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Whether you get it off the street or off the internet, digital piracy and product counterfeiting are not victimless crimes. The financial repercussions are very real and cost real jobs.

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  1. (Street noises)
  2. Hawker: Free movies, I got free movies!
  3. Woman: What do you mean?
  4. Hawker: the same movies you see in the theater, I've got them on DVD and they're free.
  5. Woman: Free?
  6. Hawker: Free - furreee.
  7. I'll be honest: they are illegally downloaded, but they are free.
  8. Man: Yeah, OK I'll take them.
  9. Woman: Can I take two?
  10. Hawker: Sure, you can take two, but there is a catch:
  11. if you take these movies, this nice woman right here loses her job.
  12. Man: I don't know her.
  13. Woman: No, you don't...
  14. Hawker: Yeah: these are illegally downloaded movies.
  15. Because of that, people like her are losing their jobs.
  16. Man: ...making this so literal. I mean is this really
  17. Hawker: Yeah.
  18. Man: Is this the consequence of all this stuff? I'm going to take them.
  19. Hawker: You are? - Man: Yeah. Hawker: Why? Because you have no soul?
  20. Woman: If I take this, she loses her job?
  21. Hawker: That's right. It's real.
  22. Man: I'm gonna just take three. Just three.
  23. Hawker: You are wrong with everything.
  24. What's more important? The movie, or this human being?
  25. Woman: no, I'm not taking them
  26. Hawker: You see? You're a nice person - She's a nice person,
  27. she just didn't know.
  28. And now you know.
  29. Look, whether you get it of the street or of the internet,
  30. digital piracy and product counterfeiting are not victimless crimes.
  31. The financial repercussions are huge.
  32. Hawker (on beat music): show the world that piracy doesn't work. Do it!
  33. (music fades to street noises; written message: PIRACY DOESN'T WORK
  34. Learn more about how to fight IP theft and submit a tip
  35. by visiting