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← Nothing Between My Soul and the Savior - Tim Conway

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  1. If you're in fellowship with God
  2. as a practice, you walk in the light.
  3. That doesn't mean you're perfect yet,
  4. and there will be sin.
  5. It doesn't mean you practice sin.
  6. Practicing sin is to walk in the darkness.
  7. But there is sin.
    We recognize there's sin.
  8. And when we fall,
  9. we need to take it to our Father.
  10. We need to run to our Father.
  11. Don't fall for the lies.
  12. I'm telling you.
  13. This is one of Satan's
    favorite strategies -
  14. is to come at you and
    tell you when you sin:
  15. Christ wants nothing to do with you.
  16. But when you see your sin,
  17. you know your sin -
  18. Look, you're going to sin!
  19. "I write to you that you don't sin."
  20. Little children - this is
    what John's all about.
  21. I write to you that you not sin.
  22. I want you to walk more fully,
  23. more fully, more fully in the light.
  24. But if you sin...
  25. What? You walk in the darkness
  26. and you have no fellowship with Him
  27. and you don't know Him?
  28. No! We have a Christ!
  29. The Christ - Jesus Christ.
  30. He is the Righteous One.
  31. He made propitiation for us.
  32. We can plead the blood.
  33. We can go and we can confess it.
  34. Our access is there.
  35. There's no condemnation.
  36. We have full free access.
  37. You go to Him.
  38. And just remember the fellowship.
  39. Oh, this is fellowship
  40. to be at one with God
  41. and to recognize the sin I just did,
  42. the sin I just committed against my wife,
  43. the sin I just committed
    against my children,
  44. the thing I just did,
  45. the misuse of my tongue -
  46. God sees it for what it is.
  47. The best thing to do -
  48. go out with Peter and weep bitterly
  49. and confess it.
  50. And you know, the next thing you'll find
  51. is He'll come alongside and He'll say,
  52. "Joe, do you love Me?"
  53. Yes, Lord, You know that I love You.
  54. Well, He sends us to His work.
  55. Remember this, brethren.
  56. He did not design perfection
  57. to happen in this life.
  58. And He did that on purpose.
  59. And because He did,
  60. part of our fellowship with Him
  61. is going to be on a regular basis
  62. the picture of the man or the woman
  63. with the head bowed before God
  64. confessing because they see their sin
  65. as God sees it.
  66. They know it's exposed to Him
  67. and there's no sense hiding it
  68. and they want fellowship
  69. more than they want to go on
  70. not acknowledging that sin.
  71. If they know that it's going to grieve Him
  72. and bring some snare in there
  73. and some shadow over the fellowship,
  74. I want my fellowship more than I want
  75. to go on in my sin not confessing it.
  76. Do you not want that?
  77. Nothing between - is that
    not what the song says?
  78. Nothing between my soul and the Savior.
  79. Don't let it go there.
  80. Cherish this fellowship
    above everything else.
  81. Oh brethren, I'm telling you
  82. there are depths that God
  83. has swept His people in
    to this fellowship.
  84. Some of you likely -
  85. you can't put words to.
  86. I can remember Charles Simeon.
  87. One of his friends came into his room
  88. and the lights were off
  89. and there was the picture of the penitent.
  90. He had been there confessing
  91. his sorrow for his sin.
  92. And God came to him
    in such ravishing fashion,
  93. as his friend found him,
  94. all he could say is,
    "Glory. Glory. Glory."
  95. That's the only word that
    could come out of him.
  96. Don't you want that?
  97. Nothing between, brethren.
  98. Nothing between.