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  1. Don't play with sin.
  2. You know what?
  3. Every person here ought to be able
  4. to look across the landscape
    of their conscience
  5. and find nothing -
  6. nothing that is standing between
  7. you and God right now.
  8. Nothing.
  9. If you know of something, attack it.
  10. If you can go week after week
  11. with this thing - you know it.
  12. You know it's not right.
  13. You just go year after year.
  14. What am I going to say to you?
  15. You've got this thing you won't amputate.
  16. Look at yourself in the
    reflection of this passage.
  17. What's it saying?
  18. Should I assure you?
  19. "Oh, don't worry, brother.
    Don't worry, sister.
  20. It's okay.
  21. After all, we're justified by faith."
  22. No, no, no. That's not
    what you want to do.
  23. I would say to you, you are in danger.
  24. Attack that thing immediately.
  25. Put it to death.
  26. You say, what if it rises up again?
  27. Okay. Attack it again.
  28. It raises its head, take that head off.
  29. It raises its head again,
    take that head off.
  30. It's a battle.
  31. I'm not talking about perfection here.
  32. But this is an all-out battle.
  33. The kingdom of heaven
    is taken by violence.
  34. This kind of violence.
  35. Make no mistake.
  36. Don't hide behind your profession.
  37. If there's no sincere battle with sin,
  38. trusting Christ, go to battle.
  39. Resting in Him, we fight.
  40. Without Him, we can do nothing.