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How to Deal with Change | Kati Morton

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1. Acknowledge that change is part of life. I know, this isn’t necessarily that helpful, but I think it’s important that we try to recognize and accept that change is always happening. Some of it we have control over, but most of it we don’t.
2. Let ourselves feel the loss, upset, anger, sadness, whatever it is you may be feeling. Give yourself time to feel it, talk about it, journal about it, complain to a friend, therapist or family member about it.
3. Write out the story we will tell ourselves about this loss or change. Are we writing a sad story? Hopeful? Painful and grief filled?
4. Write out the story you WANT to have about this loss or change.
5. Increase your self care.
Remember that it’s actually less about the change that’s happening, and more to do with how we think about it. So notice if your thoughts are pulling you in a direction you don’t want to go, or telling you a very filtered version of the story. Then you can go back to that story you wrote.. You know, the one that you WANT to have about this change, and re-read that one. You could even take it as far as considering what you could do today to work towards that story. One thought and step at a time we can move closer and closer to it, until the story we WANT to have is the one we are living. Order My Book Today! Are u ok?​ ​BetterHelp
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