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  1. The assumption all members of each race
    possess characteristics and abilities
  2. is referred to as racism.
  3. It can be defined as the hatred or belief
  4. another person is less than human
    because of his skin color.
  5. For example,
    "An Asian has to be really smart,"
  6. or "An African-American
    has to be less socially refined."
  7. Skin color doesn't define any human,
    so no one should be pressured
  8. to behave a certain way
    based on physical appearance.
  9. The sad truth people don't seem to realize
    when they're being racist
  10. and some people even think
  11. when they've positive preconceptions based
    on skin color they're not being racist.
  12. But even if your mark
    isn't necessarily negative,
  13. that doesn't make
    the statement acceptable.
  14. According to Dr. Naomi Priest,
  15. a senior research fellow
    in Child Public Health,
  16. and leader of the Anti-Racism Program
  17. says, "Racism can influence
    the health and well-being
  18. in children and teens."
  19. Children and teens
    who have exposure to racism
  20. can have poor mental health,
    anxiety, and depression due to it.
  21. A study by the University of Melbourne
    says they're 461 links
  22. between racism and the youth.
  23. Teens becoming mentally unhealthy
  24. due the racist remarks
    or what society continues to say to them,
  25. is flat out disgusting.
  26. Speaking of depression,
    it's the number one cause for suicide.
  27. Suicide is the act
    of taking one's life on purpose.
  28. It often occurs when one sees
    no other option of escaping
  29. but to end their life.
  30. Racism causes depression,
    and depression causes suicide.
  31. In other words,
    racism can potentially cause suicide.
  32. Jade Macklin, a blogger
    with a goal to end racism, says,
  33. "Due to discrimination
    amongst groups of people,
  34. 1,572 people commit suicide every year.
  35. This number will eventually increase."
  36. The question we all continue to ask
    is why are people racist anyways?
  37. According to humanrights. gov,
    the main reasons people are racists
  38. is because they're either one,
    too quick to judge,
  39. two, like to blame others
    for their problems,
  40. or three, take on the views
    of the people around them.
  41. They like to be stereotypical,
    and that's what causes racism.
  42. People are quick to judge,
    because they like to label people.
  43. Some even take on the views
    of the people around them,
  44. like children taking racial opinions
    from their parents.
  45. Children aren't born racist,
    they're taught to be.
  46. Parents should allow their children
    to choose their own ways
  47. instead of filling their children's
    minds with negativity.
  48. What if someone walked up to you
    and started pointing out
  49. how your skin color wasn't
    their personal preference?
  50. How would you feel?
  51. When people make preconceptions
    based on skin color,
  52. they're implying that if he or she isn't
    that way, it's wrong.
  53. When they're looked down upon because
    they aren't what people expect of them,
  54. it could cause them to feel worthless
    or as if they don't mean anything.
  55. It most definitely isn't wrong to not be
    of what people expect of you.
  56. That is what we're saying
    when we make these racial remarks.
  57. Consequently, we need to abolish
    all racial preconceptions,
  58. negative and positive.
  59. They're multiple ways to stop
    these insulting suggestions from recurring
  60. and one obvious way is
    to simply tell someone what they're saying
  61. to help them be aware.
  62. Another is to just create
    a peaceful protest
  63. to help get your point across
    without any violence.
  64. Anything that suggest a person possesses
    a specific ability or trait
  65. is unacceptable.
  66. But the more we disregard the remarks,
  67. the less likely
    someone will stop saying them.
  68. And the more we continue to laugh
    and allow our friends to say these,
  69. the more teens are being harmed.
  70. This issue is having
    a harmful effect on teens,
  71. and it's time we put
    a stop to it as a whole.
  72. As I've said, racism not only affects
    adults but teens too.
  73. Even though some people don't seem
    to realize when they're being racist,
  74. it doesn't make a difference.
  75. We all need to learn
    to be respectful human beings
  76. to everyone around us
    no matter what skin color.
  77. Just like the teens
    from Ferguson, Missouri said,
  78. "Racism isn't over,
    but I'm over racism."
  79. Teens shouldn’t be in an unhealthy state
  80. due to someone who feels
    the need to be racist.
  81. Teens should be getting a good education,
    playing sports, and making new friends
  82. not wondering what racial remarks
    will be thrown at them today.