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  1. - [Jennifer Faulkner]
    You've heard the words
  2. They say it can increase student
    engagement and achievement
  3. and that it meets our students
    needs and learning styles.
  4. But have you ever wondered
    what is blended learning?
  5. This is Blended Learning In Plain English,
  6. inspired by Common Craft.
  7. To make sense of blended learning,
  8. we must first get an idea of
    what blended learning is not.
  9. Let's look at the revolution of teaching.
  10. 1801: Invention of the blackboard.
  11. Read the passage I have
    written on the board
  12. and answer questions one through five.
  13. 1960: Invention of photocopiers.
  14. I've run off some worksheets for you.
  15. Read the passage and answer
    questions one through five.
  16. 1985: First computers hit schools.
  17. I've used a computer
    to create a worksheet.
  18. Read the passage and answer
    questions one through five.
  19. Now we have even more access to technology
  20. from personal laptops,
    smartphones, and tablets
  21. in our hands and those of our students.
  22. The use of technology
    needs to be harnessed
  23. in a way that fosters the
    inquiry process for students
  24. and engages them in the learning process
  25. that prepares them for a
    future that isn't here yet.
  26. I've created a webquest.
    Turn on your computer
  27. and follow the prompts to find questions
  28. one through five and answer them.
  29. But wait! If we use technology
    like tools in the 1800s,
  30. has teaching even changed?
  31. Have we created conditions for
  32. success for our 21st century learners? No!
  33. This is not blended learning.
  34. This may be substitution
    of one tool for another.
  35. It might be a step in the
    direction towards blended learning
  36. but it's not true blended learning.
  37. Blended learning is a mix
    of face-to-face teaching,
  38. or traditional teaching, with the use of
  39. 21st century tools in
    a digital environment.
  40. The digital environment
    allows students who process
  41. information more quickly
    to have access to relevant
  42. materials immediately,
    while exploring and learning
  43. in a non-linear fashion.
  44. The digital environment is called a
  45. learning management
    system, known as an LMS.
  46. Learning management systems
    allow teachers to create
  47. virtual classroom space for students
  48. to join their learning together.
  49. It builds a community of learners.
  50. An example LMS is Desire2Learn, or D2L.
  51. D2L has the same features
    as a physical classroom,
  52. without the walls and paper.
  53. An LMS functions as a classroom
    with lessons, discussions,
  54. Dropbox, grades, quizzes, portfolio,
  55. class calendar, locker,
    checklists, glossaries,
  56. any web 2.0 tool you can think of.
  57. Web 2.0 tools can enhance a
    learning management system
  58. by expanding the potential
    within the learning environment.
  59. It can allow a student to
    demonstrate their learning
  60. in an alternate form, or medium.
  61. Examples of these tools
    might be Prezi, Glogster,
  62. Slideshare, Vuvox, GeoGebra,
    LinoIt, VoiceThread,
  63. Evernote and Dropbox,! and a multitude
  64. of Google apps that can be
    used for just about anything.
  65. Think of all the technology
    our students have access to.
  66. Personal laptops, tablets, smartphones,
  67. mp3 players, video recorders.
  68. As a teacher, how do we use these
  69. tools to our students advantage?
  70. We use blended learning!
  71. We'll meet the students in an
    environment they're familiar
  72. with, help them develop proficiency
    with tools they may need
  73. in the future, and we'll
    support their inquire process.
  74. Blended learning fosters creation,
  75. the highest order thinking
    skill on Bloom's taxonomy,
  76. and lends itself to
    differentiated instruction.
  77. Blended learning also
    strengthens connections with
  78. parents, as it makes the
    classroom walls more transparent.
  79. Blended learning is awesome!
  80. I'm Jennifer Faulkner, and this has been
  81. Blended Learning In Plain English
  82. inspired by Lee LeFever and Common Craft.