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  1. My name is Shelley Riley,
  2. and this is my story
  3. about moving forward.
  4. I was born in 1965.
  5. I'm an Air Force brat.
  6. My dad was an Air Force officer,
  7. and we were constantly
  8. on the move.
  9. We were based over seas
  10. and relocated to a new city
  11. every two to three years.
  12. I wouldn't trade that lifestyle
  13. for anything.
  14. It made my brother and me
  15. who we are today.
  16. While I was in high school,
  17. we settled in Northern Virginia
  18. I went to college,
  19. started a career,
  20. got married
  21. and had four children.
  22. My life was moving forward.
  23. Now, all of my kids are athletes.
  24. As their mom, my life revolves around
  25. work and their athletic schedules.
  26. My social life happens in the bleachers
  27. or on the sidelines of their games.
  28. Don't get me wrong,
  29. I thrive on this active lifestyle.
  30. It's a good kind of busy.
  31. With an active family comes injuries.
  32. My kids, my husband and I
  33. have all needed physical therapy
  34. over the years.
  35. We started somewhere else.
  36. It was more like a factory -
  37. tons of people around, sometimes,
  38. we'd even lose our trainer.
  39. FYZICAL was different.
  40. It's comfortable.
  41. They make you feel like you're part of
  42. the family.
  43. From the first time we were there,
  44. I was impressed.
  45. They sat down with us,
  46. they listened, they asked questions,
  47. and they learned about us.
  48. They asked about goals,
  49. and most importantly, they
  50. didn't say what couldn't be done.
  51. Instead, they asked us,
  52. "How do you want to move forward?"
  53. For Kelsey, she wanted
  54. to play volleyball after
  55. surgery on her shoulder.
  56. For Andrew, he wanted to
  57. continue running track.
  58. As for me and my husband,
  59. well, you know all the things
  60. you hear about happening to
  61. your body after 50?
  62. It's no joke.
  63. With my arthritis in my neck
  64. and Dick's back issues,
  65. there was never a question
  66. who I would call to move forward.
  67. Once FYZICAL knows what it is you
  68. want to achieve, they give you a plan -
  69. the FYZICAL plan of care.
  70. Believe me, there is no quick fix
  71. for anyone.
  72. No magic pill for recovery.
  73. Which is why they always ask,
  74. "Are you willing to put the work in
  75. at home?"
  76. Absolutely.
  77. Because one thing I've learned
  78. is you can't simply go to
  79. your office visits and expect
  80. to recover.
  81. I am always going to have
  82. arthritis in my neck,
  83. and Kelsey may always have issues
  84. with her shoulder.
  85. But because of FYZICAL,
  86. we've learned that strengthening
  87. the muscles reduces the pain.
  88. FYZICAL makes it easy
  89. because they guide you
  90. and they give you the resources
  91. you need to do it on your own.
  92. My entire family loves
  93. FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers.
  94. They have made all of us
  95. feel better, move better and
  96. live better.
  97. They've been like our own personal
  98. support team.
  99. The confidence that I have had in them
  100. for my entire family has
  101. never weaned.
  102. So, when someone asks
  103. me why I choose FYZICAL,
  104. I always say because FYZICAL
  105. keeps my family
  106. and me moving forward.