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  1. I'm Capt Johnathan Hillstrand off the Deadliest Catch, on the
  2. Discovery Channel, and Im here today
  3. to ask for a little help. Ive known Tom
  4. since I moved here to Maple Valley, 7 or 8
  5. years ago. He's honest,
  6. says what he means, he's a great guy, salt of the earth
  7. hardworking guy, great family... I meet a lot of people that
  8. say one thing, mean another... but Tom's more like me, honest,
  9. but he's too proud, right now he wouldn't let us do this, he would
  10. be embarrassed. He's a very proud man.
  11. a very great person. They are an
  12. all-American family man, until the last 3 years and things
  13. started happening, one thing led to the next in a chain reaction of events
  14. so they are about ready to lose everything.
  15. I came here to ask... to do this video for Tom
  16. to ask people to help out just a little. If a lot helped out just a little
  17. it would save this family, get them turned back around.
  18. This is Thomas Jnr, about as old as he was when I met him.
  19. He became a young man, into High School, then he
  20. got cancer, one of the rarest cancers,
  21. for a kid. Then his father was in a freak accident
  22. and he's severely burned. So now they are both in the hospital
  23. their house is being foreclosed... its just one thing after
  24. the next and they could use a little help.
  25. This family is a great family and they need some help
  26. and just a little bit from... if everyone helps out just a little
  27. you can turn this whole thing around, and save this family.
  28. And that's why I'm doing this.