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  1. I didn't know that my life was going to
    take such a different road
  2. because of one pair of these.
  3. For those of you who don't know
    what these are,
  4. they are juggling props
    created by Michael Moschen,
  5. who even performed here
    on TEDxTalk six years ago.
  6. They were further developed by Dai Zaobab.
  7. He created a new shape and
    he named it "Buugeng",
  8. then it travelled the whole world
  9. and it arrived at my house in Brazil.
  10. This prop has completely changed my life.
  11. After one year with them,
    when I was in front of the computer,
  12. on the Internet, trying to find
    something interesting to learn.
  13. I'm a single son,
    reared by a traditional family.
  14. This kind of family where everyone
    has wished for their only son
  15. a profession, goals...
  16. I tried to show them something different.
  17. I have chosen from that moment
    to follow my dream,
  18. to make this become a career.
  19. After finishing high school,
  20. I stopped studying classical subjects
  21. like mathematics, physics,
  22. to get fully into the world
    of manipulation and arts.
  23. My days were from morning until night
  24. doing research and more research.
  25. with this and other props.
  26. After four years of being
    completely out of the real world,
  27. and being against the desire of my family,
  28. school, society, I became someone.
  29. I am now graduated from
    a professional circus school in Italy.
  30. I have a video that has reached
    2 million views on Youtube.
  31. created by Malabarize-se
  32. I have performed in more than 40 countries
  33. around Europe, the USA, Japan,
  34. including the TEDGlobal talk,
    in South America.
  35. All of that didn't happen
    because of my technique.
  36. But what was more important
    was the desire to follow my dream.
  37. Most people have fears about
    following their passion as a career
  38. and they get stuck
    into something that they don't want,
  39. wasting all the weeks of their life
    doing what they don't like,
  40. waiting for the break from their job
    to be finally who they should be.
  41. I think that if everyone
    thought without fear
  42. about following their passion,
  43. life would be more enjoyable.
  44. Even the hard times you have
    to go through in any kind of career
  45. would be easy because
    you're doing what you love.
  46. Like me, moving to Europe and
    living in this camper for about one year
  47. to save some money.
    Look how happy I was!
  48. Even if the oil was frozen and
    I couldn't even make a salad,
  49. it was OK.
  50. I've been sharing my passion
    through many events
  51. and even some locations where people
    don't have the opportunity to dream,
  52. like in my city, São Paolo,
    in the favellas.
  53. These children are constantly
    in contact with problems of drugs,
  54. violence in their home,
  55. and during this workshop,
  56. they could have the opportunity
    to try something new,
  57. and most important, to remember
    and influence their own future,
  58. to become who they want to be
    and not what society wants from them.
  59. Even in schools, as I love to mention
    the TEDtalk by Ken Robinson,
  60. who said how schools kill creativity.
  61. You start as a baby, learning to walk,
    dance, use your body.
  62. And little by little, because
    of the society and your context,
  63. you stop using all these movements
  64. to become someone who just needs
    the right side of your brain to work.
  65. I love to work with these in schools
    and even some companies
  66. because juggling is not just about
    throwing three balls in the air
  67. or manipulating two black and white
    psychedelic scythes.
  68. Here, you can see how many gains
    and developments you can learn
  69. while you're juggling.
  70. Intellectual, mental, physical
    and psychological benefits
  71. that you can gain while you're juggling.
  72. I'm not here to obligate anyone
    to be a juggler.
  73. I'm here to remind people
    to dream and live your dream
  74. because if you cannot dream,
    you cannot wake up.
  75. Thank you.
  76. (Applause)
  77. Now, I'm going to share with you
  78. my dream.
  79. (music)
  80. (Applause)