.
  687. Guys, you drive around this city,
  688. you know where the billboards are.
  689. Don't look at them.
  690. You know if you walk into a mall,
  691. and you walk by Victoria's Secret;
  692. for one, don't go there;
  693. two, don't even go to the malls.
  694. What do you need there?
  695. Guys what do you need at a mall?
  696. Buy it online. I'm serious.
  697. There is practically no reason
  698. that any guy needs to go into a mall.
  699. [Audience] Walmart.
  700. [Tim] Right. Walmart.
  701. And even there, watch
    yourself at the racks.
  702. H-E-B, watch yourself at the racks.
  703. You know it, don't look.
  704. Keep your eyes to the ground.
  705. I mean, I go to the gym. To the Y.
  706. Ruby and I go there.
  707. I mean, there are women working out.
  708. There's obvious places not to look.
  709. Watch your eyes.
  710. Believe me, your eyes are a
    channel to feed the flesh.
  711. And if you feed that animal,
    you're going to go down.
  712. You feed it enough, and it's going
    to take you by the throat,
  713. and you're going to go down.
  714. And I'll tell you, you tempt God,
  715. and He's going to draw His hand back.
  716. And you may fall farther than you
    ever thought you were going to fall.
  717. And if He takes His hand back;
  718. when a Christian presumes
    upon God, be very careful.
  719. Listen, movies, TV, computer,
    you need to stay away from places.
  720. There are places you
    know you should not go.
  721. Don't go there. Don't feed it.
  722. Guys, there is no reason and
    no legitimate excuse
  723. for you to be in circumstances
  724. that are putting things before
    your eyes that are inappropriate.
  725. Don't tell me, "Well, I have to.
  726. Well, I need to do this thing over here,
  727. and this just happens."
  728. Or, "This is part and parcel of that."
  729. That's not true.
  730. The Scripture says, "Flee
    fornication. Run from it."
  731. You need to get away
    from it. Don't entice it.
  732. What we look at matters.
  733. Another mindset, it's
    when we forget, (this is huge,)

  734. when we forget that a vacuum never works.
  735. In other words, if I'm struggling
    with sexual thoughts, illicit ones,
  736. or I had dreams that weren't right,
  737. or something just got stuck in my face.
  738. Brother Andy says over there in China,
  739. you know, he's on his computer,
  740. and all of a sudden, it just appears,
  741. full pornography right in his face.
  742. He didn't look for it,
    he didn't ask for it,
  743. he didn't entice it,
    just bang! It's right there.
  744. I mean, once in a while something
    happens where you have images,
  745. you have images in your mind
    from when you were lost.
  746. But listen, one of the
    things that often happens is -
  747. I can remember one time when
    I was working as an engineer,
  748. my boss was in there,
  749. and there was this guy that worked
    over in the other cubicle across from me.
  750. And this guy would come late.
  751. He wasn't a really good worker,
    and he would miss a lot of work
  752. because he was having these
    cluster headaches and everything.
  753. And the guy drank all sorts
    of coffee and smoked like crazy.
  754. Every break he was going out to smoke.
  755. And I came in one day, and I said,
  756. "Scott, I saw, down in the lunchroom,
  757. they had a medical fact sheet
    on cluster headaches."
  758. And I said, "They're caused by
    excessive caffeine and nicotine."
  759. This guy would have to
    get this machine on him
  760. that would shock him,
    while he was at work.
  761. And Scott would be over
    there looking at my boss,
  762. and all of a sudden he'll just jump,
  763. because he'd get this great big shock.
  764. And I could tell it really made Scott mad.
  765. So I came back from the lunchroom
    that day, and Scott is in his office.
  766. I said, "Hey Scott, I saw this thing
    about cluster headaches down there."
  767. And he's just going, "La la la la la la."
  768. Like he didn't want to hear.
  769. Can I tell you something?

  770. That does not work with sexual sin.
  771. You just put your hands over your ears,
  772. that kind of thing where,
  773. "No! I don't want to think about it."
  774. Listen, in 2 Timothy 2:22,
    "Flee youthful passions."
  775. But that's not all.
  776. You see, that's the negative.
  777. That's what you want to clear out;
  778. you want to get away from.
  779. But if that's all it was,
    it wouldn't be Christianity.
  780. It would just be some kind of morality.
  781. It would be some kind
    of stop doing the bad.
  782. But with Christianity, it's always what?
  783. There's always an opposite side to it.
  784. It's always "Christ came,
  785. not only to deliver His
    people from the evil,
  786. He came to make them
    zealous of good works.
  787. We replace one thing with another.
  788. We have to replace the bad with the good.
  789. And what does it say
    there? 2 Timothy 2:22,
  790. "Flee youthful passions, and pursue" -
  791. you run from one thing,
    and you chase after another.
  792. What is it? What do we pursue?
  793. "Faith, love, peace, along with those
  794. who call on the Lord from a pure heart."
  795. You know what? Start loving people.
  796. Start doing things that are
    going to increase your faith.
  797. Start thinking about
    ways you can give more
  798. and see how faithful God is.
  799. Start thinking about missionaries
  800. you can put together care
    package for, and show love.
  801. Start thinking about people
    that you can serve.
  802. Get involved in things.
  803. I'll tell you, when
    you're not sitting alone
  804. in front of your computer,
  805. but you're rather out helping
    somebody, serving somebody,
  806. it's a whole lot different.
  807. You're not likely going
    to look at pornography
  808. when you're out mowing the
    widow's lawn in your church.
  809. It's just the reality.
  810. Brethren, another mindset is when
    we forget the power of prayer.

  811. And what I mean by that is,
    look, when you start your day
  812. and you really believe that
    there is power in prayer,
  813. and that God can deliver
    from temptation, you pray it.
  814. Just like Jesus taught us -
  815. "Keep us from temptation.
    Deliver us from evil."
  816. You'll pray that way because you believe,
  817. "I really believe God can
    keep me from this.
  818. Lord, keep me from it.
  819. I'm going to school,
    Lord help me, help me.
  820. Give me the ability to
    keep my eyes focused."
  821. I mean, you're surrounded
    by 50% of these maidens
  822. that Job wouldn't look at.
  823. And there you are, out in the campus;
  824. and they're walking around,
    and summer is coming on,
  825. and they're wearing things
    they should not be wearing.
  826. And sometimes you're in class,
  827. and it's just right there in your face.
  828. "God help us," you can pray
    brethren. You can pray.
  829. If we're to be salt and light
    in the midst of this world,
  830. just the reality is we're going to
    be around things that are improper.
  831. And we need God's help
    and grace and mercy
  832. to be able to cope with these things.
  833. Remember, there is power in prayer.
  834. He would not have taught us, Luke 22:40,
  835. Jesus says, "When He came
    to the place, He said to them,
  836. "Pray that you may not
    enter into temptation."
  837. That's because we can pray and
    God will keep us from temptation.
  838. How about this: When you
    believe you are justified

  839. in relieving your affliction through sin.
  840. Now what do I mean by that one?
  841. I mean, your sexual
    appetite is just screaming.
  842. That's affliction.
    Let's call it what it is.
  843. When a man or a woman has sexual desires
  844. that are incredibly strong,
  845. and there is no immediate,
    viable, righteous outlet
  846. for that desire, that's tough.
  847. That's hard. That's a trial.
    That's affliction.
  848. But brethren, when you have a mindset
  849. that you're justified in avoiding
    affliction by way of sin,
  850. when you have that mindset,
  851. you've got the groundwork for a fall.
  852. You see, God says, 1 Corinthians 10:13,
  853. "No temptation has overtaken you
  854. that is not common
    to man. God is faithful."
  855. Listen right there, God is faithful.
  856. When you feel like you're at that
    point where you're ready to break,
  857. the best thing to do is clear out,
  858. hit the closet, and go to your knees:
  859. "Lord, I need help.
  860. Lord, I don't know if I can
    keep going. I need help."
  861. "He will not let you be
    tempted beyond your ability."
  862. He promises there will
    be sufficient grace
  863. for you to get through this thing
  864. without taking the outlet of sin.
  865. "But with the temptation He will
    also provide the way of escape,
  866. that you may be able to endure it."
  867. Or 2 Peter 2:9, "The Lord knows
    how to rescue the godly from trials."
  868. He knows. He knows how to rescue you.
  869. You need to believe that.
  870. You see, a lot of times when
    you're in the midst of it,
  871. you think you've got to deal with it.
  872. You think you've got to
    give yourself a way out.
  873. It says, "God knows how to
    give you a way out."
  874. Run to Him. Believe that.
  875. When it's fierce, the battle
    is hot, believe it.
  876. Believe it, brethren, believe it.
  877. He is able to rescue
    the godly from trials.
  878. He knows how to rescue you. He knows.
  879. Brethren, so often with the Lord,
  880. "You don't have because what?
    You haven't asked."
  881. Listen, if you've got that mindset,
  882. "The Lord knows how to deliver
    me from this," you run to Him,
  883. "Lord, deliver me. Show me a way out."
  884. Or how about this:
    You do fall into sexual sin.

  885. Can I tell you what? Listen, you
    not only have these passions,
  886. you have the devil.
  887. He comes along, and he's
    whispering to you,
  888. "Certainly God is going to understand.
  889. Certainly he doesn't expect
    you to endure this.
  890. Look at the affliction you're in.
  891. He's forgotten you.
    He doesn't care about you."
  892. He's going to come along
    and slander God to you.
  893. And then, you fall into the sin.
  894. And then, he suddenly changes his tone.
  895. Now he slanders you to you.
  896. Before he slandered God to you.
  897. Now you fall, "Look at you.
    Look at how pathetic you are.
  898. Are you going to think, even think,
  899. Christ wants anything to do with
    you after what you just did?
  900. You might as well just go do it again.
  901. You're so defiled. You're so wretched.
  902. Just go do it again.
  903. I mean, why even fight anymore?
  904. You've already fallen,
    look how pathetic you are.
  905. You might as well just
    blow it even worse."
  906. You get that mindset, just the
    devil trying to convince you,
  907. "It's no use now, you
    might as well just indulge."
  908. Brethren, this is where Scripture comes
    along and it says things like this,
  909. think there with Romans 8:
  910. "Who shall bring any
    charge against God's elect?"
  911. You remember who you are.
  912. Listen, even on your worst day,
    there is no condemnation.
  913. Even on your worst day,
    who shall bring any charge?
  914. That doesn't mean that
    nobody brings charges.
  915. When it says, "Who shall bring
    a charge against God's elect?"
  916. it doesn't mean that there
    aren't those who do bring charges.
  917. It means there's nobody that
    can bring one that sticks.
  918. I'll tell you this, as a young Christian
  919. I would fall into all sorts of sins.
  920. The battle was on.
  921. I mean, for the first time in
    my life, I wanted righteousness.
  922. I hungered for it. I mean,
    it was all out battle.
  923. There was no perfect day.
  924. But I can tell you, even on my worst day,
  925. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that
  926. Jesus Christ came and rescued me
  927. when I was totally dead in my trespasses.
  928. Now that I'm justified,
    and I happen to have one fall;
  929. I mean, when he came and rescued
    me when I was like that,
  930. is He going to now abandon
    me when I'm like this?
  931. I mean, how much more now that I'm His,
  932. and now that I'm justified,
  933. how much more is He going
    to come and be a help to me?
  934. When the devil would come
    in at those times and says,
  935. "He doesn't want anything to do with you."
  936. I would say, "Well, that's interesting.
  937. When I was like ten thousand times
    worse before I was regenerated,
  938. He wanted everything to do with me."
  939. I mean, the basic logic of it was foolish.
  940. I'd say, "Devil, your logic is
    not working with me."
  941. Who can lay anything to the
    charge against God's elect?
  942. It's God Who justifies! (Amen).
  943. I mean, look, "Oh, is that right, devil?
  944. I'm pretty bad? Yeah. That's right.
  945. You're right, I did sin, and I am bad.
  946. But I read somewhere in my Bible
  947. that I have an Advocate with the
    Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous.
  948. I don't think I'm going to
    buy into that thinking."
  949. Or how about this?

  950. Brethren, you've got the reality of the
    fear of the Lord, like we talked about.
  951. When offending God no longer terrifies us.
  952. But how about just this:
  953. How about just from love end?
  954. from the closeness end?
  955. from the intimacy end?
  956. When we forget just how much
  957. this kind of thing damages
    communion with the Lord.
  958. Listen, can I tell you this,
    David sinned with Bathsheba.
  959. Nine months later, the child was born.
  960. And that child died.
  961. So most people estimate that David
  962. was unrepentant of the sexual immorality
  963. for somewhere in the neighborhood
  964. of nine months approximately.
  965. It's a good guess.
  966. We know it was within the time
    frame of this child being born.
  967. And so this judgment is
    basically handed down
  968. that the child is going to die.
  969. She gave birth.
  970. It seems in the flow of 2 Samuel
  971. that it happened fairly immediately.
  972. There's not record of other
    things happening there.
  973. So it may very well be right that
    about nine months went by.
  974. Listen, to those of you that
    have found Christ precious,
  975. and you love intimacy with Him,
  976. David lost those nine months.
  977. What do I mean by that?
  978. I mean nine months that he did not grow
  979. in communion with the Lord.
  980. Nine months where he did not grow
  981. in intimacy with [the Lord].
  982. They were wasted.
  983. You say, "How do you know?"
  984. Because he tells us. Listen to this.
  985. In Psalm 51, where he's responding
    after the sin with Bathsheba,
  986. "Let me hear joy and gladness;
  987. let the bones that you
    have broken rejoice."
  988. He describes that
    period of unrepentance
  989. as having broken bones.
  990. In Psalm 32:3, "When I kept silent -
    in other words, sinned,
  991. haven't confessed it,
    haven't come to the Lord -
  992. when I kept silent, my bones wasted away
  993. through my groaning all day long."
  994. Mark 4:19, "The desires of other
    things enter in and choke the word,
  995. and it proves unfruitful."
  996. You know what happens when you
    have desires for other things,
  997. like for a woman, or for a man,
  998. and you become consumed with
    those in an illegitimate way?
  999. They choke. They choke the Word.
  1000. They choke communion with God.
  1001. They cause the bones to break.
  1002. They cause this kind of
    bones wasting away, groaning.
  1003. Look, if you don't value
    intimacy with Christ,
  1004. just run out into a bunch of sexual sin;
  1005. just view pornography.
  1006. If you think you're going to have
    some of the sweetest times
  1007. that you've ever experienced
    in prayer after you do that,
  1008. you're crazy. It's not going to happen.
  1009. Can I tell you who takes flight
    up to the mountain of God?
  1010. Anybody know your Bibles?
  1011. Anybody know Psalm 15
    or Psalm 24? Who is it?
  1012. He that has clean hands and a pure heart.
  1013. You spend your time defiling yourself,
  1014. you will not walk in those
    high places with the Lord.
  1015. You will not be given access.
  1016. I'm talking experientially.
  1017. I'm talking manifestly experiencing
  1018. the reality of God's presence;
  1019. knowing what it is to walk with Him
  1020. and talk with Him and delight in Him.
  1021. You will groan, and your bones will break,
  1022. before He'll let you
    mount that holy mountain.
  1023. You won't go there. You won't walk there.
  1024. And one last one:
    When you forget, brethren,

  1025. when you forget the agonies
    of Christ for sexual sin.
  1026. Listen guys, you ever
    tempted by the computer?
  1027. As you're thinking about it,
    begin to picture in your mind.
  1028. I read somewhere in my
    Bible something like this:
  1029. Titus 2:13, "Our great God
    and Savior Jesus Christ,
  1030. who gave Himself for us to
    redeem us from all lawlessness
  1031. and to purify for Himself a
    people for His own possession."
  1032. To purify.
  1033. To take that smut, and
    that dirt, out of your life.
  1034. Scripture says, "He gave Himself."
  1035. Listen, can you see Christ hanging there?
  1036. Darkness is upon the land.
  1037. Everyone has forsaken Him.
  1038. God has forsaken Him.
  1039. The sun has forsaken Him.
  1040. It's dark.
  1041. Can you imagine the groans
    and the sighs of the Man of sorrows
  1042. as He hangs upon that cross,
    specifically to purify you?
  1043. What are you gonna do?
  1044. You're gonna tread on that blood?
  1045. You're gonna tread on that pain?
  1046. You're gonna tread on that affliction?
  1047. You're gonna say, "Well, it doesn't
    really matter. It's a small thing.
  1048. It's a light thing I'm about to do.
  1049. I'm gonna just cheaply sin,
    because Christ has paid for it?"
  1050. You're just gonna trample that blood?
  1051. You can imagine in your
    mind Christ hanging there
  1052. between Heaven and Earth, groaning?
  1053. You see, when the Christian
    ventures into the realm of sexual sin,
  1054. his or her thinking has totally
    gone wrong. Totally gone wrong.
  1055. This is where our minds need to be.
  1056. You know, it's hard when you
    think, you're walking along,
  1057. It's a disregard. It's a despising.
  1058. Just remember this: "You despised Me."
  1059. Remember God saying that through
    Nathan to David? "You despised Me.
  1060. You disregarded Me,"
    so says 1 Thessalonians 4.
  1061. "You disregarded Me. You despised Me.
  1062. You despised My Word.
  1063. You have utterly scorned the LORD."
  1064. Is that what you want to do, Christian?
  1065. You that love the Lord,
  1066. do you want to scorn the Lord?
  1067. Do you want to trample
    the blood of Christ?
  1068. He who hung on the
    cross to make you pure,
  1069. do you want to do that?
  1070. Do you want to just wreck your
    communion with the Lord?
  1071. Brethren, these are things
    we need to think about.
  1072. It's a mind battle.
  1073. It's bringing your thoughts
    in subjection to the Word.
  1074. Arm yourself. Think on these things.
  1075. Well, there you have it for tonight.
  1076. [Audience] You just made
    a reference to 1 Peter,

  1077. where you said, "Those of you
    who count Him as precious."
  1078. Is it possible to be saved and
    not count Him as precious?
  1079. [Tim] No. Now, obviously,
    our affection for Him
  1080. can increase and diminish.
  1081. But I would just say this:
  1082. The given New Covenant promise, just huge,
  1083. is that He is going to put
    His Spirit within us.
  1084. The Spirit comes and works the
    fruit of the Spirit in His people.
  1085. The first description
    of that fruit is love.
  1086. The highest love is for God. For Christ.
  1087. The Spirit of God works
    that in His people.
  1088. I mean, you get the
    reality of the parable
  1089. that I brought up last week
  1090. of the treasure hidden in the field.
  1091. I mean, basically, the
    reality of Christianity
  1092. is discovering a treasure
    that is so precious to us,
  1093. we're willing to go
    sell everything to have it.
  1094. Now, that doesn't mean that as
    we progress through our Christian life,
  1095. that from time to time, idols
    don't encroach and challenge that.
  1096. But Jesus says that He disciplines,
  1097. He chastens those whom He loves.
  1098. The promise in the New Covenant is this:
  1099. That He is going to
    cleanse us from our idols.
  1100. In other words, He is jealous
    for our love, for our affection.
  1101. And when anything enters
    in that challenges it,
  1102. He's knocking it out of there.
  1103. I mean, He is jealous for our love,
  1104. and He's determined to have it.
  1105. And His Spirit is working that within us.
  1106. So, I would say it can
    ebb and it can flow.
  1107. The very characteristic of a
    Christian given in Romans 8:28,
  1108. is not only those that are called,
    but those that love God.
  1109. I mean, that is a
    description of the Christian.
  1110. So no, that's impossible.
  1111. You come across somebody that
    doesn't find Christ precious,
  1112. you've just come across an unbeliever.
  1113. Now they may believe a
    lot of things about Christ,
  1114. but they're not a true believer.
  1115. I mean, that's just the reality.
  1116. That's one thing that, to the
    saved person, Christ is precious.
  1117. I mean, if anything is
    true about the Christian,
  1118. Christ is altogether everything;
  1119. altogether lovely, altogether
    worthy of being followed,
  1120. of our total commitment.
  1121. One of the triggers that really
    spirals the Christian downward
  1122. is when their prayer life takes a hit.
  1123. And, I've heard other men
    say this, and I feel it myself,
  1124. that even more so than maybe
    not reading as much of the Word.
  1125. But when the prayer life slackens,
    even more so than Bible reading,
  1126. your spiritual life takes a major hit.
  1127. And I have found that to be true.