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  1. Hi I'm Justin Rosenstein.

  2. I'm the cofounder of Asana.
  3. Asana makes software that enables
  4. teamwork without email.
  5. Email is an antiquated technology
  6. that was really intended as
  7. upgrade to the post offices
  8. which is very lowest
  9. common denominator system
  10. that allow us to pass information around.
  11. And when you think about
  12. how email back in the day was used
  13. email was used for everything
  14. from in your personal life
  15. to sharing photos
  16. and organizing events
  17. to in your work life.
  18. Today you wouldn't dream of
  19. sending a photo album to your friends
  20. using email.
  21. Instead you use more appropriate
  22. sophisticated technology.
  23. But the workplace has been still
  24. stuck in that email era
  25. and people and companies today
  26. are still addicted to Outlook and Gmail.
  27. And so we are providing
  28. a better technology
  29. that upgrades email for the workplace
  30. and allows you to understand
  31. all the things your team is working on,
  32. who's responsible for what,
  33. how all the pieces of the puzzle
  34. fit together.
  35. And something that's
  36. much better than email
  37. is really what the new world is coming to
  38. and the best teams has already adopted
  39. these new ways of doing things.
  40. The reason people spend so much time
  41. on this work about work
  42. on just making sure the left hand knows
  43. what the right hand is doing is because
  44. teams fundamentally lack clarity.
  45. There are really basic questions
  46. that seems like
  47. any teams would want the answer to.
  48. What are all the steps between now
  49. and accomplishing our goal?
  50. Who's working on what?
  51. Who's dependent on what?
  52. What's the status of each thing?
  53. What's the state of conversation
  54. around each thing?
  55. What's the high-level reason
  56. that we're doing all this work
  57. in the first place?
  58. And while a lot of them are human problems
  59. technology can really step in
  60. and give people huge amounts of clarity
  61. into answers to all of those questions.
  62. Not through some painstaking process of
  63. manually reading every single email
  64. and sitting as a fly on the wall
  65. in every single meeting
  66. to try to piece together
  67. all the state of the world
  68. by giving tools that allow you to
  69. do that automatically
  70. by marrying the work itself
  71. with the conversation into one place
  72. and enabling that perfect clarity
  73. of plan, responsibility, and purpose.