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  1. God, I thank You,
    I thank You!
  2. Thank You for being who You are!
  3. I'm so thankful that You are who You are.
  4. I worship You for being who You are.
  5. Apart from anything You do
    for anybody...
  6. That has to do with God's being.
  7. He's worthy!
  8. He would be worthy if
    He had not ever created anything.
  9. He would be worthy.
  10. Can you see Him
    sweating in the garden?
  11. What was He doing there?
  12. What was He doing
    sweating in that garden?
  13. He was being put in the crucible
    of my damnation.
  14. I realize that happened on the cross,
  15. but He was having fore-glimpses of it,
  16. and it was causing such
    oppression to His soul,
  17. that drops of blood were coming out.
  18. He's put in the crucible
    and ground by God.
  19. And He did that for me.
  20. He did that out of love for you.
  21. Remember what He's done for you.
  22. Remember that He's carrying you.
  23. And believe Him and trust Him
  24. to carry you right through to glory.
  25. There is a strength that you have
  26. where two or three gather together
  27. and Christ is with you,
  28. that no matter how discouraging that is,
  29. it is so much more encouraging
  30. and more hopeful
    and more helpful
  31. than if you're out there
    and you're by yourself.