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  1. - Bourgie, bourgie, bourgie.

  2. America, you and me have seen
    some shit this last year.
  3. And, you know what,
  4. I mean that both
    figuratively and literally.
  5. Back in May you ate too
    much at Chili's one time
  6. and you looked in the bowl afterwards,
  7. and there's never been
    an election like this.
  8. There's never been a reason to think
  9. there would ever be an election like this.
  10. Is this an election, or is this dancer?
  11. Or is this an elaborate
    simulation that none of us opted
  12. into and have no way of getting out of?
  13. Is this the Matrix?
  14. Is this Tron?
  15. Is this Sword Art Online,
  16. but without the weird incesty stuff?
  17. Oh, wait, there's weird
    incesty stuff, sorry.
  18. I forgot.
  19. Why is it the time that
    everybody understands
  20. that establishment in politics
    are the mechanism by which
  21. the status quo, which is
    not beneficial for anyone
  22. but the richest of the
    rich, is perpetuated,
  23. is the election where we're presented
  24. with a significantly worse alternative?
  25. You know what?
  26. All these Transformers movies have sucked.
  27. I'm not gonna go see another one.
  28. This is the last straw.
  29. Well, what movie do you wanna go see, man?
  30. You know what, imaginary Tommy Chong,
  31. let's go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  32. Four minutes into the film.
  33. Fuck!
  34. So, here we are, Teenage Mutant Ninja,
  35. I mean, the worst election ever.
  36. Now, I'm not gonna tell you
    you have a moral obligation
  37. to do the same thing that
    I'm doing, because you don't,
  38. but I'm also the one who gets to be very
  39. smug when everything goes to hell,
  40. which, by the way, will be
    of very little consolation.
  41. Anyhoo.
  42. In this corner, we have the challenger.
  43. Donald
  44. Justice
  45. Trump!
  46. (gagging)
  47. And, in this corner, we
    have the defending champion
  48. by virtue of being an
    incumbent political party,
  49. Hillary
  50. Dennis Rodman
  51. Clinton!
  52. (gagging)
  53. Don't blame me for this, I
    voted for Bernie Sanders.
  54. He had a fucking bird land on him.
  55. Also, he talked about policy all
  56. the time and had good ideas.
  57. But he had a bird land on him.
  58. Oh well, I guess hindsight is 2020.
  59. (intense rock music)
  60. But that's anti-establishment
    with both a brain and a heart.
  61. We aren't dealing with that.
  62. We are dealing, however,
    with Donald J. Trump.
  63. He started his campaign at
    the top of an escalator,
  64. rode it down in perhaps the
    worst executed symbolism
  65. of all time, and said that
    Mexicans need to be walled out
  66. of the country because they're rapists.
  67. That was essentially the main takeaway
  68. of his announcement speech.
  69. Over the following year,
    he managed to say something
  70. bad about pretty much every group,
  71. except for straight, white cis men.
  72. Donald Trump has done
    and said so many shitty
  73. things over the last
    year that I'm not even
  74. worried about trying to list them.
  75. I'm more worried about trying
    to even remember all of them.
  76. It's a fool's errand and that
    was part of the strategy.
  77. Be a dizzying force of shittiness.
  78. But in all honesty, those
    things are symptomatic
  79. of what Donald Trump actually is.
  80. Donald Trump is totalitarian.
  81. He's riding around on his big boy dictator
  82. bicycle with training wheels on it.
  83. Did you just say fascism?
  84. Well, no, but I'm definitely gonna.
  85. So there's an absolute
    load of people who support
  86. fascism that also support Donald Trump.
  87. And I didn't just say load to be obscene.
  88. I actually meant there's
    just a lot of people.
  89. But you have a dirty mind
    and you thought it anyway.
  90. I actually meant it that way.
  91. Whether they're KKK leaders
    who believe that it should
  92. be legal to discriminate
    against some citizens,
  93. denying them rights, and
    indeed not treating them
  94. like people, to actual
    out fascists and dictators
  95. from convicted neo-Nazi
    terrorist Don Black
  96. to Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin
  97. to even North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un
  98. whom, contrary to popular belief,
  99. Seth Rogen has not actually killed.
  100. There's a swath of actual
    fascists and dictators
  101. that endorse Donald Trump,
    but those are endorsements.
  102. What about Trump himself?
  103. Does he endorse Donald Trump?
  104. (laughs)
  105. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist that one.
  106. Well, he's not only praised Saddam Hussein
  107. who was in charge of gassing
    hundreds of thousands
  108. of his own citizens, he
    likes to retweet quotes
  109. from Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini,
  110. he picked a neo-Nazi white
    supremacist leader as a delegate,
  111. he said the following on torture.
  112. - We're gonna have to get
    much tougher as a country.
  113. We're gonna have to be a lot sharper
  114. and we're gonna have to do
    things that are unthinkable.
  115. - And I quote, "Even if it doesn't work,
  116. "they probably deserved
    it anyway," end quote.
  117. He thinks the Geneva
    Convention is a problem
  118. and needs to be changed, and hell,
  119. let's just go all the way back to 1989,
  120. back when Donald Trump
    bought full page ads
  121. in all the most prominent
    New York newspapers
  122. in an attempt to get four Black kids,
  123. age 13 to 16 sentenced
    to the death penalty
  124. because he watched the tapes
    of police coercing them
  125. into confessions and just thought, uh,
  126. I can take this at face value,
  127. in fact, I'm gonna take this at face value
  128. despite the fact that DNA evidence came
  129. out and exonerated all of them.
  130. All of them.
  131. The actual rapist was
    caught, but as recently
  132. as a few weeks ago, Donald
    Trump implied he still
  133. thinks these people are
    guilty and should have
  134. been sentenced the death penalty.
  135. That's not on evidence.
  136. That's just on suspicion.
  137. If you watch the tapes of
    these kids quote unquote
  138. confessing to these crimes,
    and to be very clear,
  139. I have, they were clearly coerced.
  140. But you know what?
  141. They're Black kids.
  142. And not, like, middle class Black kids.
  143. They had tough lives.
  144. They didn't have the ability to fight back
  145. either monetarily or quote
    unquote social capital-wise.
  146. And although he had no
    stake in the situation,
  147. Donald Trump saw an opportunity
    to look tough on crime.
  148. For a real estate developer
    who needs a reputation
  149. to be constantly allowed to
    build and build and build
  150. and have officials look the
    other way as he exploits
  151. undocumented immigrants
    for labor, well, it helps.
  152. Look at this upstanding
    member of the community.
  153. Look how little he tolerates rape.
  154. It's terrible when our
    white women get raped.
  155. Did I say white women?
  156. I just meant women.
  157. (laughs) There's no racial element here.
  158. Stop implying there is.
  159. Well, I'm so sorry white ass bourgie,
  160. but racism and fascism go hand in hand.
  161. And so does yelling about keeping
  162. people safe with law and order.
  163. Hmm, Donald Trump would
    take legal action against
  164. people that he thinks did
    something that he doesn't like.
  165. It doesn't matter if there's
    evidence that exonerates them,
  166. he deems them guilty and he
    is the arbiter of justice.
  167. Tell me that's not fascist.
  168. Go ahead.
  169. And while Donald Trump
    exploits the white ass bourgie,
  170. Hillary Clinton is the white ass bourgie.
  171. ♫ Bourgie, bourgie, bourgie can't you see
  172. ♫ You white assholes elect Hillary
  173. Yeah, I know that's a
    little confrontational
  174. and I am actually white myself.
  175. But it wasn't wrong, was it?
  176. Neoliberal capitalism is
    the application of the free
  177. market, not only to economic constructs,
  178. but social constructs as well.
  179. I did an entire very important documentary
  180. on the marketplace of ideas
    and how it's very literally
  181. applying neoliberal capitalism
    to how we societally agree
  182. on what ideas are valid and what aren't.
  183. Here's the problem with that.
  184. We don't live in a situation
    where everybody is represented
  185. equally, and in order for
    a marketplace of ideas
  186. to reach consensus that actually
    represents all viewpoints,
  187. that would have to be the case.
  188. Framing the determination
    of validity of concepts
  189. and ideology through a free
    market metaphor makes us look
  190. at it as a monetary
    transaction that dehumanizes
  191. and gamifies social interaction
    and it creates a currency.
  192. That currency is not validity.
  193. It's attention.
  194. We pay attention and we gotta stop.
  195. But let's put aside the fact
    that lopsided representation
  196. means whatever gets most
    attention is considered
  197. valid and assume that it actually works
  198. the way it purports itself to.
  199. Even a legitimately reached
    consensus is not the most
  200. efficient means of social
    or economic progress.
  201. Just because we all agreed it was time
  202. to finally give gay
    people rights doesn't mean
  203. that was the right time
    to give them rights.
  204. I'm thinking maybe it
    should have happened before.
  205. You know, because gay
    people, like other humans
  206. who have human rights, are human.
  207. Other humans that had to
    fight for their rights,
  208. Black people who were awarded personhood,
  209. which, yeah, that's not absurd,
    giving people personhood,
  210. and then for another century had
  211. to fight for their own human rights.
  212. Despite a supposed conclusion to that,
  213. they are still required
    to fight for their rights
  214. because consensus hasn't been reached.
  215. If we societally decide
    this shit via a marketplace
  216. of ideas, consensus is
    always the deciding factor
  217. whether it's reached
    in some sort of magical
  218. fairway, or the way we actually reach it,
  219. which is whoever gets the most attention.
  220. There's no process,
    there's no methodology.
  221. Just a big ol' aggregate of all opinions.
  222. When the middle finally
    aligns with, hey, you know,
  223. these people ought to have rights,
  224. gee golly gosh, then they have rights.
  225. And there is no more powerful politician
  226. at the moment who more deeply believes
  227. in these ideals right
    now than Hillary Clinton.
  228. To bring up gay rights once again,
  229. Hillary Clinton waited until
    2013 to support gay marriage,
  230. long after consensus had been reached.
  231. In 2011, a consensus believed
    that marriage equality
  232. should be the law of the land,
    and that majority has been
  233. maintained in every single year following.
  234. She had to make sure that
    consensus was gonna stick.
  235. And that's probably one of
    the easiest ones to point out,
  236. but there's more than a few others.
  237. There's the Trans-Pacific Partnership,
  238. the Keystone XL Pipeline,
  239. whether or not the Simpsons
    should be renewed again.
  240. OK, that's not up to her.
  241. Various environment issues,
  242. yada yada, goes on and on.
  243. The specifics don't matter
    as much as the ideology,
  244. which is that framing
    everything monetarily,
  245. despite the fact that it
    shouldn't be, is fine.
  246. In fact, it's not just fine.
  247. It's how everything is
    and should never change.
  248. I'm not going to tread on
    anything that could be construed
  249. as even vaguely conspiratorial
    about Hillary Clinton.
  250. I'm just going to say that on
    a deep philosophical level,
  251. I completely disagree with
    Hillary Clinton's ideology.
  252. It may reach some of the same
    conclusions that I would.
  253. For instance, I believe
    that reproductive rights
  254. are massively important and women
  255. should always have the right to choose.
  256. And if I said that around Hillary Clinton,
  257. I would not get in an argument.
  258. And I'm not going to question
    that ideological conviction.
  259. I am going to say that a
    large portion of the time
  260. these conclusions are
    reached because it's mutually
  261. beneficial for people
    as well as corporations,
  262. or at least non-controversial
    to corporate donors.
  263. Now, we could get into
    pinkwashing and probably talk
  264. about abortion for a very long time,
  265. but Hillary Clinton has been pretty
  266. consistent on that issue at very least.
  267. And while her conclusion
    on reproductive rights
  268. has remained pretty steadfast
    throughout the years,
  269. the conclusions that she's come
    to on various other topics,
  270. from healthcare to fracking
    to marriage equality,
  271. maybe you get where I'm going with this,
  272. but they don't always stick.
  273. See the originally had a
    public option Obamacare.
  274. And if your convictions depend
    on a marketplace of ideas
  275. which does not discount anybody's opinion,
  276. it just enters it into an aggregate,
  277. which is done if working as stated,
  278. averaged out to create
    a societal consensus,
  279. well, then the worst parts
    of that enable people
  280. like Donald Trump who know
    how to exploit a system
  281. that is based entirely
    on who gets attention.
  282. Who gets attention
    better than Donald Trump?
  283. No one.
  284. My center belief that
    gives me so much beef with
  285. neoliberal capitalism is that
    I don't think money should
  286. be what drives society and
    I don't think you do either.
  287. So obviously the solution is
    to vote third-party, right?
  288. Gary Johnson, Jill Stein,
    they're both against that stuff.
  289. Wait, Gary Johnson wants
    to defund public schools
  290. and completely disband
    all entitlement programs
  291. entirely dissolving even the
    idea of a social safety net.
  292. If you have no money, fuck you.
  293. It's your fault.
  294. Go die in an alley.
  295. But Jill Stein's a progressive, right?
  296. She wouldn't do that.
  297. Oh, right, the way she
    says that vaccines are good
  298. is in the vaguest possible
    way as to leave the door open
  299. for anti-vaccers, which most
    likely make up the majority
  300. of the California voters
    that put the Green Party
  301. on school boards in California,
  302. which by the way are the
    vast majority of the hundred
  303. offices that the Green
    Party holds nationwide.
  304. School boards in California.
  305. At least you know there would
    be a Congress completely
  306. filled with Green Party
    electees that would be.
  307. Oh wait, no wait,
    actually, all the electees
  308. would just be in California
    on school boards.
  309. It'd just be Republicans
    and Democrats in Congress
  310. who would likely determine
    as their best interest
  311. to undermine any third-party president.
  312. Not that I want anybody
    who is even vaguely vague
  313. on vaccinations in the oval office.
  314. But hey man, a vote for the third-party's
  315. a vote against the system.
  316. ♫ Dee do dee do dee dee do dee do dee dee
  317. ♫ Dee do dee do do do dee do do dee do
  318. ♫ Do do do do do do
  319. Well,
  320. no.
  321. Third-party votes are not
    votes against the system.
  322. They are votes that the
    system is designed to devalue.
  323. To get a presidency, a
    candidate has to get 270
  324. votes in the electoral college.
  325. In a two-way split,
    that's essentially getting
  326. the majority of votes,
    except you can't really have
  327. a two-way split in a three party race.
  328. The first time a third-party
    reaches a majority of votes
  329. in the United States is going
    to be a three-way split.
  330. And the second time and the third time
  331. and the fourth time and
    probably as many times
  332. as it takes to realize that
    simply having the popular vote
  333. doesn't mean getting the third-party in.
  334. But in a three-way
    split, most likely nobody
  335. will get to 270 electoral votes.
  336. The only way that could
    happen is if the third-party
  337. gets more votes than
    the other two combined
  338. and that's not going to happen.
  339. There are way too may
    registered GOP and DNC voters.
  340. And since nobody's getting to 270,
  341. our Constitution says that
    the House of Representatives
  342. votes on who becomes president.
  343. And do you think the
    Republican controlled house
  344. is going to vote for Jill
    Stein or Gary Johnson?
  345. Oh yeah, I'm sure they're gonna shake up
  346. the political binary
    they both benefit from.
  347. The fact of the matter is
    they have been given the right
  348. not to elect those people
    by our founding fathers.
  349. Do you want to know what
    I think needs to happen
  350. in order for a third-party
    vote not to be a waste?
  351. Well, I'm saying it anyway.
  352. We need to abolish the Electoral College
  353. and there's numerous organizations
  354. out there dedicated specifically to this.
  355. But I don't think an
    organization is the answer.
  356. I think a progressive political
    party with a main agenda
  357. of abolishing the electoral
    college and implementing
  358. a new voting system, like
    instant-runoff voting
  359. or ranked voting, both
    of which have been proven
  360. to create more democratic
    results, needs to run
  361. and be elected to congressional
    seats in large numbers.
  362. Large enough to start
    pushing Electoral College
  363. abolition amendments to the Constitution,
  364. which doesn't necessarily mean a majority,
  365. just enough people to create
    a mandate that members
  366. of the other political
    parties also have to follow.
  367. To just ram somebody into the Oval Office
  368. would essentially require a large,
  369. impossible majority of people to give up
  370. the way things have been
    done their entire lives
  371. and if you went with the
    current third-parties,
  372. either vote for a party that wants to slip
  373. the social safety net out from under you,
  374. or a party of ant-vacs
    parents in California.
  375. No, I kind of think we
    need a new third-party,
  376. and let's face it, that's not gonna
  377. happen before November 8th.
  378. In fact, this binary is going to be valid
  379. for at least this presidential election.
  380. And if you're watching
    this after the election,
  381. hey, wasn't I right?
  382. Didn't we elect one of them?
  383. Look, if you're that
    emotionally attached to
  384. the Electoral College, I
    might still have an idea.
  385. But it still involves
    amending the Constitution,
  386. so you're not getting out of that.
  387. But we could index the total
    number of necessary votes
  388. based on how many candidates are viable.
  389. Like, just say there's three candidates
  390. and they're all within striking distance
  391. of each other in the polls consistently.
  392. There's 538 total electoral votes.
  393. And in a binary, you need 270 to win.
  394. What if we set that majority at 185?
  395. I mean, it'd have to be
    based on scientific polling
  396. that consistently put us in a situation
  397. where this was a likely popular vote.
  398. But I'd accept that.
  399. Certainly it's not perfect,
    but still it's something.
  400. I haven't really heard
    a whole lot of ideas
  401. as to how to do this if I'm
    gonna be completely honest.
  402. Whenever anybody says we
    need a third-party in,
  403. all they do is just tell people
    to vote for a third-party.
  404. It's been designed not
    to work like that, OK?
  405. We literally can't have
    a third-party president
  406. until we amend the
    Constitution to make a system
  407. that accommodates a third-party candidate.
  408. That's what I want to do, OK?
  409. So just to be crystal clear
  410. I'm not advocating against
    third-party candidates.
  411. I'm actually advocating that we do that.
  412. But let me say something that isn't nice.
  413. It's a hard truth and it sucks.
  414. We're not going to be able to do that
  415. before the 2016 presidential election.
  416. No, our choice, if we could
    really call it a choice,
  417. is between Donald Trump
    and Hillary Clinton.
  418. People have been telling me to vote
  419. my conscience since early 2015.
  420. And in 2016, I did.
  421. I voted for Bernie Sanders because
  422. I think he was the best candidate.
  423. I think he gave a shit
    about regular people.
  424. And when I say regular people,
  425. I don't mean straight, white, cis dudes.
  426. There's one major party
    candidate that in 2016
  427. is associated with the
    nation's first major party
  428. transgender candidate for the U.S. Senate,
  429. and it's not Hillary Clinton.
  430. And we know it's not Donald Trump.
  431. But Bernie Sanders'
    post-campaign organization
  432. called Our Revolution is
    spending time and money
  433. to get Misty K. Snow elected
    in Utah of all states.
  434. No, at this point I'm not
    going to vote my conscience.
  435. I'm voting pragmatically.
  436. Sorry.
  437. Between an orange fascist in training
  438. and the literal symbol for
    the economic and social system
  439. that hasn't just destroyed
    this country's economy,
  440. but also our trust in people.
  441. It's not that it's made folks
    greedy or selfish or awful.
  442. It's not that we chose to make every
  443. conversation we have into a job interview.
  444. It's that if you don't act that
    way, you can't get anywhere.
  445. And I hate that.
  446. But I still picked the
    neoliberal capitalist.
  447. And it's not because I think
    she's gonna do a great job.
  448. It's not because I think she's
    going to pull a Pope Francis
  449. and end up being a stealth progressive
  450. like Michael Moore seems
    to think that she might.
  451. I don't entertain that.
  452. I'm voting for Hillary
    Clinton for the same reason
  453. scammers want old people to
    continue using Windows 95.
  454. Because the status quo is exploitable.
  455. Donald Trump proved that.
  456. Progressives need to realize that
  457. neoliberal capitalism is Windows 95.
  458. And where Trump was the scammer,
  459. progressives could be the
    kid that comes in and says,
  460. "Grandma, holy shit, we
    really need to upgrade this.
  461. "This is not safe.
  462. "Like, how is this still running?
  463. "Seriously, I'm looking at this.
  464. "How is this running?
  465. "Nothing should be working.
  466. "This is terrible.
  467. "No, don't worry, I got some time.
  468. "I'll upgrade it for you."
  469. But what Donald Trump will become if he
  470. is given power is not exploitable.
  471. You don't Donald Trump totalitarianism.
  472. Whoever's in power already did.
  473. I'm not gonna tell you how to vote.
  474. I'm tired of being told
    how to vote myself.
  475. But I am gonna say that this system
  476. compensates for any action that isn't
  477. for either Donald Trump
    or Hillary Clinton.
  478. No matter what you do,
    you're helping one of them.
  479. But what this system is not
    set up to compensate for,
  480. I believe, is the kind of
    person that Donald Trump is.
  481. I don't think checks and balances
  482. are going to work with him.
  483. He's too good at getting people
  484. to do what he wants them to do.
  485. And Hillary Clinton is not.
  486. If you think Hillary Clinton's
    ideology or methodology
  487. are dangerous or destructive
    or just not correct,
  488. wouldn't you rather have
    the person who had trouble
  489. beating Donald Trump, ineffectively trying
  490. to apply that ideology and methodology?
  491. If you're a progressive,
    wouldn't you rather have an in
  492. because you won't have
    an in with Donald Trump.
  493. Instead, you'll get the best wall,
  494. a huge wall, an amazing wall,
  495. a luxurious wall.
  496. I mean, I hope you like walls.
  497. He does.
  498. (rhythmic hip hop music)