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from the album 'Rainy Sundays, Windy Dreams'

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  1. [guitar solo]
  2. Down by yon green bushes
    near Calder's clear stream
  3. Where me and my Annie so often have been
  4. When the hours that flew past us,
    right happy were we
  5. It was little she thought that a solider I'd be.
  6. [guitar solo]
  7. But it's farewell to Annie and I must away
  8. For the King he needs soldiers and I must obey
  9. But if providence prove kind love until I return
  10. I will wed with my Annie near Calder's clear burn.
  11. [guitar solo]
  12. On the fourteenth of August our regiment was lost

  13. And a ball from the enemy our lines came across
  14. O, it struck me in the temple
    and the blood trickled down
  15. I reeled and I staggered and I fell to the ground
  16. [guitar solo]
  17. Come here, says our captain,
    come here with good speed
  18. For I fear by this bullet young Dinsmore lies dead
  19. Two men with a stretcher did quickly prepare
  20. And they carried me away to a hospital there.
  21. [guitar solo]
  22. Cold water and brandy they poured out so free
  23. They turned me all over my wounds for to see
  24. But if I had my Annie to bind up my wounds
  25. One kiss from her sweet lips
    would soon deaden the stoun
  26. [guitar solo]
  27. And it's when I am weary and think on lang syne
  28. When I was a miner and wrought in the mine
  29. Oh the tears they do trickle and down they do fall
  30. Like the roses that bloom around Bonny Woodhall.