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  1. ♪ theme music ♪
  2. (Derek) Welcome to Hope Sabbath School,
  3. an in-depth, interactive study
  4. of the Word of God.
  5. I'm glad you joined us today.
  6. In fact, I'm excited as we begin
  7. a brand new series of studies
  8. on the book of Daniel.
  9. This is going to be life-changing,
  10. and I hope you'll be able to join us
  11. for the entire series.
  12. We're always happy to hear
  13. from our Hope Sabbath School members
    around the world.
  14. Now we're in 220 countries
    around the world,
  15. so we're glad you're part
  16. of our Hope Sabbath School family;
    we welcome you.
  17. Welcome to the team, by the way,
  18. glad you're all here.
  19. And here's a note from Lucy.
  20. She says, "I'm from Kenya,
  21. but I'm living and working
  22. in the Ivory Coast."
  23. I love this comment; she says,
  24. "I'm recently married,
  25. and Hope Sabbath School
  26. has been a great teaching for me
  27. as a young wife and mother.
  28. Thank you so much to the entire team.
  29. It's important to note the Bible gives us
  30. guidance on every aspect of life,"
    is that right?
  31. Well, she talks about some things
    related to family,
  32. but she says, "My prayer is for God
  33. to give me grace to be a virtuous woman,
  34. even in this day and age
  35. where sin has dominated the world."
  36. What do you say?
  37. (Team) Amen.
  38. (Derek) That's powerful, isn't it?
  39. "Hope Sabbath School teachings
  40. are a great blessing
  41. to many all around the world.
  42. God continue to use you."
  43. Well, Lucy, thanks for writing
    to us from Kenya,
  44. actually from Ivory Coast, Côte d'Ivoire,
  45. but a Kenyan living there,
  46. and we're glad that God is the center
  47. of your home; that's beautiful.
  48. Emmanuel writes to us
  49. from Zambia, a great place,
  50. lots of Hope Sabbath School members
    in Zambia.
  51. Emmanuel says, "I'm really grateful
  52. to Hope Sabbath School
  53. for the good work you're doing.
  54. It helps me in my study,
  55. but I'm also a teacher.
  56. You're helping me to teach my class well."
  57. (Team) Amen.
  58. (Derek) Now, our prayer
  59. is that Hope Sabbath School
  60. would be multiplied 10,000 times over,
  61. so that's wonderful, Emmanuel.
  62. "The Good Lord always bless you
  63. as you continue blessing others."
  64. Well, thanks for writing to us, and greet
  65. all of our Hope Sabbath School members
    there in Zambia.
  66. Here's a note from a donor in Georgia
  67. in the United States of America.
  68. We don't read names
  69. but a beautiful letter, "I'm so excited
  70. to be writing this letter."
  71. This is a real letter, not an email.
  72. "I've been watching Hope Sabbath School
    for a few years.
  73. After each episode, I tell myself,
  74. 'You need to become a donation disciple.'"
  75. Well, we call those "sustaining partners."
  76. We're part of the mission together.
  77. "A few weeks ago, the Lord blessed me
  78. with some extra money,
  79. and this is my gift
  80. for Hope Sabbath School.
  81. May God continue to bless this ministry.
  82. And please tell Jason hello from me,
  83. and I'm looking forward
  84. to seeing him lead out again."
  85. Well, that will happen later
  86. in the series, right?
  87. But thanks so much to that donor,
  88. and a gift of 1220 dollars!
  89. So, praise God; that's going
  90. to really help the ministry as we're
  91. sharing with Hope Sabbath School members
  92. in now 220 countries around the world,
    like Ethiopia.
  93. Thank you, Thanyang, for writing
  94. to us from Ethiopia, "I thank Almighty God
  95. for what you're doing.
  96. Your message is reaching my heart."
  97. (Team) Amen.
  98. (Derek) He says, "Don't give up.
  99. The Lord will strengthen you.
  100. I download Hope Sabbath School
  101. on YouTube and watch it.
  102. Thank you very much, from Ethiopia."
  103. Well, thanks so much
  104. for writing to us, Thanyang.
  105. It really is amazing to know
  106. so many countries are being impacted,
  107. even the United States of America.
  108. Here's one from Maryland
  109. in the United States,
  110. and Ester writes and says,
  111. "We," writing with her husband,
  112. "thank God for Hope Sabbath School.
  113. We watch you every week,
  114. and we learn so much!
  115. Your class members
    are connected to God."
  116. We say?
  117. (Team) Amen.
  118. (Derek) Praise God.
  119. "My husband and I enjoy
  120. your practical applications,
  121. your personal testimonies,
  122. and the Scripture songs."
  123. Well, Ester, stay with us
  124. (and your husband).
  125. We have a Scripture song
  126. coming up right now.
  127. "Singing Scripture helps us
  128. remember more of the Bible."
  129. And that is just so true.
  130. You can go to our website,
  131. You can download the theme song
  132. for this series on the book of Daniel.
  133. It's taken from Daniel, chapter 2,
  134. verses 20 through 23;
  135. it's called, "Blessed be the Name of God."
  136. And I'm actually quite excited today
  137. because I've asked one
  138. of our Hope Sabbath School team,
  139. who is about the same age as Daniel
  140. at the time that Daniel 2 happened,
  141. if he'd come and lead the song for us.
  142. So, Adison, come up here and...
  143. Yeah, it's amazing to realize, Adison,
  144. Daniel was just a young man,
  145. in his early twenties.
  146. And Adison is going to sing
  147. the song through once
  148. so we can learn it
  149. and then invite us to all sing together.
  150. ♪ music ♪
  151. (Derek) Amen. Let's pray together
  152. that the Holy Spirit of God would guide us
  153. in this sacred book, the book of Daniel,
  154. inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  155. Our Father in Heaven,
  156. You sealed up this book, You said,
  157. until the time of the end,
  158. but now is the time
  159. that we need to understand,
  160. more fully than ever before,
    the revelation
  161. given to the prophet Daniel.
  162. And so we pray in the name of Jesus
  163. that You would guide
  164. our Hope Sabbath School family
    around the world,
  165. and as we engage in this in-depth,
    interactive study.
  166. And I pray as Daniel prayed
  167. that You, God of wisdom and might,
  168. would give us wisdom as we study
  169. and give us strength, not only physically
  170. but mentally and spiritually
  171. to be all that You've called us to be
  172. in these last days of Earth's history.
  173. We thank You and we praise You
  174. for hearing our prayer.
  175. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
  176. (Team) Amen.
  177. (Derek) We're going to start
  178. in our first study,
  179. From Reading to Understanding.
  180. It's kind of a background
  181. to studying any Bible prophecy
  182. or any book of the Bible,
  183. moving from just reading the words
  184. to actually understanding.
  185. And I'd like to begin
  186. with a basic presupposition
  187. which Jesus gave us in Luke, chapter 24,
  188. and that is that Jesus Christ
  189. is the center of Scripture,
  190. which means He's the center
    of the book of...?
  191. (Derek, Team) Daniel.
  192. (Derek) So let's begin.
  193. Jason, would you read for us
  194. in Luke 24, verses 25 to 27.
  195. Jesus is just kind of about to give
  196. a Bible study, actually, to two disciples
  197. on the Emmaus road,
  198. and let's hear what he says.
  199. (Jason) I'll be reading
  200. from the New King James Version,
  201. Luke, chapter 24, verses 25 through 27:
  202. (Derek) So we could conclude, Stephanie,
  203. from that, at least that Jesus Christ
    is revealed...?
  204. (Stephanie) In Daniel.
  205. (Derek) Well, Moses, at least,
    right, and the...?
  206. (Derek, Team) Prophets.
  207. (Derek) And Daniel, you're saying,
  208. is one of the prophets.
  209. So we're going to go there and look.
  210. But Jesus will actually go beyond that.
  211. Someone said He mentions
  212. the Psalms, which He does,
  213. when He says this again
  214. at the end of Luke 24.
  215. But look in John 5, Daisy, verse 39,
  216. John, chapter 5, verse 39.
  217. Not just saying, "I'm revealed in Moses,
  218. and I'm revealed in the prophets,"
  219. but He makes an even broader statement.
  220. What does Jesus say in John 5
    and verse 39?
  221. (Daisy) I'll be reading
  222. from the New Living Translation:
  223. (Derek) Period. How much
  224. of the Scriptures point to Jesus?
  225. (Team) All.
  226. (Derek) So now, we would say
  227. that some of the Scriptures
  228. are more explicit, right, more direct.
  229. We're going to look at some prophecies
  230. that are very direct
  231. about where Messiah will be born,
  232. things that will happen to Him.
  233. Some are less direct,
  234. but He's the center of it all.
  235. So with that in mind,
  236. Travis, would you take us to Daniel 7?
  237. (Travis) Sure.
  238. (Derek) Verses 13 and 14,
    it's one example,
  239. and then I'd like you all
  240. to just do a little computer search.
  241. We're just doing an introduction here.
  242. Where else from your study
  243. of the book of Daniel
  244. do you see Jesus clearly revealed?
  245. But let's look at Daniel 7:13-14.
  246. (Travis) And I'll be reading
  247. from the New King James Version:
  248. (Derek) "Son of Man," where else
  249. do you hear that term anywhere
  250. in the Bible, "Son of Man"?
  251. In the Gospels, right?
  252. It's referring to Messiah,
  253. also in the book of Revelation.
  254. So very clearly here in Daniel 7,
  255. it's speaking about the Son of God
  256. who will, what, 600 years later,
  257. come into humanity, in the Person
  258. of Jesus of Nazareth.
  259. We call Him Jesus Christ
  260. because His beginning
  261. is from eternity past, right?
  262. "In the beginning was that Word,
  263. and the Word was with God,
    and the Word..."?
  264. (Derek, Team) Was God.
  265. (Derek) "And the Word became flesh
  266. and dwelt among us."
  267. Where else in Daniel, though, anybody?
  268. Tricia Lee, Gary, yeah, what do you think?
  269. We don't need to read the text,
  270. just give me a few ideas.
  271. (Gary) Okay, the 490-day prophecy?
  272. (Derek) Okay, yeah, you're
  273. in Daniel, chapter 9,
  274. where it actually talks
  275. about what's going to happen,
  276. the baptism of Jesus, or His anointing,
  277. and in the midst of the week,
  278. three-and-a-half years into His ministry,
  279. Messiah will be cut off?
  280. So that's a powerful reference.
    Tricia Lee?
  281. (Tricia Lee) There's a reference
  282. with the famous story of the fiery furnace
  283. where the king looks in, and he says,
  284. "I see one like the Son of God,"
    the Son of Man, "in the midst."
  285. (Derek) It's interesting, someone
  286. asked the translation.
  287. Someone translations say,
  288. "One like the son of the gods."
  289. One other says, "like the Son of God."
  290. The bottom line is Nebuchadnezzar
  291. looked in and said,
  292. "There's a divine Being
    in there with them."
  293. Another place in the book of Daniel
  294. where you see a reference
    to Jesus, Adison?
  295. (Adison) Throughout Daniel 8,
  296. I see Christ depicted as a high priest...
  297. (Derek) Okay.
  298. (Adison) ...in the sanctuary.
  299. (Derek) All right, anybody else? Travis?
  300. (Travis) In Daniel, chapter 12, Michael,
  301. when He stands up.
  302. (Derek) "One who is like God," right,
  303. "stands up," to deliver His people.
  304. Nobody mentioned Daniel 2.
  305. Where's Jesus in Daniel 2? Jason?
  306. (Jason) At the end of Daniel 2,
  307. when the statue is destroyed,
  308. there's a kingdom; God sets up a kingdom,
  309. and Jesus is the One
  310. who's given the Kingdom.
  311. (Derek) "And on this Rock," yeah,
  312. so Jesus is the Rock; He's the foundation,
  313. but He's also the rock cut out
    without human hands.
  314. So, you say, "Wow, we just took
  315. kind of a fast flight
  316. through the whole book, but Jesus,
  317. this is a foundational principle,
  318. we want to see Jesus
  319. in the book of Daniel, because He's there.
  320. We want to see the Son of God
    revealed there.
  321. So I have a question
  322. before we move on into the details.
  323. Why is that foundation important?
  324. Why is it important that we always say,
  325. "Where is Jesus here?"
  326. What do you think?
  327. Why is that important? Yes, Adison?
  328. (Adison) Just as Jesus is
  329. the center of Daniel and the whole Bible,
  330. He wants to be the center of our own life.
  331. (Derek) Ahh! So it's not just information,
    but it's what?
  332. (Adison) Translated
  333. into a personal relationship.
  334. (Derek) A personal relationship
    with God, right?
  335. It's very personal; Jesus says,
  336. "Come to Me; I will give you rest,"
  337. not just hear some information,
    right? Travis?
  338. (Travis) I think it's important, too,
  339. because then we begin to develop
  340. an understanding of His character.
  341. And if it's just about ordinances
  342. and different things like that,
  343. and rules and laws and all that...
  344. (Derek) And even fulfillments
    of prophecy, right?
  345. (Travis) But it's revealing His character.
  346. (Derek) Beautiful.
  347. So with that foundation,
  348. we're going to go into the structure
  349. of the book of Daniel.
  350. Now, here is where all kinds
  351. of Bible scholars come in,
  352. and they have things
  353. that they call chiasms;
  354. that's kind of like a triangle, you know?
  355. I'm not an expert in Old Testament
  356. but they have chiasms,
  357. and at the center is, like,
  358. what's really important, right?
  359. So, if you take a look at the big picture,
  360. the book of Daniel begins with a prophecy.
  361. of, well, it first starts
  362. with Daniel himself, right,
  363. but then the prophecy is about what?
  364. Four kingdoms, right?
  365. That's in chapter 2, right?
  366. If I had six hands, this would help me,
  367. but let's start with the four kingdoms.
  368. Daniel 3 is about...? A trial, right?
  369. And God's people are faithful, right?
  370. Daniel, chapter 4...?
  371. It's about a judgment of someone, who?
  372. Of King Nebuchadnezzar,
  373. who is filled with pride.
  374. Now, praise God, stay with us
    in the series
  375. because he's going
  376. to give his heart to God,
  377. and we're going to see Nebuchadnezzar
  378. in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  379. That's amazing, because he did
  380. a lot of bad things in the past, right?
  381. I mean, he didn't have
  382. a great reputation, right?
  383. Then Daniel, chapter 5...
  384. Here's the judgment, by the way,
  385. four kingdoms, faithful people delivered,
  386. judgment on Nebuchadnezzar.
  387. Chapter 5 is judgment on...?
  388. (Derek, Team) Babylon.
  389. (Derek) So, judgment, and that's
  390. where, of course, Daniel 7
    will come in, too.
  391. Judgment of God's people
  392. who are also going to be vindicated.
  393. And then what's in Daniel,
  394. chapters 7, 8 and 9?
  395. Excuse me, Daniel 6, first,
  396. is deliverance, just like the three
  397. in the furnace, right?
  398. And then 7, 8, and 9
  399. and on through the end of the book is...?
  400. The four kingdoms again, right?
  401. So there's like this triangle.
  402. Now, I want to give you one Bible text.
  403. You say, "Derek, that's, like,
    really complicated,"
  404. but I want to suggest to you
  405. the Holy Spirit not only guided Daniel
  406. in what he wrote,
  407. but the Holy Spirit also guided him
    how he wrote.
  408. Think about that - how he wrote.
  409. I added a verse here,
  410. and, Charity, if you'd read it for us.
  411. It's in 2 Peter; I added a verse
    to our study.
  412. I was praying this morning,
  413. and I was just impressed
  414. we need to hear this verse again.
  415. Second Peter, if you're following
    in your Bible,
  416. chapter 1, verses 19 through 21,
  417. because it reinforces something
  418. that's so important for all of us,
  419. especially as Hope Sabbath School members
    around the world,
  420. and that is that this is not
  421. human words about God.
  422. This is the Word of God
  423. to the human family.
  424. So, Charity, 2 Peter, chapter 1,
  425. beginning with verse 19
  426. and down through verse 21,
  427. how does that read in your Bible?
  428. (Charity) All right, and I'll be reading
  429. from the New King James Version,
  430. 2 Peter, chapter 1, verses 19 to 21:
  431. (Derek) That's a powerful text , isn't it?
  432. By the way, did you see that Jesus
    is the center even there?
  433. (Team) Yes.
  434. (Derek) Where? What did you hear?
  435. The morning star rising
  436. in your hearts, right?
  437. It's all about Him,
  438. but we see that the Holy Spirit
    is guiding Daniel,
  439. not only giving him a message,
  440. but even guiding him
  441. in how to share that message.
  442. And the judgment is at the very heart.
  443. Now, typically when we think of judgment,
  444. do we have positive or negative thoughts,
  445. Michael, what do you think - judgment?
  446. (Michael) Usually negative.
  447. (Derek) Negative thoughts.
  448. So why would the judgment
  449. be a positive thought
  450. for the saints of the Most High God,
  451. as they called it in the book of Daniel?
  452. Why would that be a good thing?
  453. Elise, the judgment.
  454. (Elise) Because that's when God
  455. vindicates His people,
  456. especially in the context of in times
  457. when they were in captivity;
  458. they would look forward
  459. to something changing.
  460. (Derek) Liberation, freedom? A new day?
  461. So, the judgment is in favor
  462. of the saints, right?
  463. It's a vindication, so it actually
  464. becomes good news for us.
  465. Now, I have another question.
  466. We're just looking broad picture,
  467. then we're going to get into the text.
  468. If you've studied Daniel 2,
  469. it appears that in Daniel 7, in Daniel 8,
  470. in Daniel 9, it's kind of repeated,
  471. like, four kingdoms, four kingdoms.
  472. By the way, you'll find the reference
  473. in Revelation, too, to these kingdoms.
  474. Why do you think, Daisy,
  475. they're, like, repeated?
  476. Why don't they just have the one
  477. of the metal man, which shows...
  478. By the way, what does it show
  479. when it shows this sequence of kingdoms?
  480. What does that show?
  481. Really important, what does it show
    about God?
  482. (Derek, Team) He knows the end
    from the beginning.
  483. (Derek) By the way, these prophecies
  484. in the books of Daniel and Revelation
  485. have caused skeptics to become believers.
  486. Yeah, and, by the way,
  487. I will just pause for a second.
  488. I'm going to speak
  489. to our Hope Sabbath School family.
  490. We have a chapter-by-chapter Bible study
  491. on Daniel and Revelation.
  492. If you go to Hopebiblestudy.org
  493. because we're not going
  494. to learn it all in this series,
  495. but Hopebiblestudy.org.
  496. I'm praying hundreds of people
  497. would keep studying in depth
  498. because this is a crucial message
  499. for these last days, right?
  500. So, why is it repeated over
    and over again?
  501. (Daisy) Because it's important.
  502. (Derek) It's important.
  503. (Travis) Clarification.
  504. (Derek) Clarification.
  505. (Travis) Make sure we get it right.
  506. (Derek) Make sure we get it right.
  507. Are new things added? More details?
  508. Okay, so you've got
  509. the broad picture. Stephanie?
  510. (Stephanie) I was thinking
  511. repetition deepens impression,
  512. but also what he does
  513. is he repeats and expands.
  514. (Derek) Okay, spoken as a teacher, right?
  515. Repetition deepens impression,
  516. but it's not just repetition,
  517. it's repetition and expansion,
  518. so, greater details.
  519. For example, when you talked
  520. about the 70 weeks
  521. and about Messiah coming,
  522. it's a lot more than in Daniel,
  523. chapter 2, right? Jason?
  524. (Jason) It also provides
    more authority as well,
  525. because when you say something just once,
  526. okay, well it's easy to dismiss.
  527. But when you say it five or ten times,
  528. it has an authoritative kind of mark
    or seal on it.
  529. (Derek) So, here we've laid a foundation.
  530. Already we're sensing this is important,
  531. and Jesus is at the center of it.
  532. And we're going to discover
  533. many amazing lessons as we study together.
  534. But now I want to talk
  535. about the type of prophecy
  536. that we find in the book of Daniel, okay?
  537. So, the difference
  538. between what we call apocalyptic
  539. (the apocalypse is the end
    of things, right),
  540. the apocalyptic prophecy
  541. and regular or classical prophecy.
  542. Let's look at a few classical prophecies,
  543. and then we'll look at some
  544. of the apocalyptic prophecies,
  545. including one from Daniel,
  546. and then you tell me
  547. what's the big difference
  548. that you see, okay?
  549. So, let's start in Jonah, chapter 3.
  550. These are little books.
  551. Wave at me when you find it.
  552. Okay, Rod, would you read Jonah,
  553. chapter 3, and read verses 3 and 4 for us,
  554. verses 3 and 4 of Jonah, chapter 3.
  555. (Rod) I'll be reading
  556. from the King James Version:
  557. (Derek) Is there anything
  558. hard to understand about that?
  559. How many days have you got?
  560. (Team) Forty.
  561. (Derek) Forty days, and what's going
  562. to happen at the end (it's a prophecy)?
  563. (Stephanie, Derek) Destruction.
  564. (Derek) Now, one of the things we'll learn
  565. is that some prophecies are conditional.
  566. What did Nineveh do?
  567. The king led the way. Adison?
  568. (Adison) They repented.
  569. (Derek) They repented.
  570. (Adison) Turned from their wicked ways.
  571. (Derek) They were bad people, too, right?
  572. Of course, all of us were sinners,
  573. but they were known for their ferocity,
  574. and they repented in sackcloth and ashes,
  575. and God accepted their repentance.
  576. But that was a very clear prophecy.
  577. "You've got 40 days to decide,
  578. because after that, judgment is coming."
  579. Let's look at another one.
  580. Micah, it's right after the book of Jonah,
    chapter 5.
  581. Let me know if you have it.
  582. Tricia Lee, Micah, chapter 5, and verse 2.
  583. (Tricia Lee) It reads:
  584. (Derek) That would be fulfilled
  585. hundreds of years later
  586. when what happened?
  587. (Derek, Team) When Jesus was born.
  588. (Derek) But He says He's
    Jesus of Nazareth,
  589. but where was He born?
  590. (Team) Bethlehem.
  591. (Derek) Born in Bethlehem,
  592. just as the prophecy predicted.
  593. And it took, of course, the decree
  594. for the empire to be taxed
  595. to bring him back to Joseph's home city
  596. of Bethlehem, okay?
  597. Fairly clear, right?
  598. It is talking about something
    in the future.
  599. It shows us that God knows
  600. the end from the beginning
  601. as Rod pointed out.
  602. By the way, that is in the Scripture,
  603. "I know the end from the beginning."
  604. That's in Isaiah's book.
  605. But it's fairly clear what it's saying.
  606. Let's look at one more,
  607. a little farther along
  608. in the minor prophets, Zechariah,
  609. chapter 9 and verse 9.
  610. Laurel, do you have Zechariah?
  611. Chapter 9 and verse 9,
  612. this is another prophecy,
  613. what we might call a classical prophecy.
  614. What does it say?
  615. (Laurel) I'll be reading
  616. from the New American Standard Bible:
  617. (Derek) Now, when they hear
    about the king,
  618. they go, "Hallelujah" because they think
  619. Messiah is going to be a great Deliverer,
  620. right, overthrow all of the bondage,
  621. but we get a little clue
  622. that it's a different kind of conqueror
  623. because He's humble,
  624. and He's riding on a donkey,
  625. actually, not even a full-sized donkey,
  626. a little donkey, right, fulfilled when?
  627. (Team) Palm Sunday.
  628. (Derek) On what we call Palm Sunday
  629. or the triumphal entry of Jesus
  630. during the end of the ministry of Jesus.
  631. Prediction, by the Holy Spirit,
  632. God knows the end from the beginning,
  633. Are you with me so far?
  634. (Team) Yes.
  635. (Derek) Now, let's go
  636. to what we call apocalyptic prophecy.
  637. Elise, could you read for us in Daniel,
  638. and let's go to Daniel, chapter 7,
  639. and read the first six verses.
  640. Now, we're not going
  641. to unpack all of this and draw diagrams.
  642. We're just using an illustration here
  643. to see, wow, this apocalyptic prophecy
  644. is different from the classical prophecies
    we've been reading.
  645. Same Holy Spirit, same God
  646. who knows the end from the beginning,
  647. but let's take a look at Daniel 7,
    verses 1 to 6.
  648. (Elise) I'm reading
  649. from English Standard Version:
  650. (Derek) So, what's the first thing
  651. you notice in verse 1?
  652. How is this revelation given to Daniel?
  653. In visions and a dream.
  654. Now, could classical prophecy
  655. be given in a vision and a dream, too?
  656. Absolutely, so that part
  657. is not necessarily different, right?
  658. But now we start seeing
  659. animals, right, coming up.
  660. What's the first clue that this isn't
  661. just like a regular prophecy?
  662. Are these real animals?
  663. (Adison) Symbols.
  664. (Derek) They're symbols.
  665. How do you know they're symbols
  666. and not a real lion
  667. just walking by the sea, or a real bear?
  668. (Charity) It reads, "like a lion."
  669. (Derek) Oh, it's like a lion because...?
  670. (Stephanie) They're trying to describe it.
  671. (Derek) Right. Rod, what do you see there?
  672. (Rod) It also had wings.
  673. (Derek) It's got wings!
  674. Lions don't have wings, right?
  675. You almost see Daniel, what...?
  676. He's kind of struggling
  677. to describe these beasts there,
  678. and the fourth one's the worst of all.
  679. It's like a nondescript beast, right,
  680. with iron teeth and iron claws
  681. he'll go on in the chapter.
  682. So, Adison, you mentioned,
  683. these are symbols that are
    being used. Travis?
  684. (Travis) They're also rising out of a sea;
  685. it's obvious that land animals
  686. can't live in a sea, so, you know...
  687. (Derek) And we'll come to, in a minute,
  688. what the sea represents,
  689. but there's just a lot of symbolism here.
  690. But God is revealing just as He did
  691. in...what was Daniel 2?
  692. What was the vision there?
  693. (Team) Statue.
  694. (Derek) A metal statue,
  695. but it wasn't all one metal, was it?
  696. It was like a composite, all right?
  697. So, we're seeing symbolism.
  698. Let's hyperspace over to the book
    of Revelation.
  699. You can keep your place in Daniel,
  700. but let's go to Revelation, chapter 13,
  701. because Daniel and Revelation...
  702. And, Tricia Lee, maybe you could read
  703. Revelation 13 for us.
  704. Again we're not going to unpack it all,
  705. the first nine verses,
  706. but they're kind of paired together,
    aren't they.
  707. In fact, the series that I recommended
  708. from Hopebiblestudy.org
  709. is chapter by chapter
  710. on Daniel and Revelation
  711. because they're related,
  712. a great, great study.
  713. Tricia Lee, the first nine verses,
  714. we'd like to answer all of the questions,
  715. but I'd just like you to see
  716. the difference between the kind
  717. of prophecies we read,
  718. which were very straightforward,
  719. and these that have a lot of symbolism.
  720. (Tricia Lee) I'm reading
  721. from the New King James Version:
  722. (Derek) Sorry, go ahead.
  723. (Derek) Do you see some similarities
  724. between Daniel's prophecy we read
    and Revelation?
  725. What do you see?
  726. They're not identical, right?
  727. Stephanie, you talked about expanding.
  728. What do you see there?
  729. (Stephanie) Right, I see the same beasts
  730. except they're in the reverse order.
  731. (Derek) And they're all
  732. kind of composite, aren't they?
  733. It's all kind of put together.
  734. It's like all of the kingdoms.
  735. What else do you see
  736. that's different here?
  737. (Jason) I see another similarity.
  738. (Derek) Okay, similarity.
  739. (Jason) The sea, so something's
  740. coming up out of the sea again.
  741. (Derek) Okay, so you've got that symbolism
    of the sea again,
  742. and you've got animals again, right?
  743. What else, Travis?
  744. (Travis) It seems like they all
  745. make up one beast now.
  746. Instead of being separate beasts
    in Daniel 7,
  747. now they all make up one beast.
  748. It's like the beast has taken
  749. the attributes of all of this.
  750. (Derek) And they're all
  751. worshiping the dragon,
  752. and people are like, "Wow, that sounds
  753. like something from some kind of movie,
    you know?
  754. But the dragon is also a...?
  755. It's a symbol, right, which will bring us
  756. to the principle, which is,
  757. how do we know what the beast represents,
  758. what the sea represents,
  759. what the dragon represents?
  760. But do you see there's
  761. also another element in this prophecy,
  762. and that is the issue of time.
  763. You say, "Forty-two months?"
  764. That's what, three-and-a-half years?
  765. That's not very long
  766. for this power to dominate,
  767. unless, of course, it's longer
  768. than three-and-a-half years.
  769. if there's another key that we need
  770. to understand this power
  771. that will dominate for a vast amount
    of time, okay?
  772. So we've got some idea here.
  773. The classical prophecies, pretty simple,
  774. "This is going to happen,
  775. or it won't happen if you repent."
  776. But now we get into symbols.
  777. How do we find the key?
  778. That's the next question
  779. to unlock these apocalyptic
  780. or End-Time prophecies.
  781. How do we find the key?
  782. Help me, someone. What do you think?
  783. (Tricia Lee) Well, the good thing
  784. is that we can use the Bible
    to help understand
  785. and interpret the Bible.
  786. And specifically when Daniel,
  787. he has questions that he asks as well,
  788. and literally an angel comes
  789. and explains some of these things to him.
  790. So, in the book of Daniel specifically,
  791. we actually have some
  792. of his questions answered for us.
  793. And in other prophecies
  794. we're able to kind of search
    the Scriptures,
  795. and we're actually told
  796. how to unlock some of these things.
  797. (Derek) So, we'll look in the Scripture
    to find keys.
  798. Now, what if we get to the place
  799. we don't understand it all?
  800. Well, hold on a second;
  801. we'll get there in just a minute.
  802. There are various approaches
  803. to understanding apocalyptic prophecy.
  804. In our study, we outline them.
  805. The preterist approach,
  806. the futurist approach,
  807. the idealist approach
  808. and the historicist approach.
  809. It's interesting that the Reformers
  810. all followed the historicist approach.
  811. They saw history unfolding,
  812. and they actually saw the apostate church
  813. clearly identified in those prophecies.
  814. By the way, the apostate church
    was us, right?
  815. We were the Christian Church,
  816. and the Church had gone away,
  817. and the Reformers were trying
  818. to call our Church, the Christian Church,
  819. back to faithfulness to God.
  820. But they saw clearly
  821. that historical unfolding.
  822. We call that the historicist approach.
  823. But there were some people,
  824. it's interesting, we don't
  825. have time to expand on it,
  826. who wanted to divert that interpretation,
  827. so they came up with other ideas.
  828. The preterist idea was what? Anybody know?
  829. (Elise) It's already happened.
  830. (Derek) Yeah, it was all
  831. something in the past.
  832. It's nothing to do with now.
  833. That takes the heat off,
  834. if prophecy is showing
  835. a power out of harmony,
  836. especially if it's a religious power,
  837. out of harmony with the Word
  838. and the will of God.
  839. Or another thing you could do
  840. to take the heat off of the prophecy
  841. pointing at a problem that's happening
  842. is to put it all...?
  843. (Team) In the future.
  844. (Derek) Right, it's all somewhere
  845. right at the end; it's nothing
    to do with now.
  846. We call that the futurist.
  847. So, all in the past, all in the future,
  848. and what about this idealist?
  849. That's a new one. Gary?
  850. (Gary) Everything that is symbolic
    is just symbolic.
  851. It doesn't mean anything literally.
  852. (Derek) Okay, so it's maybe...
  853. By the way, people do that
  854. with even the Gospels.
  855. They say, "Well, Jesus wasn't
  856. really tempted in the wilderness.
  857. He didn't talk to Satan.
  858. It's just like a parable
  859. of a struggle between good and evil."
  860. You read the text, and it's literal.
  861. There's a literal conflict.
  862. There's a literal battle,
  863. just as you read in Revelation 12,
  864. a literal war or conflict in Heaven.
  865. So, I think we're safe to say let's
  866. at least see what these great Reformers
    through the ages,
  867. how they saw the unfolding of Scripture
  868. and see if it is accurate.
  869. Does it show...By the way, to suggest
  870. that these kingdoms
  871. are not really kingdoms,
  872. that it's just symbolic or...
  873. No, it's a clear revelation
  874. of what's going to happen, right?
  875. An unfolding of Scripture,
  876. one part to another.
  877. So let's go to some keys; are you ready?
  878. Let's look at a few keys together,
  879. and I think Tricia Lee said some of them,
  880. maybe the angel will tell us
  881. what it means, right;
  882. it will be right in the text.
  883. Daniel, chapter 7, and, Daisy,
  884. could you read for us Daniel 7:23-24?
  885. We're laying a foundation
  886. for an exciting series
  887. on the book of Daniel.
  888. We know at the very foundation is...?
  889. (Team) Jesus.
  890. (Derek) Jesus, right, Jesus Christ,
  891. Messiah, Son of God, soon-coming King;
  892. He's at the foundation, all right.
  893. We know that we're
  894. going to see some symbols,
  895. so let's see if we can
  896. unpack some of them.
  897. (Daisy) I'll be reading
  898. from the New Living Translation:
  899. (Derek) There's an overarching principle,
  900. and that is that these symbols...?
  901. (Jason) Mean something?
  902. (Derek) They mean something;
    that's right.
  903. It's not just kind of, you know,
  904. "That's a strange story."
  905. These symbols mean something,
  906. and we might have guessed
  907. that the beast is a power or a kingdom.
  908. We might have guessed that,
  909. but the text actually tells us.
  910. We might have guessed that the horns
  911. were also a symbol of power in some way,
  912. but the text tells us
  913. that there are 10 kings, right?
  914. So, we'll find what we can
    in the Scripture.
  915. Now, remember I said
  916. that Daniel and Revelation,
  917. they're kind of sister books, right?
  918. There's another key in Revelation,
  919. chapter 17 and verse 15.
  920. We've been talking about the sea.
  921. Revelation, Rod, do you have that?
  922. Chapter 17 of Revelation and verse 15.
  923. (Rod) I'll be reading
  924. from the King James Version:
  925. (Derek) It's right there
  926. because we've seen these animals
  927. coming up out of the sea.
  928. That would mean they're
  929. coming up out of...?
  930. (Team Member) Populated areas.
  931. (Derek) Populated areas.
  932. By the way, we're not doing
  933. a series on Revelation right now,
  934. but in Revelation, we'll see a beast
  935. that comes up out of the earth.
  936. So, what would that mean?
  937. (Team Member) Unpopulated.
  938. (Derek) That there weren't any people.
  939. Well, that doesn't make sense.
  940. How could a superpower
  941. come up out of a place
  942. where there are no people?
  943. Well, if you study history,
  944. you'll discover a superpower
  945. that comes up in a place
  946. where there were no people.
  947. But we know, we've got another key, right?
  948. Letting the Scripture interpret itself.
  949. Beasts are kingdoms;
  950. waters are peoples, nations.
  951. Let's look at one other key.
  952. And I've got two texts to look at here,
  953. Numbers, chapter 14.
  954. This one's important, especially when we
  955. look at 490 days, or we look
  956. at 1260 days, or 2,300 days.
  957. If I'm just looking literally,
  958. that's like somewhere
  959. between three years to six-and-a-half
    or something.
  960. But let's look and see
  961. in the writings of the prophets.
  962. Numbers 14, Adison, would you
  963. read verse 34 for us?
  964. (Adison) Reading from the King James
  965. (Derek) So there's kind of a formula,
    I guess, right?
  966. One day equals a year.
  967. Now, that's just one text,
  968. so let's look at another one
  969. in Ezekiel, chapter 4.
  970. Michael, maybe if you can
  971. find Ezekiel for us,
  972. chapter 4, verses 5 and 6.
  973. Again, these are prophets.
  974. I'm not reading this
  975. from some random writing
  976. in China or somewhere.
  977. This is in the Bible,
  978. and there's a principle here,
    to interpret.
  979. Ezekiel 4, verses 5 and 6.
  980. (Michael) The New King James Version says:
  981. (Derek) You say, "I wish they
  982. weren't rebellious for so long;
  983. that's a long time
  984. to lie on one side," right?
  985. One day for a year is a principle.
  986. Now, if you apply that
  987. to some of these time prophecies,
  988. 1260 days, or in Revelation
  989. it's called, what, 42 months,
  990. how does that affect - or 1200,
  991. or, excuse me, 2,300 days -
  992. how would that affect you
  993. if you were seeing revelations
  994. that involve that kind of time?
  995. Well, let's look in Daniel, chapter 8.
  996. Elise, maybe you could read for us
  997. in Daniel 8 and verse 27.
  998. By the way, did you know Daniel
  999. is one of the prophets
  1000. that there's nothing recorded
  1001. where he turned away from God?
  1002. He always - I love this book -
  1003. he always purposed in his heart
  1004. that he would honor God.
  1005. He was a young man of integrity,
  1006. and that's a challenge to us,
  1007. young women, young men,
  1008. to be people of integrity.
  1009. He'd probably be the first to say,
  1010. "I wasn't perfect; only God is perfect,"
  1011. but a great man of God.
  1012. But when he had this revelation,
  1013. this was one of the time prophecies,
  1014. how did he react, Elise,
  1015. in chapter 8, verse 27?
  1016. (Derek) That's strong language.
  1017. Why was he appalled?
  1018. Was it because he saw bad things?
  1019. Yes, partly, right?
  1020. I mean, there's this power
  1021. fighting against the saints
  1022. of the Most High God. Gary?
  1023. (Gary) Just to go along with that thought,
  1024. if he understood, let's say,
    these time keys,
  1025. then that means that the saints of God
  1026. would be under the power of this kingdom
  1027. for such a long amount of time.
  1028. And that probably made him feel appalled.
  1029. (Derek) Yeah, you know, just to get
  1030. my mind around that length of time, right,
  1031. could make me feel sick.
  1032. Now, Tricia Lee, you said earlier
  1033. that sometimes angels come to help.
  1034. And right after Daniel 8
  1035. you've got Daniel 9,
  1036. and who shows up to help him,
    do you remember?
  1037. (Stephanie) Gabriel.
  1038. (Derek) The angel Gabriel says,
  1039. "By the way, you've been praying,
  1040. and I'm here to help," right?
  1041. Doesn't change the prophecy,
  1042. but at least gives him, what?
  1043. What does it do for him?
  1044. It doesn't change the prophecy.
  1045. (Team Member) Understanding.
  1046. (Derek) It gives him some understanding
  1047. so that he's like, "Okay,
  1048. that's what God wanted to reveal to me."
  1049. So, I want to ask a broad question.
  1050. Now, we're going to go through this book.
  1051. I've studied this book several times,
  1052. and I'm studying it again now.
  1053. I don't understand everything
    in this book,
  1054. so this is a disclaimer, right?
  1055. I don't understand everything
    in this book,
  1056. so what do we do when we're coming
  1057. to study something with the recognition
  1058. that we may not fully understand it?
  1059. What are some things we could do?
  1060. Maybe some promises in the Bible
  1061. or something that comes to your mind,
  1062. just a principle, Charity?
  1063. Like, "I don't understand all of this!"
  1064. (Charity) The Bible says
  1065. you can pray and ask for wisdom from God.
  1066. (Derek) Yes, that's found
  1067. in the book of James, right,
  1068. chapter 1, verse 5, "If anyone..."?
  1069. (Derek, Team) "...lacks wisdom..."
  1070. (Derek) Do what?
  1071. (Team) "Let him ask of God."
  1072. (Derek) That's prayer, right?
  1073. I ask God, and do you know
  1074. what it says next?
  1075. Some of you apparently have been
    reading your Bibles.
  1076. "Who gives to all," how?
  1077. (Team) Liberally.
  1078. (Derek) What does that mean?
  1079. Generously, right, "and without..."?
  1080. (Team) Reproach.
  1081. (Derek) What does that mean?
  1082. Without condemnation, like,
  1083. [deep voice] "Asking for wisdom again?"
  1084. Why is He happy to give us wisdom?
  1085. Why was Gabriel happy
  1086. to come and give understanding to Daniel?
  1087. (Daisy) Because he wants us
    to understand.
  1088. (Derek) That's why it was given,
  1089. that we could understand it, right?
  1090. His Word He desires to be a...?
  1091. (Team) Lamp.
  1092. (Derek) A lamp to our feet and a...?
  1093. (Team) Light.
  1094. (Derek) Light to our path.
  1095. So it's not that He doesn't
  1096. want us to understand.
  1097. Thank you, Charity; one place we can start
  1098. is to pray and ask for wisdom.
  1099. Okay, anybody else?
  1100. What can I do if I don't
  1101. fully understand everything? Elise?
  1102. (Elise) In Daniel 1, after Daniel
  1103. and his friends had chosen to be healthy,
  1104. it said that they were 10 times brighter.
  1105. And so, that may be part of why God
  1106. continued to teach and give him insight,
  1107. was because he was following the light
  1108. that he already had.
  1109. (Derek) Ah, so you would say,
  1110. "If I don't understand everything,
  1111. remove any obstacle and follow
    the truth that...?
  1112. You know. Does that make sense?
  1113. (Team) Yes.
  1114. (Derek) People are like, "Well,
  1115. when I finally know it all, maybe I'll
  1116. give my heart to Jesus," no, no.
  1117. Follow the light you know.
  1118. Is that a good principle?
  1119. (Team) Yes.
  1120. (Derek) Thank you. And that actually has
  1121. very practical implications
  1122. for even how I care for my body, right?
  1123. Another insight, Travis?
  1124. (Travis) I think that when you
    study the Bible,
  1125. I think God doesn't give you
  1126. everything right away.
  1127. You just keep coming back for more,
  1128. and I think the best thing we can do
  1129. is just be patient and keep studying.
  1130. And I know as I've been studying
    over the years,
  1131. every day new light bulbs keep going off,
  1132. and God just keeps revealing
  1133. more and more and more.
  1134. (Derek) Isn't there somewhere
  1135. Jesus says, "There are many things
  1136. I would share with you,
  1137. but you cannot bear them now"?
  1138. I mean, what would happen
  1139. if He shared everything with us?
  1140. (Team Members) Overwhelming; I can faint.
  1141. (Derek) You might faint.
  1142. You might feel faint or sick, right,
  1143. and that wasn't even everything, right?
  1144. So be patient, keep studying.
  1145. There's a text I'd like someone to read
  1146. because it's one I really appreciate.
  1147. Stephanie, maybe you
  1148. could read from Jeremiah 33.
  1149. You know my wife likes
  1150. to write Scripture songs, right?
  1151. And she does that to help
  1152. her husband memorize the Bible
  1153. as well as our little ones
  1154. when they were growing up.
  1155. But this is one of the songs
  1156. that she has, in Jeremiah 33 and verse 3.
  1157. Incredible promise,
  1158. and if you're part of this journey
  1159. in the book of Daniel, saying,
  1160. "I don't get it all," well, we can
  1161. ask for wisdom and we can pray.
  1162. But we could claim this promise
  1163. in Jeremiah 33 and verse 3.
  1164. (Stephanie) And I'll be reading
  1165. from the King James Version:
  1166. (Derek) So, that's
  1167. kind of the prayer thing, right?
  1168. And, by the way, I had another text
  1169. in 2 Timothy 2 which says,
  1170. "Study," or be diligent,
  1171. "to show yourself approved,"
  1172. which is back to keep on studying, right,
  1173. "a worker who doesn't need to be ashamed,
  1174. rightly dividing," so keep on studying,
    keep on praying.
  1175. Realize that God is not
  1176. hiding truth from us.
  1177. He's wanting, actually,
  1178. to reveal truth to us.
  1179. Well, we need to move on
  1180. to our last section,
  1181. which is the relevance
  1182. of the book of Daniel for our lives today.
  1183. Why is it important, anyone,
  1184. for us to study Daniel,
  1185. and we might add Revelation because these
  1186. are the two apocalyptic books, right,
  1187. these apocalyptic prophecies
  1188. pointing to the End Time.
  1189. Why is it important to study them today?
  1190. What do you think? Yes, Tricia Lee.
  1191. (Tricia Lee) It wasn't
    just a history lesson
  1192. for a history lesson's sake.
  1193. It was the history of the world
  1194. from the lens and perspective
  1195. of what's happening to God's people.
  1196. And I think that was important
    for Daniel then,
  1197. but certainly for us now.
  1198. We don't have national borders
  1199. that define where God's people live;
  1200. we're all over the world.
  1201. And so, being able to look
    at these prophecies
  1202. and see where we fit in
  1203. is very important for us
  1204. to understand how things will unfold
  1205. in these particular days
  1206. when God's people are scattered all over
  1207. all around the world.
  1208. (Derek) So Paul said in 2 Timothy 3,
  1209. I think it begins in verse 16,
  1210. "All Scripture," that would include
  1211. the apocalyptic prophecies,
  1212. "All Scripture is given by..."?
  1213. (Derek, Team) "...inspiration of God."
  1214. (Derek) We read, holy men
  1215. and women of God, right?
  1216. "...by inspiration of God and is..."?
  1217. (Derek, Team) "...profitable..."
  1218. (Derek) For? A variety of things, right,
  1219. "...profitable for...?"
  1220. (Team) Doctrine.
  1221. (Derek) "Doctrine," what does that mean?
  1222. That means understanding the truth
    that God wants to reveal.
  1223. "For doctrine, for..."?
  1224. Reproof, which means...?
  1225. "You're out of line."
  1226. So, rather than say,
  1227. "Well, let's interpret this some other way
  1228. and say it all happened...," no, no.
  1229. If we're being reproved,
  1230. well, what's the next thing, "for...?
  1231. "Correction," right, which means
  1232. how to change, "and for..."?
  1233. (Derek, Team) "Instruction
    in righteousness."
  1234. (Derek) So, when I believe that...
  1235. You say, "Well, this is relevant
    for us today,"
  1236. but you say, "Some of them
    are just stories.
  1237. Why are the stories...?
  1238. Are they just stories?"
  1239. Or do the stories even have,
  1240. Gary, do they have relevance, too,
  1241. for us in the End Time?
  1242. (Gary) I strongly believe that they do.
  1243. I mean, Daniel's name, "God is my Judge,"
  1244. and we're living in the Laodicean portion
    of Earth's history,
  1245. a people under judgment...
  1246. (Derek) You're using more prophecy
  1247. here in Revelation...
  1248. (Gary) In Revelation.
  1249. (Derek) ...with the church of Laodicea.
  1250. So, the End time?
  1251. (Gary) Yeah, in the End Time,
    which is now,
  1252. we are going to have to face
  1253. the same type of decisions
  1254. Daniel and his friends faced.
  1255. Do I worship God or do I
  1256. worship something else?
  1257. (Derek) So, in Romans,
  1258. chapter 15 and verse 4, it says,
  1259. "These things were written for our..."?
  1260. "...admonition," right?
  1261. You may want to write Romans 15:4 down.
  1262. But I've got to go to Daniel, chapter 12,
  1263. because there's one last thought
  1264. in the few minutes left.
  1265. Elise, could you read Daniel 12 for us,
  1266. beginning with verse 1,
  1267. because this is where Michael stands up,
  1268. and it talks about a book.
  1269. And I want to conclude
  1270. our introductory study on this series
  1271. to ask how do I get my name in the book,
  1272. because that is a really
    important question.
  1273. So, how does your Bible read,
    Daniel 12:1-4?
  1274. (Derek) So this book, is it
    an earthly book
  1275. or is it a heavenly book?
  1276. It's not a book in Babylon, right?
  1277. It's not a book in Jerusalem.
  1278. It's a heavenly book.
  1279. Moses talks about that
  1280. when he says, "God, if You
  1281. can't save my people,
  1282. blot my name out of Your book."
  1283. It's not their book; it's Your book.
  1284. In fact, in Revelation 13,
  1285. it talks about a judgment of all of those
  1286. whose names are not written,
  1287. and it describes this book
    as the Lamb's...?
  1288. (Derek, Team) Book of Life.
  1289. (Derek) Ah, so, see
  1290. how Daniel and Revelation connect?
  1291. So here's the most important question
  1292. of our hour of study,
  1293. because this is all
  1294. about the history of the earth
  1295. and the deliverance of God's people
    and judgment, right,
  1296. which is good news for the saints, right,
  1297. because it's in favor of the saints.
  1298. How do I make sure my name
  1299. is in the book, the Lamb's Book of Life?
  1300. How does my name get written there?
    Yes, Travis?
  1301. (Travis) Follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
  1302. (Derek) Follow the Lamb,
  1303. now that's kind of imagery,
  1304. but be more specific for me, please;
    help me, someone.
  1305. Rod, how do I get my name
  1306. written in the book?
  1307. (Rod) I think we need to serve the Lord
  1308. in the same way that Jesus
    was on this earth.
  1309. You know, ministering and taking care
  1310. of sick people, widows.
  1311. I think we need to do that.
  1312. (Derek) Okay, and I think
  1313. that that is an outcome
  1314. of that living connection.
  1315. But, Stephanie, how do I get
    my name in the book?
  1316. (Stephanie) Commit your life to Jesus,
  1317. accept what He's done for you.
  1318. (Derek) "Jesus, save me.
  1319. Write my name in Your book."
  1320. Do I still have work to do?
  1321. (Team) Yes.
  1322. (Derek) Do I still have growth
  1323. to happen in my life?
  1324. (Team) Yes.
  1325. (Derek) Absolutely, but, "Write my name
    in Your book; save me."
  1326. "Everyone," Romans 10:13,
  1327. "who calls on the name of the Lord..."
  1328. (Team) "...will be saved."
  1329. (Derek) Now, I don't want to get
    into a big discussion,
  1330. but could I at some point,
  1331. after my name's been written in the book,
  1332. say, "God, I don't want You
    to save me anymore;
  1333. take my name out of the book,"
    could I do that?
  1334. (Team) Yes.
  1335. (Derek) I have a freedom of choice, right?
  1336. But if I choose and say,
  1337. "God, write my name; Jesus, save me,"
  1338. and it's going to be affecting
  1339. the way I live from now on, isn't it...
  1340. I'll be praying for wisdom;
  1341. I'm going to be praying for might,
  1342. back to the song, wisdom and might
  1343. to live a life that will honor God.
  1344. But my name's been written in the book,
  1345. and I don't know when that
    happened for you,
  1346. and I want to talk
  1347. to our Hope Sabbath School family,
  1348. I don't know when that happened.
  1349. You say, "Pastor Derek,
  1350. I don't think I've ever asked
    Jesus to save me.
  1351. I grew up in a Christian family, but..."
  1352. But I want to challenge you
  1353. as I challenge each of us,
  1354. "Lord, write my name in the book."
  1355. And if you said that, as many of us have,
  1356. just every day say, "Thank You, God,"
    get excited.
  1357. "You wrote my name in Your book,
  1358. the Lamb's Book of Life,
  1359. and I want to live to honor You."
  1360. And this book of Daniel wlll
  1361. not only tell us what's going to happen
  1362. but how to live as we prepare
  1363. for the glorious return
  1364. of the King of kings and Lord of lords.
  1365. Let's pray; Father in Heaven,
  1366. thank You so much
  1367. as we begin this journey
  1368. studying the book of Daniel.
  1369. And I pray in the name of Jesus
  1370. that You would accept us.
  1371. Say, "Jesus, save us; let us be part
  1372. of the redeemed of all ages."
  1373. And guide us as we live and as we grow
  1374. and as we learn how to walk
  1375. in these last days of Earth's history.
  1376. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
  1377. (Team) Amen.
  1378. (Derek) Thanks for joining us
  1379. for Hope Sabbath School.
  1380. This is an amazing journey,
  1381. the book of Daniel.
  1382. We are going to discover that God
  1383. will show us how to live,
  1384. that we can be lights to the world.
  1385. Go out and point people to Jesus.
  1386. ♪ theme music ♪