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  1. Hello!
    David Snopek here
  2. Doing a video today in English
    I did a survey on my blog a couple of weeks
  3. ago
    And it turns out that almost everybody wants
  4. me to record videos in English
    So, today we're going to go shopping
  5. One of the most requested videos is that I
    show things from daily life in the United
  6. States
    And shopping
  7. And the price of bread and eggs and different
    daily products
  8. So, we're going to go shopping
    Here's our list of things we're going to get
  9. We're going to get some milk, bread, eggs
    and chedder cheese
  10. So, the store we're going to doesn't charge
    for plastic bags
  11. But they do give you a discount if you bring
    in your old plastic bags
  12. We're just going to bring our own bag with
  13. I that in some states it's actually the law
    that they don't give you plastic bags
  14. Or that they charge you money for plastic
  15. When we were in Poland, I remember a couple
    of stores charging us for plastic bags
  16. Anyway, we're bringing our own bag!
    Alright, let's go!
  17. So, here we are at the store
    We're very lucky to live near such a big store
  18. I personally don't really like big stores
    Because there's too many products and I always
  19. get lost
    But it's much cheaper
  20. So that's why we come here
    And that's why we're lucky to live so close
  21. Sweet!
    Ok, we got to go find the milk
  22. Remember to check them
    Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
  23. Yeah, the eggs are all good
    So, these are the organic eggs that we like
  24. They're probably the most expensive possible
  25. You can see some cheaper ...
    So, people are always sending me emails, saying
  26. that the bread in the United States is terrible
    And that the bread in Poland is so much better
  27. We were in Poland for a while and we ate plenty
    of Polish bread
  28. And it was very tasty
    But I don't think all the bread in the United
  29. States is terrible
    Some of this bread right here in this aisle
  30. is absolutely terrible
    This is the cheapest bread that money could
  31. buy
    And there is a whole row of it
  32. However, we don't ever eat this bread!
    We only eat the good bread
  33. So, I definitely think it's possible to find
    good bread in the United States
  34. Alright, we're back!
    We have our products
  35. I was kind of nervous filming that
    I was worried they were going to kick us out
  36. The last time we recorded in a grocery store,
    they kicked us out
  37. But everything went great
    Thanks so much for watching
  38. Please let me know if you like this type of
  39. This is sort of new for me
    Usually, I record my videos in Polish
  40. Here's one in English, out in the world
    So, let me know in the comments
  41. Thank you, good bye!