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  1. Like many fairytales, this story begins once upon a time, with the kidnapping of a princess.
  2. She dutifully waits for a handsome hero to arrive and rescue her.
  3. Eventually however, she grows tired of the damselling,
  4. and decides it's high time she saves herself.
  5. Of course, if she's going to be the protagonist of this particular adventure,
  6. she's going to need to acquire a slightly more practical outfit.
  7. After her daring escape, she navigates the forbidding forest, leveling up her skills along the way.
  8. Upon reaching her kingdom, she discovers the inevitable, yet unexpected plot twist:
  9. The royal council has usurped power, and were responsible for her kidnapping.
  10. Branded a traitor and outlaw in her own land,
  11. she unlocks new disguises and stealth abilities to infiltrate the city walls.
  12. She makes her way through the final castle to confront the villainous council...
  13. and abolish the monarchy forever.