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Election Pre-Post Mortem (VERY IMPORTANT DOCS №4)


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The 2016 Election is in a few days, and I think we've had enough Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for a century. I don't want to do a post mortem because I think we've already been subjected to enough. Let's talk third parties a bit then dump Trump, okay? BECOME MY PATRON:

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This is not Hillary Clinton Meme Queen, this is a semi-serious documentary on Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. Peter Coffin Politics. Trump election documentary? The Hillary Clinton shimmy is not present, just a long rant on the ideology of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton Between 2 Ferns was funny and this is also funny, but maybe more of a serious funny. Like if the Hillary Clinton commercial about Donald Trump was funny. I think the Hillary Clinton meme queen reaction would have been different if she actually were a meme queen. Since that Donald Trump 2005 video came out, though, the one with Donald Trump Billy Bush video, stuff has been bad for Trump. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton has been a hard fought battle and the best Donald Trump Alec Baldwin. Still can't get over Donald Trump Billy Bush, but it's funny to listen to Donald Trump breathing. Also Donald Trump build a wall is something he says ALL THE TIME.